Feasts and Fables from the Planted Kingdom: A Story Cookbook

Feasts and Fables from the Planted Kingdom: A Story Cookbook

by Semaj Brown


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ISBN-13: 9780985776602
Publisher: Health Collectors LLC
Publication date: 09/15/2012
Pages: 102
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.21(d)

About the Author

How does Semaj Brown respond to being called a genius? She says,"I am a gilded soul mirror to a borrowed star" Those who know Semaj's work express amazement at the gifts that allow her to excel in both right and left brain capacities. On one hand, Semaj is science driven having developed integrated curriculum in the public and private sectors in areas of physiology, chemistry, and biological sciences.
But, on other hand Semaj is a published poet, editor, musician, performing artist, and lifestyle change architect of Butterfly Building. Semaj has loss over 100lbs and collaborates with her husband James Brown, M.D.
How does Semaj move seamlessly from science to art? Semaj:"It's all the same like Monk or Vivaldi. I write the same word melodies andante, allegro. But, with this work, the resolve (the art piece) is inverted, a fraction. Instead of being fully formed as a poem, the very structure of the art piece suggests, this is an unfinished composition in which the reader must play the recipes. After all it is a story cookbook. My muse intended to blend the esoteric with the practical, so there would be less of both, neutralizing one another, in the the same manner in which a strong acid neutralizes a strong base. Water has a neutral ph, yet it is purifying, powerful necessary for sustenance. Our bodies welcome ease associated with drinking a pure glass of water as opposed to swilling harsh carbonated liquids. I hope people will be able to consume the book and CD with the same gratifying flow."
Semaj belongs to a generation of writers referred to as Broadside Progeny. The name derives from Broadside Press, the oldest continually operating publisher of African American poets. Broadside Press was founded by Dudley Randall in 1965. Most of the contemporary national poets-Nikki Giovanni, Sonja Sanchez, Etheridge Knight, Audrey Lorde, Haki Madhubuti-were published first by Broadside Press. Semaj comments, "I came of age in the context of political and literary advances made by Broadside Press and the writers of the Black Consciousness era. Those writers were on the cutting edge, struggling for greater freedoms and human rights in our country. Because their works established a record of excellence and pushed back political barriers, my literary landscape is vast. It is because of those writers I can pursue my creative instincts and interest and dare to write about singing, recalcitrant vegetables that are offended by dirt! ENJOY!

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