Fearless Vision Project: Spiritual Shortcuts to Success Workbook: Turning Wantrepreneurs Into Entrepreneurs

Fearless Vision Project: Spiritual Shortcuts to Success Workbook: Turning Wantrepreneurs Into Entrepreneurs

by Lynne Leahy


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Fearless Vision Project: Spiritual Shortcuts to Success Workbook: Turning Wantrepreneurs Into Entrepreneurs by Lynne Leahy

The Fearless Vision group offers simple and practical way to ignite universal energy toward the fulfillment of your life goals and dreams through the power of visioning. It is a process in which two or more people meet on a regular basis and share their “visions of success.”

Unlike using a vision board in the privacy of your office or bedroom, belonging to a Fearless Vision group makes you vulnerable and accountable. It’s pretty hard to start backpedaling on your dreams when your group has already seen the bigger picture of you. The Fearless Vision group energy can propel your life and your career to new heights.

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ISBN-13: 9781452582672
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 12/16/2013
Pages: 60
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.16(d)

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Spiritual Shortcuts to Success Workbook: Turning Wantrepreneurs into Entrepreneurs

By Lynne Leahy

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Lynne Leahy
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-8267-2


Fearless Vision Project: Spiritual Shortcuts to Success

Recently a friend asked me "What I would have done differently if I'd had unlimited choices in my growing up years - money, choice of schools, education, any goal that I had wanted I could have pursued? My first spontaneous thought was "I wouldn't have changed a thing." What joy that brings to my heart.

I have had an unlikely and very fabulous life and career. I want to share with you the spiritual tools that propelled me through some pretty dark times and some wonderful successes.

I have always been a "seeker" but, in fact, I have actually been more of a "doer".

If you gave me a new spiritual idea with a ring of truth and a big payoff, I would implement it.

Every idea I had on my own until I was twenty-nine years old had turned out badly, so when the teachers came along in my twenty-ninth year I was finally teachable.

Now at sixty-nine years old it feels like I am short on time. I could take all those powerful spiritual lessons and regurgitate them into The New Lynne Leahy, four hundred page, forty-year spiritual lessons book but what I want to share with you in the Fearless Vision Project Workbook is a shortcut and here is the cool thing - you don't even have to believe that it works. You just have to do it.

As a serial entrepreneur and also a twelve-year rising corporate employee, I was always in a hurry to get to the next step or the goal leading to my success. To push my success along, I studied spiritual principles and career motivation techniques with fervor, and I practiced them all, including those outlined in books like Wishes Fulfilled; Think and Grow Rich; The Secret; The Law of Attraction; The Artist's Way; Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow; The University of Success; Chop Wood, Carry Water; The Road Less Traveled; The Mastermind Journal; and on and on. And they were all great!

While reading all of this, I learned that there were powerful things I could do every day to propel myself along toward my goals.

But let's get to the point.

At the pace of today's world, it had to be simpler. I needed some shortcuts.

So I searched back through all my practices and materials to find out.

"Are there really spiritual shortcuts?"

The answer was "Absolutely!" and I want to share them with you.

The Fearless Vision Project is not a magical, wealth-producing thought process. The Fearless Vision Project is a methodology of spiritual shortcuts to turn your goals and dreams into reality - to create miracles.

This workbook is laid out in several sections designed to get you to the good stuff fast. Chapters 1-3 are brief introductory and inspirational explanations, then starting at chapter 4 you will get instructions for creating your own vision book. You will also get instructions of how to start your own Fearless Vision Project group in chapter 5 and a meeting agenda in chapter 6. In the section titled "Fearless Vision Project Workbook" there are pages for you to create your own personal vision book and a section "Notes and Visioning Requests" is provided for you to write notes to yourself regarding your visions for other group members and group meeting requests. On the last page is a list of recommended reading material. These are the books that have been significant in my spiritual/business quest.

Creating your Fearless Vision Project Workbook is the first spiritual shortcut. Your Fearless Vision Project Workbook is like seeing the movie highlights at the cinema. Your future will fill in the plotlines. With the images you place in your Workbook, you create the future that you want to see in your life with love and intention. The exercise of placing the images in your book is the first step in clarifying your goals. Looking at these images frequently in contemplation or meditation will manifest all that you have desired (or something better). The Fearless Vision Project is a gift of gratitude to yourself and honors the life you've been given. In itself, doing the Fearless Vision Project exercise of creating your vision book is a powerful step in manifesting all that you would wish for in your life.

The Fearless Vision Project book that you will create is also powerful because it is portable and private. It slips easily into your briefcase or bag. Having it with you allows you to remember who you are and who you are becoming throughout your day. Maybe you are struggling in a career or job that doesn't bring joy and well-being into your life. Go on a break, pull out your book, and remind yourself who you are becoming.

All of us go through these experiences that seem to doom us to lives of drudgery, but with the Fearless Vision Project, you will know this is only temporary, an annoying but temporary interruption. When you are in the Fearless Vision Project, you will know that whatever is going on today is an important lesson in formulating the character of the person you are becoming.

