Femme: Feminists, Lesbians and Bad Girls

Femme: Feminists, Lesbians and Bad Girls

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Femme seeks to redress the ways that femme identities have been elided, idealized, or not fully historicized in a productive reconsideration of lesbian and butch-femme history, of feminism, and of queer thought. As a feminist project, Femme offers an alliance between many communities of women previously passed over by feminism. Contributors: Leah Lilith Albrecht-Samarasinha, Barbara Cruikshank, Madeline Davis, Heather Findlay, Jewelle Gomez, Kelly Hankin, Leslie Henson, Amber Hollibaugh, Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy, Mabel Maney, Katherine Millersdaughter, Joan Nestle, Lisa Ortiz, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Rebecca Ann Rugg, Gaby Sandoval, Marcy Sheiner, Alex Robertson Textor.

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ISBN-13: 9781135254438
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 04/08/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 236
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About the Author

Laura Alexandra Harris is Lecturer in Women's Studies at California State University. Liz Hutchinson Crocker is Instructor of Writing Composition, Creative Writing, and Literature at the University of California, San Diego.

Table of Contents

1. Histories: Creating an Archive

Compiled and introduced by Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy -- The Hidden voice: Fems in the 1940s and 1950s

Laura Harris and Liz Crocker -- Fish Tales: Revisiting "A Study of a Public Lesbian Community"

Kelly Hankin -- Femme Icon: An Interview with Madeline Davis

Leslie J. Henson -- "Articulate Silence(s)": Femme Subjectivity and Class Relations in The Well of Loneliness

Laura Harris and Liz Crocker -- Mysteries, