Feminisms and Contemporary Art in Indonesia: Defining Experiences

Feminisms and Contemporary Art in Indonesia: Defining Experiences

by Wulandani Dirgantoro


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ISBN-13: 9789089648457
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Publication date: 08/15/2017
Series: Asian Visual Cultures
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Wulan Dirgantoro is Postdoctoral Fellow at Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices Program at the Forum Transregionale Studien, Berlin.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 9

List of Figures 11

Glossary and Abbreviations 13

1 Introduction: Defining Experiences 15

"Intimate Distance" as background 16

Unnatural partnership: Women, political activism and feminism/s in Indonesia 18

The female body, art and censorship in Indonesia 19

Definitions and distinctions: Feminisms or gender? 22

Methodology 28

Selection of artists 32

Book structure 33

2 Firing the Canon: Indonesian Art Canons as Myth and Masculine Ideal 37

Postcolonial masculinity, canon making and Indonesian modern art 39

Truth and beauty: The early years of modern art in Indonesia 43

"Representing Indonesian modernity" as canon-making 55

Gerakan Seni Rupa Baru 59

The legacies of GSRB 63

Gender and avant-gardism in GSRB 65

Ken Dedes and the gaze 69

Concluding remarks 74

3 Haunting in the Archipelago: Emiria Sunassa Mia Bustam 77

The dark archipelago: The narratives of Emiria Sunassa 78

Reading the primitive 81

Tracing the feminine: Emiria's nudes and native landscape 90

The primitive and the feminine: Nationalism's internal others 96

Painting ghosts: The narratives of Mia Bustam 98

Sudjojono dan Aku: Becoming an artist 101

Dart Kamp ke Kamp: Arts and politics 109

Imprisonment 111

Emiria and Mia: Exceptional women 113

4 Female Desire and the Monstrous-Feminine in the Works of IGAK Murniasih 119

The monstrous-feminine in Murni's paintings 123

Displacing desire: Sex and humour in Murniasih's works 131

Women and desire in Bali 132

Reading Murniasih: Framing desire 137

Murniasih as an outsider artist? 138

5 Searching for the Feminine: Motherhood and Maternal Subjectivity 143

The changing representation of motherhood in Indonesian visual arts 144

The maternal nude: Laksmi Shitaresmi 147

Titarubi: Herstory in art 153

Women, motherhood and political participation: Voice of the concerned mothers 154

Political motherhood in the works of Titarubi 155

Maternal Subjectivity: Women reading women 165

Concluding remarks 167

6 Performing Feminism/s: Performance Art and Politics in the Works of Kelompok PEREK and Arahmaiani 169

Performance art in Indonesia 171

Kelompok PEREK: Kelompok Perempuan Eksperimental (1998-) 172

Challenging the status quo: The performances of Arahmaiani 176

Global feminisms and Arahmaiani's politics of the body 185

Religion and spirituality 190

Performing feminism/s in Indonesian visual arts 194

Concluding remarks 196

7 Conclusion 199

Strategies of correction: Interventions in art history 201

Strategies of Interrogation: Searching for the feminine 202

Reading feminism/s in post-New Order Indonesia 204

Rearticulating feminine spaces in the Indonesian art world 206

Bibliography 209

Index 223

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