Feel Me: A Book of Poetry

Feel Me: A Book of Poetry

by Rhonda D. Felder


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Feel Me: A Book of Poetry by Rhonda D. Felder

The title "Feel Me" was chosen to convey my desire to give my readers something they can feel with their minds. Translated through the power of words and revealed throughout my ministry of poetry.
The words spoken in these poems are meant to provide comfort, healing,
empowerment, inspiration and hope to a hurting world.
"I can do all things through Christ, which strengthen me." Philippians 4:13

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ISBN-13: 9781477243824
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/16/2013
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.19(d)

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Feel Me

A Book of Poetry



Copyright © 2013 Rhonda D. Felder
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4772-4382-4



A Man Called Love

What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man, yes he is.
When I look up at his picture in the pulpit I can see a glimpse
of Martin Luther King. He was a drum major for peace. I can
see Barak Obama saying yes we can, yes we did. I can also see
your father standing right by your side saying "I love you son."
When I think of my Brother "I feel loved". He exemplifies the
spirit of love in his daily walk and talk with
Christ and all of humanity.
We are living in a time now when the rich as well as the poor
are hurting.
We are living in a dying world "people's hearts have waxed
Our children are getting caught up in the things of this world
I challenge each of you to plant the seed of love in someone's life
today. Then sit back and watch how these seeds multiply and
transforms the world.
If we lift a child up in love there's no telling what they may
become. They may even become president. Obama did!
"God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son."
All the world needs is just a little more love. I salute you,
Brother, "A man called love."

"A Woman's Worth"

Lord, we need you to heal our hurt and pain.
We need your "forgiveness" when we fail to trust in you
Time and time again.
We try to hide our pain behind the clothes we wear.
We hide behind make up and store bought hair.
We wear dark shades to hide a blackened eye but
We're not fooling anyone, just living a lie.
We remain in bad relationships and suffer much "Abuse"
Whene often ask "why?" "we find a good excuse".

We must become "empowered" and believe in ourselves.
We must stop being trophies left on dusty shelves.
We must become positive role models and build self-esteem.
We must take our rightful place in society to realize our dreams.
We must let our children know when they're doing "wrong"
Because teaching them what's right will make them strong.
The strength they gain will make them "free"
To be the person God intended them to be.

We must take our burdens to the lord in prayer.
Stop worrying about them—"just leave them there".
I challenge you women to be proud of your birth.
I hope now, you can appreciate a "woman's worth".

Big "E'

As you're growing into a man
There are things about life you must understand.
Making smart choices is one you see,
As I give you some others just listen to me.
Treat others with kindness and care.
Because if you don't you aren't going anywhere.
don't let anyone steal your joy,
For if you reach "76" you're still my boy.
Remember my teaching in all you do.
Put JESUS first and he'll see you through

Black As Can Be

My hair's as coarse as the feel of wool
My skin as smooth as a peach
Yet many opportunities are still out of reach
As a black woman I find that I'm still not Free
But I continue to break through barriers set for me
There are tears of frustration
And lonesomeness too
But I can't stop now, I must break through
I must smooth the pathway for those to come
I won't leave until my work is done
For my people are depending on me
To unlock their chains to set them free
My powers are limited for I am man
But I'll introduce them to "Jesus" who has
All power in his hands
My name is Rhonda "I'm" black as can be"
To our children "don't give up on your dreams
For you are descendants of kings and queens
Through education you can break through chains
But it won't be easy as I've explained"
My name is Rhonda "I'm black as can be"

Cinderella Sisters

We're too pretty to get our hands dirty
Yet we wait around to reap the rewards
We have an older sister, who gives us the excuse
That we are too tired from work to get busy or flirty
We sit on our bottoms and act like we can't get up
While our mother, aunties, or oldest Cinderella sister refill our cups
They will cook for my sisters and I
They will prepare our meals when someone says we are lazy
Our Cinderella sister replies, no one knows how a long day at
work makes them feel
When I'm not serving my little sisters I sit alone by the chimney
"In my own little chair."
A place where there are no interruptions, where no one seems to
I cook, I clean, I transport too
I'm the oldest sister and I do whatever I am told to do
Let me stop fronting and clear the air
My life without this family would be too hard to bear
There is a special love between us all.
They lift me up whenever I fall
My sisters and I have a loving connection it's filled with
Joy, hope, love and affection
I'll shout it to the mountains; ride the waves of the sea.
I love them and they mean the world to me.


