Federal Discipline

Federal Discipline

by Blushing Books, Loki Renard
4.2 9

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Federal Discipline by Blushing Books, Loki Renard

Jaime Black is excited to begin her first assignment as an FBI agent. A letter of acceptance from case agent Jack Harley represented a life-long dream achieved, the nexus of a thousand threads of effort. It was one thing to graduate from the FBI academy. It was something else to get an appointment like the one she'd managed to snag.

Agent Jack Harley has a Scottish background; he was certain that Jaime was a man�s name when he selected his new rookie assistant from the pile of applications for the coveted position. Because the cases he takes on tend to be dangerous, involving violent criminals, he has always hired males. When Jaime suggests that he is biased and then promptly gets into trouble in the office, Jack is forced to balance a desire to spank her for her cheeky attitude and a reluctance to ruin her career by using her poor judgment as a reason to free himself from his mistake.

Instead, he gives her tasks that are mind numbing or stomach turning hoping she will apply for a transfer. As Jaime deals with each new challenge and the occasional spanking, their current case advances and it quickly becomes apparent that she has caught the attention of the murderer. Jack needs to keep her close for her protection, a difficult task when Jaime is the best candidate to go undercover and infiltrate a cult in search of the new drug that seems to be behind the murders.

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Publisher: Blushing Books Publications
Publication date: 07/20/2014
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About the Author

Prolific author of romantic and genre fiction, Loki Renard is primarily concerned with the dynamics of power as they exist between strong willed heroes and heroines alike. There is no room for wilting wallflowers in worlds where dynamic personalities clash and spark, kiss and spank, live and love.

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Federal Discipline 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
LaCrimsonFemme More than 1 year ago
A man in a position of authority, wears a uniform and believes in corporal punishment - what's not to like? Jaime Black is in the top of her FBI class and wins a coveted position of working for Jack Harley. Jack is the agent who only picks the best and trains them to be able to profile the violent killers. This is the main reason why he won't allow a woman to work for him. Women are fragile and should never be exposed to the dregs of society. He is an old school man who wants to protect and shelter women. He accidentally picks Jaime based on her scores and accomplishments. When he meets her in person, he rejects her for being unqualified due to a missing appendage, a penis. Jack is a big enough dick to compensation for Jaime's lack in anatomy. Jack is a character who doesn't do much for me. Despite his sexy accent and penchant for reddening female bottoms when he feels they are disobedient, his view of women is appalling. There is a difference between considering a woman submissive and considering her inferior. This is at the heart of my difficulty with Jack. Even after Jaime proves herself over and over again, Jack still considers her lacking. Having worked with males like this, the story nearly takes a hit in rating for a despicable character. Jaime saves the story with her perseverance and snarky attitude. She's funny as she pokes at the grouchy antiquated bear. Her irreverence as soon as she realizes he won't ever get over her breasts and lack of a dick is entertaining. Author Renard does a good job of pitting two incompatible partners together. There are sparks flying which do include a few erotic ones. From a kinky perspective, this is mild and sweet. Jack is only palpable when he's spanking the impertinence out of Jaime with his heavy hand. The suspense part of the story involving the search for a serial killer is okay. It's a bit light in the investigative work. It's fine for an erotic spanking book. The crime scenes are nicely woven through Jaime and Jack's interactions. The book is a quick and easy read, recommended for kinky spankophiles who have a thing for a man in law enforcement.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Such a fun book to read!! I loved this one from the beginning! The characters were great! Their "lines" were hilarious! And the chemistry was perfect! It was a shorter book, but it had everything it needed. I also thought the spankings were perfect for this story! She was getting exactly what she deserved. Loved it!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
K. Tyler: This was an unusual romance. Yet thoroughly engaging. There was mystery, suspense, romance, discipline and a little insanity for good measure. Together all these elements made a story worth reading and I hope there is a sequel in the near future. This was not a typical FBI story but oh so entertaining.
MarybethR More than 1 year ago
This is the story of a new federal agent named Jamie Black.  On her first day of work, her boss, Jack Harley is disappointed to find out that she is a woman, not a man.  He doesn’t like to work with women.  And, contrary to what the author wants us to think, that does make him a misogynist.  But, this is a story, not real life, so let’s suspend belief for the duration of the story.  I liked this story, even though it isn’t even remotely believable.  Jack doesn’t like how mouthy Jamie is, so he threatens to spank her.  Of course, Jamie doesn’t believe him, but she soon finds out that he means business!  The story then turns into both a murder mystery along with a romance.  This is a short read, but lots of fun. I give this 4 stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a great book! In addition to a great couple, it had a great plot line as well. I love, love, loved both Jamie and Jack. Jamie was a strong, intelligent woman in need of spanking every once in a while. Jack was a little old-fashion but a great guy who could deliver the spank Jamie needed. Great couple, great story! I would highly recommend this book. 
HisUnSubmissiveYoungLady More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this one!! It was a little hokey, kind of like one of those 1940's detective novels, but it was cute and fun! I liked the development and where the author went with the whole story. I was a little worried it was going to turn paranormal, but I really liked the ending!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rookie agent Jamie Black walks into her new boss’ office, Jack Harley only to find he is very surprised that she was a woman. Her quirky spirit gives him pause and draws his interest even as he threatens to spank her if she doesn’t stop being a mouthy brat. Chemistry between the two isn’t the only chemistry in the book as several murders are their responsibility to solve. This is a good story that engages you from the beginning and is written very well so that you feel you can personally visualize everything and everyone in the book. The spankings scenes are well done and you just know the two are going to step much farther across that thin line of professionalism – and you find you just don’t care! I really enjoyed the journey and know that you will as well.
Katy_Beth More than 1 year ago
A strong woman who stills needs something more.  William is able to provide the safe place for her to let go.  But this doesn't happen with a bit of struggle. 
_SH More than 1 year ago
This is a fantastic book which comes as no surprise, I absolutely loved it! I read it in one sitting, just sayin' The plot and characters are strong and you are drawn in from page one. Once again, Ms. Renard, takes you on a sizzling adventure! I could see this book becoming a series, hint hint, and I, for one, would love to visit with Jaime and Jack again :) Very well done again Ms. Renard!! Quit reading here and buy the book, you know you want to!!!