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Feisty, Fiery and Flirty



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Feisty, Fiery and Flirty by Cathryn Fox, Nikki Duncan, Mackenzie McKade

Summer flings can heat up fast-and disappear in a puff of mist.

Feisty by Mackenzie McKade

Devon is enjoying the first beach party of the season. Until he learns the redheaded beauty in a string bikini is the sister of a soon-to-be-married friend.

Sahara isn't a woman to be ignored. She knows what she wants, and tonight it's getting Devon out of his swimming trunks and into her bed.

Fiery by Nikki Duncan

Carmen loves her new life in Whispering Cove, but the man she's been partnered with to re-design the town square gets her fired up-and not in a good way.

In Carmen, Ryan glimpses the life he has always longed for. Except they clash like oil and watercolor-and not only at work.

Flirty by Cathryn Fox

A ghosthunter checking out her fixer upper Victorian for "cold spots" has Alexis's body temperature fluctuating.

Sam can't help noticing how Alexis covers up her sexy body, just like she wants to cover up the house's vintage beauty.

When scary noises send Alexis into Sam's arms, she wonders if Sam will disappear like a ghost once the house is "clean".
Warning: This book contains enough Fourth of July fireworks to light up your world, and three hot, hot couples.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781619230958
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publication date: 06/09/2015
Pages: 306
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.69(d)

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