I can't always see you but I know you're really there.
For you are my shadow which follows me everywhere.
I can see your shadow when I move or walk.
I can even see you when I talk.
Having a shadow tends to keep me in line
For I am conscious of your presence in my mind
You were a dad who deserved respect
For you fulfilled your fatherly duties with love and without
I could have near chosen a greater dad than you
For your love and guidance has brought me through
when I needed a friend "Dad"
You could always be found.
Your shadow lifts me up
When I'm feeling down.
Don't ever take your love away
For it gives me light throughout my day.


This word represents someone on a mission,
Starting from the beginning to end.
From the moment of your birth, you begin this race.
You have gained strength you have kept the pace.
Traveling forward facing life's blinding lights.
Fill with much love and support, to help make it through the
God's watching over you,
You are never alone.
He provides love and protection when at, or away from home.
You are destined for greatness.
Destiny, just follow the path He's laid.
If you fall along the way, pick yourself up and don't forget the
price He has paid.
Your mom stands with you 100%.
She's monitoring every dime that is spent.
Don't forget your grandma
I got your back.
I'll be there for you to pick up the slack.
Don't forget grandma, your auntie's and uncles too.
They all love you and are watching over you.

Domestic Abuse

It's not okay! If you're in a situation and see no way out,
Don't give-in, don't give-up,
There is hope for you, I have no doubt.

There are abuse networks, shelters, people you can be linked to.
They can help you to see life beyond your situation, if you
broaden your view.

Abuse is not love, like some women seem to think.
It's a self-serving need to control women and it "stinks".

When you try to hide it like ink,
It shows up.

The cuts, bruises, blackened eyes, missing teeth are all revealed
From the secrets you kept and thought was concealed.

You must fight with every "breath".
If you don't, it could one day lead to your death.

Feed My Sheep

These are God's children we must feed them all the young, old,
large and small their meals must be prepared without a peep, if
you listen you can hear God's call.

"Feed my sheep".
Don't worry about the cost for they must be fed.
He fed five thousand with two fish and five loaves of bread.
Don't limit their feeding to just a meal.
Feed them God's word as it's revealed.

Ground Zero

Memories of the lives lost on that tragic day,
The disbelief, hurt, pain we felt, as a Nation cried and
began to pray.
They prayed for the injured families and the senseless
loss of the dead.

Evil thoughts must have been implanted,
in the terrorist men heads.
Starting over again is going to be tough; but we must not let
such a cowardice act, tear down the fabric of our America.

Our sweet lands of liberty, oh thee I sing.
I sing because I'm happy, I sing because I'm free.

I won't let no terrorist take that away from me.
As Americans, we will start from Ground Zero once again.
We say to our Middle Eastern neighbors, "This is not the end".

This Nation will rise from the ashes of hatred.
As we lay brick by brick, stone by stone, flash backs of that
Awful day, still echoes in our hearts and minds.

