Fearless Leadership: How to Overcome Behavioral Blindspots and Transform Your Organization

Fearless Leadership: How to Overcome Behavioral Blindspots and Transform Your Organization

by Loretta Malandro
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Fearless Leadership: How to Overcome Behavioral Blindspots and Transform Your Organization by Loretta Malandro

Do you want to move your company in a new direction? Fearless Leadership provides you with the tools to successfully drive change, overcome obstacles, and engage and align people in working effectively together to achieve your business objectives.

Leadership guru Dr. Loretta Malandro has developed a groundbreaking behavior-based methodology that is used around the globe to create top-performing leaders and high-performance organizations. It is based on a simple but profound concept: In order to change your organization, you must be willing to alter your behavior and help others make the choice to change their behavior. This means demanding 100% accountability from your people—and yourself.

In today's ultra-competitive business environment, a new leadership approach is needed. Fearless Leadership takes you step by step through the process of raising behavioral standards that directly impact the bottom line. You will learn the secrets behind:

  • Confronting the blind spots that sabotage success
  • Overcoming the success-strangling “need to be right”
  • Eliminating silo mentality and building committed partnerships
  • Ending compliance and gaining full support and alignment
  • Talking straight and confronting difficult situations head on
  • Building a culture of 100% accountability

Too many people in leadership positions attempt to enact change through systemic means, such as restructuring or altering processes. The secret to real and lasting change lies in changing behavior—how people work together. Change the level of ownership and performance of people and you will transform your organization.

Leaders who are able to act courageously when faced with uncertainty or fear, take bold stands, and engage with people in very real ways are those who generate great and long-lasting results. Fearless Leadership shows you how.

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ISBN-13: 9780071624640
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date: 07/16/2009
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 808,885
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About the Author

Dr. Loretta Malandro is president and CEO
of Malandro Communication Inc., a firm with 30 years’ experience working with clients worldwide across diverse industries. The company is known for rapidly transforming organizational effectiveness and business results through high performance leaders,
teams, and cultures.

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Fearless Leadership: How to Overcome Behavioral Blindspots and Transform Your Organization 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
lalolan More than 1 year ago
I finished reading Fearless Leadership and found it to be an extraordinarily powerful, moving, and highly-effective methodology. My wife says I frequently praise many of the books I read, and I guess she is right. I find the opportunity to learn and grow a gift and a privilege, and the actual journey of learning and growing an exhilarating and absolutely worthy ride. Loretta's book, however, is something quite special and resonated with me at the deepest level. The possibility of extraordinary leadership in life, for me and others, is something that calls to me very strongly and moves me beyond belief. Fearless leaders, as Loretta mentions, are needed everywhere, and fearless leadership is not some pipedream, but an actual, realizable possibility. This book unquestionably calls forth that possibility, creates the opportunity for it, and shows you the dials and levers to transform that possibility into reality. Results in business, as in life, are only caused by one thing: our actions. The way we behave as individuals and in our interactions with others has everything to do with the results we get and don't get. Our behaviors, however, are for us human beings usually fixed and automatic, and thus we have very little opportunity to alter our results. Loretta masterfully introduces the distinctions of fearless leadership, creates a powerful context that gives life to these distinctions, and provides us with the content (dials and levers) to alter these behaviors. By understanding and being able to distinguish our blind spots, taking 100-0% accountability, and creating committed partnerships, we are able to break the automatic cycle we are in, which tells us that things are simply the way they are, and effect the type of change we want. Effecting such change is a matter of taking a bold, compelling, and committed stand to alter such automatic behavior; committedly partnering with others in such a worthy endeavor (we cannot do it alone!); and decisively and effectively acting upon that stand. Every day of our lives offers us the magnificent possibility of being more than our petty, inherited, and automatic behaviors to know that we have such behaviors--but are not them--and to choose moment by moment by moment to be bigger than that.
BrettMorris More than 1 year ago
I’ve purchased the Kindle version of Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand out and I am half-way through it.  I am also re-reading Dr. Malandro’s book, Fearless Leadership. I am reporting reviews from both books.  There is a part of me that wishes I could find a flaw that would constructively illuminate something, but I haven’t and frankly I have no confidence that I will.   Fearless Leadership provides a powerful approach for building high performance teams and leader’s.  It makes you think and gives you a roadmap for achieving a new level of success.   Dr. Malandro’s new book, Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out broadens the audience to include people at all levels in an organization and drills down to specifics by providing practical scripts and guidelines for how to communicate effectively in today’s environment.   Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out talks about so much of what is necessary for many of my clients right now. This is especially true in making expectations clear and being aware of the unintended impacts of misused e-communication that the author writes about. In meetings and calls with my clients, it's quickly apparent how we humans live in our own world and standards. SUSUSO speaks to this precisely. It's a great reminder about how consistent and vigilant we must become if we are to bring accountability to what we're doing and achieve a new level of success. On a broader level I hear a message in both Fearless Leadership and Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out that real, sustained communication and leadership effectiveness requires a high level of personal accountability.  In other words, we must live by high personal standards or what Loretta refers to as the 9 Communication Rules. When reading these two books, I often stop and reflect on business, political, social leaders who have stood the test of time. They all seem to be modeling what these books are teaching.    I recommend both books for people who are serious about transforming their personal effectiveness (regardless of title or position).  If you want to transform your organization and team, these books are the Holy Grail.  Read them. Study them. Apply them.  Brett Morris  Senior Consultant, Momentum Consulting
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
jkevintoomb More than 1 year ago
The current global economic crisis has created a new business reality, which demands that most companies must change their pathway to long-term success. Bold, decisive leaders are needed to achieve the change to new pathways. Fearless Leadership provides a series of unique concepts and useful initiatives that can improve your leadership and help you affect needed company change. Transforming an organization requires leaders who are respected and trusted by their teammates. All leaders have "blind spots" that can diminish trust, undermine business results and inhibit meaningful change. Fearless Leadership details ten critical blind spots that are invisible to leaders and teams. The potential impact of each blind spot is meaningfully illustrated with stories stemming from the author's extensive hands-on experience in assisting corporate leadership teams in making change happen. At the end of each chapter, Fearless Leadership provides Leadership Exploration (questions to help you identify negative leadership elements) and Leadership Action (inititives to overcome identified leadership problems). These sections are most helpful. Fearless Leadership provides the concepts and tools needed for you to become a better leader by identifying the behavioral "blind spots" that are holding you (or your team) back and demonstrating ways that you can increase your courage. J. Kevin Toomb, Ph.D.
DonHurzeler More than 1 year ago
Fearless Leadership needs to be mandatory reading for anyone who has a job. The book deals with the obstacles we all encounter at work. It points out how we can let those obstacles stop us in our tracks or we can deal with them and succeed personally and/or as a team. It is about our own personal leadership, whether we are "just" an employee or the big cheese. It shows how to recognize barriers to success and then how to deal with those barriers effectively. I've studied with Dr. Malandro and I know her techniques work. This book is an easy and interesting read that gets at some very important aspects of all of our work lives. The section on dealing with our blind spots would make the purchase worthwhile all on it's own. I highly recommend the book to you, those you mentor or coach and for anyone you want to succeed at work. Don Hurzeler, CPCU, CLU