The next spiritual shortcut is the real miracle-power of the Fearless Vision Project. It is your alliance or group.

The spiritual shortcut of group power has been brought to our attention as early as the New Testament in Matthew 18:20: "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Whether you think of the Bible as a religious doctrine or the first published self-help/motivation book, we can agree that it was a powerful message to the world.

Later with Napoleon Hills's classic Think and Grow Rich, which was published in 1937, he relates the power for material success created through his meetings with Charles Schwab, J. P. Morgan, and Andrew Carnegie.

Another example of powerful group magic was in 1935 when Bill W., an alcoholic stockbroker in New York, grasped the idea that for him to stay sober and alive he had to find another alcoholic to meet with. Thus began all of the spiritual twelve-step programs that have saved millions of lives throughout the world.

All of these cases and many more set the example for us to see that whenever two or more people meet on a regular basis with a positive, mutual intent, the power is not just doubled but multiplied exponentially. The Fearless Vision Project is The Secret on steroids!

The Fearless Vision Project and your fellow travelers will guide you into the stream of goodness and grace that has always been waiting for you.

In your Fearless Vision Project Group you will do the following:

• Uncover your goals and dreams.

• Create visions for your friendships, family, and romance.

• Create your visions of financial security and financial goals.

• Create a vision of an entrepreneurial business or career that uses your gifts for the world.

• Visualize an existing business or career to expand abundance for yourself, your employees, fellow workers, and customers.

• Create visions of your health, travel, lifestyle, and spirituality.

• Share your goals and dreams with your group.

• Refine your visions through the accountability of regular meetings.

• Create a life worth living through ongoing visualization.

The miraculous power of the Fearless Vision Project is created when two or more people meet regularly on a spiritual basis and envision their wildest creative dreams. It is so much easier for another person to see your success. Spiritual power is generated when you invite others to witness your goals and your ambitions. This is the rocket fuel to fulfilling your dreams.

In your Fearless Vision Project group you will create the life that you had always dreamed of. I know this because I have used these spiritual shortcuts myself to create a life beyond my dreams.

Through the years your group and alliances will change. Maybe you will move. Maybe your circumstances will force you to find another meeting time and location. Maybe you will want different alliances. Once you experience the power of the Fearless Vision Project, you will find others you can help, and they will help you.

My first Fearless Vision Project alliance was a long-distance connection with one person using the telephone. With technology, those long-distance alliances are easier today. You can harness the visual power of your images with someone across the country or even someone in another country. Visit the Fearless Vision Project website (www.fearlessvisionproject.com) for more information on virtual groups.

My first Fearless Vision Project alliance began in 1975 with my friend Barbara in Chicago. Among her many dreams was a man and a long-term romantic relationship. She began to create the vision. We talked at eight o'clock every Sunday night and shared our visions. Shortly after we started our Fearless Vision Project, she boarded a municipal bus in downtown Chicago, where she met that man. By coincidence they had gone to college together but had not seen each other in twenty-five years. They later married at Fordham University in the Bronx, where they had originally met, and retired to Florida. Was it a coincidence or a divine event? It was exactly what she had envisioned.

My Fearless Vision Project practice helped me to start six businesses in my career. I successfully sold all six of them for profit. My Fearless Vision Project partners believed in me when I couldn't believe in myself. When failure seemed eminent in my mind, they reflected back to me my dreams and helped me turn seemingly hopeless situations into success stories.

The Fearless Vision Project group is a simple and practical way to ignite universal energy toward the fulfillment of your life goals and dreams through the power of visioning. It is a process when two or more people meet on a regular basis and share their visions of success.

Unlike a vision board in the privacy of your office or bedroom, belonging to a Fearless Vision Project group makes you vulnerable and accountable. It's pretty hard to start backpedaling on your dreams when your group has already seen the bigger picture of you.

The process of seeing someone else's success is the powerful spiritual energy used in the Fearless Vision Project group. Your vision for them is a spiritual shortcut for their process.

"Bob, I see you as a nonsmoker." "Susan, I see you as a successful leader in your company." "Karen, I see you as an inspiring and sought-after speaker." "Jerry, I see you as a highly paid consultant bringing muchneeded information to many clients." "Sandra, I see you as the CEO of the next Google or Twitter." "David, I see you operating a successful plumbing business." And the list goes on.

Lastly, be sure to ask for what you want. The Fearless Vision Project is a powerful process. In Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich, he relates a story about Andrew Carnegie and J. P. Morgan. They transacted a corporate sale of a steel company, which netted Carnegie $400 million.

Later Carnegie said ruefully to Morgan, "I wish I'd asked you for $100 million more."

"If you'd asked for it, you'd have gotten it," Morgan told him cheerfully.

And remember that "faith without works" is dead. The work in the Fearless Vision Project is simple.

• Create your Fearless Vision Project book and share it with others.

Every day fantasize about your visions and look at your vision book.

• Plant the images firmly in your mind.

• See your Fearless Vision Project group partners living in their dreams.

• See yourself living the vision.