We must live by the true meaning of "In God We Trust".
Only He can touch the harden hearts of man.
We need you Lord. Lord we need you to bring healing to our


When I began to think about home I find myself going back to
my childhood,
a time when my life was so carefree. I grew up in a family with
nine other siblings.
There were four girls and six boys. I was the oldest girl.
We were fortunate enough to have both parents who taught us
how to "love".
Our love was not to be limited to one another but shared with
others unconditionally
If "God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son"
surely we can find it
In our hearts to love each other.
My parents were both farm workers who worked from sun up
to sun down.
When the farm work season ended here in Florida my parents
(Murray's) and their family
Would migrate up north. In order to find work to feed their
family, we soon became known
As migrant workers. We had our own migrant community
which consisted of my father's
parents, his sisters and brothers and their families.
We also had other community members from Florida who
traveled with us.
There was so much love between us all. We looked out for each
other and each other's
Children. We had Sunday school and Church each Sunday.
Afterwards the kids were
taken for ice cream.
I stand as a product of my parents and all the love they shared.
I strive each day
to be a positive role model for my children and their children.
Because I was given so much love and support from parents
who tilled the soil so that their children might
have a brighter future. It is instilled within my heart to reach
out to others with "love".
There's no place like home.
You will find love, comfort, support and unity too
When the world, when your friends turn their backs on you.
It's a place of worship providing food for the Soul.
As the trials and tribulations of life unfold,
Memories of home must forever be instilled
Within our minds,
Within our hearts.
Though we may leave it
We will never truly part.

If Walls Could Talk

Oh what rivers of tears would flow?
The heart would beat like the sound of painful echoes.
Every secret would be revealed from the lips of promises once

The abuse you've suffered would be like an open book,
For those who care and others to take a look.
We must take back control of our lives and
Never allow ourselves to be enslaved.
It's time to rise, my sisters,
From the enemy of abuse, low self-esteem, depression, disrespect,
Oppression, shame and continuous weight of burdens grave.
You've heard the saying "in God We Trust".
We trust in God when everything is going well
Without a care.
But we fail to trust Him when faced with trouble everywhere.
We waste so much time trying to find help through our friends
The internet or psychic hot lines.
When we serve a God who is right now and
He's always on time.

In The Valley

Life sometimes seems too hard to bear, when filled
with trouble and sorrow,
It all seems unfair.
But if we think about "Jesus" suffering,
when he died upon the cross
He gave of his life, so that we might not be lost.

If we come down from the mountain top, to the valley below
"God" will be able to use us and in him we'll grow.
Through his salvation, we can be born again.
We will be washed in his blood, and saved from a world of sin.
A place where we tend to build our treasures up on earth,
Treasures which will truly fall and loose its worth.
In the valley is where you need to be
There is peace in the valley, Joy in the valley
Love in the valley, and it's the place for me.

I Rise

From the bowels of my ancestral
Slave ship
With Shackles on my feet
When I hear their cries like echoes
From the past,
Their prayers for freedom
I'm reminded of this song
"We shall overcome someday"
I can ride on the waves giving motion
To the sea
I'm taking back control of my life,
I'm the author of my destiny
Today, ladies is your opportunity to
Stand for something
Stop falling for anything.
Only you can make the decision to overcome
You can rise from that bed of
Let down
Put down
God made you queen over earth's dominion
So, lift your heads up.
Stop looking down at the ground.
You're smart
You're beautiful
And "you are somebody"!
Let me hear you say
I'm Smart
I'm Beautiful
And "I am somebody"

Let Freedom Ring

Rags on our heads
Food in our sacks
We had to keep moving
We couldn't go back
Too many years we've lived as slaves
We had to keep moving
We had to be brave
Harriet had a plan for us you see
She established the Underground Railroad to set us free
There were people who helped us along the way
We were provided food, clothes, time to rest and time to pray
We traveled quietly through the night
We had to stay out of slave catcher's sight
We made it to freedom only to find
That true freedom only existed in out minds
We were now faced with discrimination and feelings of distrust
We couldn't drink from the same fountain, visit white only
restaurants are even ride in the front of the bus
Rosa Parks caused a change one day
When she refused to move to the back of the bus
Rosa was tired and weary from a long day at work
She caused a lot of commotion she made a big fuss
Martin Luther King "Had a Dream"
That we not be judged by the color of our skin
But by the content of our character
Martin lead non violent marches for freedom and equality too
He did everything he could possibly do
His dream was to let freedom ring all over the world
Until it touches the hearts of every man, woman, boy and girl
In order to make this world a better place to be
We must first learn to "love" if we wish to be free

Like Chocolate

Your love melts in our hearts and not in our hands.
Forever flowing as it supplies all organs with the "gift of life".
You keep our hearts pumping, causing our lungs to inflate.
You were chosen to be our mother,
God makes no mistakes.
The warmth of your chocolate fudge forever flowing
Touching everyone in your path with love forever growing.
We have seen your heartaches and your eyes filled with tears.
But you never gave up.
No mother you persevered, your chocolate is so sweet,
It even glistens.
We love you,
We love you mom
And we hope
"the world listens"

"Mommy's Little Girl"

Because you're so special to me,
I fall each night on bended knees.
Thanking "GOD" for you each day,
Seems to just brighten my way.
I may not be there at this time,
But you are certainly on my mind.
You may think you're all grown up,
But you're still "Mommy's Little Girl"
So just shut up!

Mother's Love

A mother love is so hard to explain
I may repeat myself again and again
A mother will be there in the rain
She will be there for you if you are in pain
A mother will stay with you all night long
She will sing and pray to keep herself strong
She will rub your body down with oil
She may wrap your head with aluminum foil
She will stand with you as you battle life's storms
She will give you comfort and keep you warm
She reminds you repeatedly to give God the glory
For he is our maker and he knows our story
A mother may borrow from peter and pay paul, later
A mother's love there is nothing greater
She will fall on her knees every night and day
Praying to her father to brighten your way
"let the light from heaven shine"
Until it touches their hearts and regulates there minds
A mother will be there for you when you're in court
She feels she must be there to give you support
A mother's love is hard to explain
I may repeat myself again and again

Recipe Of A Father

He must be patient; they say it's a virtue
He must be strong enough to pull me back.
He must be smart enough to keep me on track.
He must have a roar like a lion when faced with fears,
He must be gentle enough to wipe away tears.
His presence must radiate when he steps into a room.
He must be able to rejuvenate a life filled with hopelessness and
He must be able to love you, even when you've done wrong
For his love, his strength will one day make you strong.
He must be a man of humor who can relax and have fun.
He must retire to sleep when his day is done.
He must teach us about the goodness of Jesus.
He died so that we could live and not be lost.
He must encourage us to seek salvation while we can.
For it is soon to come, "The Destruction of Man."
I hope this recipe in some way represents you
For this recipe was the recipe of my father too!!


Excerpted from Feel Me by RHONDA D. FELDER. Copyright © 2013 by Rhonda D. Felder. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Introduction....................     ix     

A Man Called Love....................     1     

"A Woman's Worth"....................     3     

Big "E'....................     5     

Black As Can Be....................     7     

Cinderella Sisters....................     8     

Dad....................     10     

Destiny....................     11     

Domestic Abuse....................     13     

Feed My Sheep....................     15     

Ground Zero....................     16     

Home....................     18     

If Walls Could Talk....................     21     

In The Valley....................     23     

I Rise....................     25     

Let Freedom Ring....................     27     

Like Chocolate....................     29     

"Mommy's Little Girl"....................     30     

Mother's Love....................     31     

Recipe Of A Father....................     35     

"Special Friend"....................     36     

Storms....................     39     

Thank You....................     41     

The Beach....................     45     

The Great Masquerade....................     47     

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle....................     49     

The Harvest....................     50     

Tis The Season....................     51     

Towers....................     52     

Tray....................     54     

We Fall Down, But We Get Up....................     55     

Who Am I....................     56     

You Are My Mommy....................     58     

Secrets....................     60     

Tribute to Our Mothers....................     62     

Road to Freedom....................     64     

Biography....................     67     

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