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Feminism, Media, and the Law / Edition 1

Feminism, Media, and the Law / Edition 1

by Martha T. McCluskey, Donna E. Young, Martha A. Fineman

ISBN-10: 0195096290

ISBN-13: 9780195096293

Pub. Date: 10/28/1997

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

This book presents a collection of essays that explore how the media represents and constructs gender, law, and feminism.


This book presents a collection of essays that explore how the media represents and constructs gender, law, and feminism.

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Oxford University Press, USA
Publication date:
Edition description:
New Edition
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7.00(w) x 9.80(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

PART I: Portrayals of Feminism in the Media
1. Introduction, Donna E. Young
2. Media Images/Feminist Issues, Deborah L. Rhode
3. Hate Radio: Why we Need to Tune in to Limbaugh and Stern, Patricia J. Williams
4. The Matking of a "Quota Queen": News Media and the Bias of Objectivity, Laurel Leff
5. The Real Real Anita Hill, or the Making of a Backlash Bestseller, Mary Coombs
6. Fear of Feminism: Media Stories of Feminist Victims and Victims of Feminism on College Campuses, Martha T. McCluskey
7. Glamour Law: Feminism through the Looking Glass of Popular Women's Magazines, Julia E. Hanigsberg
PART II: Feminism, Law, and Popular Culture
8. Introduction, Susan Bisom-Rapp
9. The Movie of the Week: Law, Narrativity, and Gender on Prime Time, Elayne Rapping
10. Rape on Soaps: The Legal Angle, Dianne L. Brooks
11. Pop Justice: TV, Motherhood, and the Law, Isabel Karpin
12. Law and Racial Reelism: Black Women as Celluloid "Legal" Heroines, Margaret M. Russell
13. Women on Trial: The Female Lawyer in the Hollywood Courtroom, Cynthia Lucia
PART III: Essentializing Gender
14. Introduction, Joyce Davis
15. Law, Cultural Media[tion], and Desire in the Lives of Adolescent Girls, Tracy E. Higgins and Deborah L. Tolman
16. The Politics of Surrogacy Narratives, E. Ann Kaplan
17. "Bad Mothers" and Welfare Reform in Massachusetts: The Case of Claribel Ventura, Marie Ashe
18. Spectacles of the Strange: Envisioning Violence in the Central Park Jogger Trial, Kristin Bumiller
PART IV: Media Images of Violence
19. Introduction: The Seens and Unseens of Popular Cultural Representation, Lynn S. Chancer
20. Crime News, Crime Fear, and Women's Everyday Lives, Kathleen Daly and Amy L. Chasteen
21. Lesbians, Prostitutes, and Murder: Media Constructs Violence Constructs Power, Ann Russo
22. Blindfolded: Rape and the Press's Fear of Feminism, Helen Benedict
23. Race under Construction: The Master Narrative of White Supremacy in the Media Representation of African American/Korean American Conflict, Lisa C. Ikemoto

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