Lastly, I want to say a few words about fear. Fear (and worry) have dogged my steps and slowed my process for my entire life. Fear is one of the most powerful negative emotions that we humans possess. Fear often seems to come to us in spite of our own self-confidence, circumstances, and best intentions. In my childhood family fear and worry were considered to be the moral backbone of a righteous society. Good people worried! Now I know that this is the kiss of death for any kind of a happy life.

Worry and fear draw to me whatever I worry about or fear. Your mind is your main control panel! Use it wisely to change your thoughts. Do what you can do and then release these negative emotions and trust the Fearless Vision Project.

If you are struggling and fear blocks your Fearless Vision Project, then lean on your Fearless Vision Project group. Ask them what they see for you. One person joined with another in the spirit of the Fearless Vision Project can lift you out of fear and worry when it all seems hopeless. When you can't believe for yourself, your group can believe for you, and this creates a miracle. Listen to what they say. Take it to heart.

And reflect back to them what you see in them. And if you still don't believe, then just believe in the process. It works.

These are spiritual shortcuts to success, turning your visions into reality.



In 2012 a study was conducted by Daniel Gulati and posted in the Harvard Business Review in December 2012. Daniel Gulati is a tech entrepreneur based in New York. He is a coauthor of the book Passion & Purpose: Stories from the Best and Brightest Young Business Leaders and a contributor to the HBR Guide to Getting the Right Job.

He interviewed thirty professionals between the ages of twenty-eight and fifty-eight and asked each what they regretted most about their careers to date. The group was diverse. He spoke with a thirty-nine-yearold managing director of a large investment bank, a failing self-employed photographer, a millionaire entrepreneur, and a Fortune 500 CEO.

Here were the group's top five career regrets:

1. I wish I hadn't taken the job for the money. By far the biggest regret of all came from those who opted into high-paying but ultimately dissatisfying careers. Classic research proves that compensation is a hygiene factor, not a true motivator. What was surprising, though, were the feelings of helplessness these individuals were facing. Lamented one investment banker, "I dream of quitting every day, but I have too many commitments." Another consultant said, "I'd love to leave the stress behind, but I don't think I'd be good at anything else." Whoever called them golden handcuffs wasn't joking.

2. I wish I had quit earlier. Almost uniformly those who had actually quit their jobs to pursue their passions wished they had done so earlier. Variable reinforcement schedules prevalent in large corporations, the visibility of social media, and the desire to log incremental gains are three reasons that the 80 percent of people dissatisfied with their jobs don't quit when they know they should. Said one sales executive, "Those years could have been spent working on problems that mattered to me. You can't ever get those years back."

3. I wish I had the confidence to start my own business. As their personal finances shored up, professionals I surveyed yearned for more control over their lives. The logical answer? To become an owner, not an employee in someone else's company. But in the words of Artful Dodger, "Wanting it ain't enough." A recent study found that 70 percent of workers wished their current job would help them with starting a business in the future, yet only 15 percent said they had what it takes to actually venture out on their own. Even Fortune 500 CEOs dream of entrepreneurial freedom. Admitted one, "My biggest regret is that I'm a 'wantrepreneur.' I never got to prove myself by starting something from scratch."

4. I wish I had used my time at school more productively. Despite all the controversy currently surrounding student loans, roughly 86 percent of students still view college as a worthwhile investment. This is reflected in the growing popularity of college. In writing Passion & Purpose, my coauthors and I found that 54 percent of millennials have college degrees, compared to 36 percent of boomers. Although more students are attending college, many of the group's participants wished they had thoughtfully parlayed their school years into a truly rewarding first job. A biology researcher recounted her college experience as being "in a ridiculous hurry to complete what in hindsight were the best and most delightfully unstructured years of my life." After starting a family and signing up for a mortgage, many were unable to carve out the space to return to school for advanced study to reset their careers.

5. I wish I had acted on my career hunches. Several individuals recounted windows of opportunity in their careers, or as one professional described, "now-or-never moments." In 2005 an investment banker was asked to lead a small team in (now) rapidly growing Latin America. Sensing that the move might be an upward step, he still declined. Crushingly the individual brave enough to accept the offer was promoted shortly to division head and then to CEO. Recent theories of psychology articulate the importance of identifying these sometimes unpredictable but potentially rewarding moments of change, and jumping on these opportunities to nonlinearly advance your professional life.

This article by Daniel Gulati was the ultimate motivation that I needed to launch the Fearless Vision Project. After I overcame or simply walked through my own fears, I committed to write and implement my version of the spiritual shortcuts that had powered me through six successful start-ups in my career.


Excerpted from FEARLESS VISION PROJECT by Lynne Leahy. Copyright © 2013 Lynne Leahy. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Fearless Vision Project: Spiritual Shortcuts to Success, 1,
Inspiration, 7,
Fearless Vision Project for Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs, 11,
Creating Your Fearless Vision Project Workbook, 17,
Start a Fearless Vision Project Group, 23,
Spiritual Shortcuts and Meeting Agenda, 25,
Fearless Vision Project Workbook, 27,
Notes and Visioning Requests, 41,
Recommended Reading, 47,

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