Fear No Evil: The Pathwork Method of Transforming the Lower Self

Fear No Evil: The Pathwork Method of Transforming the Lower Self

Paperback(Revised ed.)

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Fear No Evil presents the idea of evil in practical, modern terms that can help us face our negative life experiences with a new light of understanding that will transform our personal pain into joy and pleasure. -Barbara Brennan, author of Hands of Light and Light Emerging

I would advise that this book be read with a willingness to take time to digest what is being said. This is not light reading, though it is Light reading, I assure you. -Pat Rodegast, author of Emmanuel's Books

One way to discern the value of a person's connection with the inner worlds is to observe the positive effects, if any that result from that communication. The Pathwork has been a most positive result of such a contact, helping many people find a deeper truth and clarity in their lives; therefore the energy and spirit embodied in these transmissions that gave birth to the Pathwork deserve our consideration, for they have demonstrated their value in the blessings they have already made possible. -David Spangler, author of The Call and A Pilgrim in Aquarius

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ISBN-13: 9780961477721
Publisher: Pathwork Press
Publication date: 07/13/2018
Series: Pathwork Series
Edition description: Revised ed.
Pages: 306
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.69(d)

Table of Contents

I.You and I and Evilxi
II.Eva and The Pathworkxvi
III.How to Use This Bookxvii
Part I.Self-Knowledge1
Chapter 1.Know Yourself5
Chapter 2.Higher Self, Lower Self, and Mask9
Ending Self-Deception
Chapter 3.Accomplishing a Real Change of Feelings15
Facing Life
A Thorough Self-Search Takes Time
The Price of Spiritual Growth is High
Three Types of Work
Chapter 4.Finding One's Faults27
The Law of Brotherhood
The Three Main Faults
Daily Review
Chapter 5.Images37
Do I Have an Image?
How to Search for Images
The Benefits of Dissolving Images
Chapter 6.The Vicious Circle of Immature Love51
The Child Wants Exclusive Love
Fear of Punishment, Fear of Happiness
Two Consciences
Perpetuation of Inadequacy and Inferiority
Dissolving the Circle
Chapter 7.Compulsion to Recreate and Overcome Childhood Hurts63
The Lack of Mature Love
Attempts to Remedy the Childhood Hurt in Adulthood
The Fallacy of This Strategy
Reexperiencing the Childhood Hurt
How to Stop Recreating
Chapter 8.The Idealized Self-Image75
Fear of Pain and Punishment
The Moral Mask of the Idealized Self
The Inner Tyrant
Estrangement from the Real Self
Giving Up the Idealized Self
Coming Home
Chapter 9.Love, Power, and Serenity87
The Necessity of Emotional Growth
Chapter 10.Meeting the Pain of Destructive Patterns101
The Pain of the Pseudo-Solutions
The Painfulness of Change
The Pain of Unfulfillment
The Shift from Evasion to Reality
Part II.Attachment to Negativity113
Chapter 11.Finding the Unconscious "No"117
Change Through Detection of the No-Current
Observing the Half-Conscious Thoughts
Chapter 12.Transition from the No-Current to the Yes-Current123
It is You Who Says No
Compare the Positive to the Negative
Talking Out the Problem
Chapter 13.The Function of the Ego in Relation to the Real Self132
The Need for a Strong Ego
Reaching Beyond the Ego
Chapter 14.What is Evil?139
Evil as Numbness
Attachment of the Life Force to Negative Situations
The Persistence of Evil: Pleasure Connected to Cruelty
Chapter 15.The Conflict of Positive and Negative Pleasure as the Origin of Pain151
Life and Anti-Life
Desire for the Negative
Self-Perpetuating Cycles
Negativity in Relationships
Chapter 16.Positivity and Negativity: One Energy Current163
The Nature of Destructiveness
The Pleasure of Negativity
Blocked Sexual Energy
Chapter 17.Overcoming Negativity171
Three Steps for Working Your Way Out
Roles and Games
The Fourth Step
Part III.Transformation179
Chapter 18.Meditation with Three Voices: Ego, Higher Self, Lower Self185
The Ego as Mediator
The Meditative Attitude
The Changes Effected by the Pathwork Meditation
The Reeducation of the Destructive Self
Chapter 19.Self-Identification and the Stages of Consciousness197
You are the Integrator
The Shift in Identification
The Four Stages of Awareness
Terror Disappears
Expanding Consciousness
Chapter 20.Dissolving Your Fears211
Evil As Defence Against Suffering
The Problem of Laziness
The Fear of Feeling All Feelings
Commit to Going In and Through
Through the Gateway
Chapter 21.Identification with the Spiritual Self to Overcome Negative Intentionality225
Negative Intentionality
A New Hope
What Part Do You Identify With?
Giving Up Negative Intentionality
The Way Out
Chapter 22.Transition to Positive Intentionality237
Examine All Thoughts
Going All the Way
Chapter 23.Visualization Process for Growing into the Unitive State243
Making a Whole-Hearted Commitment
Inner Life and Outer Life
Actualizing the Divine Life
The Power to Create
Chapter 24.Inner Space, Focused Emptiness257
Finding the Inner Reality
The Stages of Focused Emptiness
The Real You That Lives in the Real World
Afterword: Evil Transformed; Evil Transcended; the Unitive State266
Textual Note270
The Pathwork Lectures271
List of Pathwork Centers: United States277
List of Pathwork Centers: Canada/Europe/Latin America278

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