Feelings Of An Indigo's Heart

Feelings Of An Indigo's Heart

by Annick Nouatin


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ISBN-13: 9781449085377
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/19/2010
Pages: 124
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.29(d)

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Feelings Of An Indigo's Heart

By Annick Nouatin


Copyright © 2010 Annick Nouatin
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-8537-7

Chapter One

Born in Africa

Born in Africa A place where you feel welcome and free with nature

Richness of love and support

The country where I was born Born to be myself and born to be free as a gazelle

Africa I found you You found me

A country were you can smell the red ground Where your feet can touch it and feel good Good to be in Africa Good to be alive Alive and free

Africa, a country where you feel welcome With people of kindness and simplicity Simplicity with the food, nature, and people People of Africa

Africa is my native country Africa, where my first five years were easy until I went to France

Africa and I Africa and I will always be united Wherever I am

Born in Africa

Raised in France

I left my native country To come to France for family reasons I have been raised in a suburb of Paris Where I found myself on my own at 18 years old

Raised in France Where I experienced different situations Difficult traumas

Raised in France I had a lot of fear and pain I was my worst enemy Afraid to be myself Afraid to be loved and to love I didn't know how to be myself

Raised in France I was working I had some friends I tried to make sense in my life France, the country where I was raised It was a time when I was on my own Fitting for addiction, depression and pain

Raised in France I wanted to live in peace I couldn't because of the pain and loneliness Those difficult times prepared me To be strong enough for my future journey in America

Raised in France

Living in America

I came to America with my family America, the country where I found myself

I was excited to experience this country America, the country where I found myself The country where I had the courage to do things I never thought I could

I had to learn English Understand people and the culture The country that challenged me to become my higher self A country of diverse possibilities

America, a country where I released my bad habits The country where I started to really appreciate people Different people from Africa and France

America, the country of hard work A country where I found different people who helped me by finding my way Helped me by finding my way of discovering myself People who taught me different things

I was willing to learn because I knew I had to change Change to be a better person A better me

Without being born in Africa and raised in France And living in Chicago I wouldn't be the woman I am today

Deep inside I'm blessed by America where I found myself Without forgetting where I came from Africa and France

Living in America

The Indigo Woman

The Indigo woman Needs love from others

She will feel better

The Indigo woman feels different She knows it

The Indigo woman needs to be understood She feels lonely

The Indigo woman wants to share some secrets She is scared to share them

The Indigo woman feels suffocated She needs to be listened to

The Indigo woman wants the world to be a better place She needs you to be a part of it

The Indigo woman wants to tell you how precious you are She needs to tell you

The Indigo woman doesn't want any more segregation For a better world

The Indigo woman wants peace in the world For a better world

The Indigo woman wants justice for those who Can't express themselves For a better world

The Indigo woman wants you to share some love with others For a better world

The Indigo woman wants you to be happy She cares about you Care for yourself Care for others you don't know Know that they care about you You are a part of the world The world needs you

Angels Are Watching You

Whoever you are Whoever you are with You are being watched by your guardian angels Angels of light and love

Wherever you go Go where you need to go They are always with you You are always being protected Protected from the negative energy Negative energy that you don't need or want You feel the need to be loved and protected Protected from negative people People who don't wish you well I wish for your happiness

Find happiness with your close ones The ones you love and can't be separated From you and your good spirit Spirit of infinity The infinity of love The love that feeds your soul and life

Life is a dance Dance on finding happiness Happiness is a choice for those who want it Choose to be happy The angels will help you You are being watched and protected by your guardian angels Be an angel for others They need you I need you

Angels Are Watching You

Are You Happy?

You have the nicest house in the neighborhood Does it make you richer?

You have the nicest car in the city Does it make you happier?

You have the best job to compare to your friends Are you that impressionable?

You have a beautiful look Does it make you more attractive than others?

You have everything you want in your life Does it make you happier to compare to others?

The real happiness and peace Is coming from inside of each of us

We don't need superficial and material things To make us feel good about ourselves

The real happiness is inside of us Look at yours

Be blessed

At The Present Time

At the present time You live with your parents Visualize where you want to live in the future At the present time You work a job you don't like too much Visualize what you want to do in the future

At the present time You are single Visualize the personality of your partner

At the present time You think a lot about poor people Visualize what you want to do to help them

At the present time Your parents are healthy Visualize how you could take care of them when they get older

At the present time You don't know anything about soul purpose Visualize how you can discover yours

At the present time You don't have enough love for yourself Visualize how you can have more self-esteem

At the present time You don't have the experience of life Visualize yourself going through obstacles with success

At the present time You want to love everybody But you have to love yourself first

Visualize yourself giving love to others

Visualize, visualize this is the only way to live your dreams

Be blessed

Beautiful You

You are beautiful You are a good person You don't tolerate injustice

Beautiful you

You are beautiful You don't tolerate discrimination You don't tolerate violence

Beautiful you

You are beautiful You want to spread only love Because you know people need it You want everybody to get along

Beautiful you

You are beautiful You want to help others Who need it Because you know your talents are coming from love

Beautiful you

You are beautiful You want to protect nature and the animals Because they belong to the earth and you are an important part of the world

Beautiful you


Dance like nobody sees you Look at the light The light is in your body

Dance and feel the music Getting into your head and body Dance until you feel tired

Dance in the rain Love the rain The rain is touching your face Face of rain Have the rain dropping in your mouth Coming down to your body Body of rain

Dance when you walk Walk in dancing Dance when you run The dance in the rain

Dance with the handicapped They will walk - that's the dance of love Love when you dance with the handicap Let's dance together

Dance with the poor If you want to be rich in your heart Love when you dance with the poor Let's dance together

Dance in the dark The light will guide you You and the light Light of the dance

Dance with the blind He will see you - you only you Love when you dance with the blind You are not blind anymore Let's dance together

Dance with the children They will remember you Love when you dance with the children Let's dance together

Dance with the deaf They will hear the music You and the deaf are making a difference Difference in people's lives Life is a dance

Dance for yourself You will be happier Happier to dance Happier to live Happier to be you


Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes and feel the wind caressing your face Your hair is floating in the air and you feel good Good because you are at peace You can hear the birds singing just for you You and the birds You are meant to be together Close your eyes

Close your eyes and feel the vibrations by listening to the music Those vibrations get into your body From your head to your toes You feel good Close your eyes

You start to have an urge for love Love that you want to give to people who want or need it This urge is very intense and you can't stop it Because you are a good person Close your eyes

You are an angel of love You are the light Everybody loves you


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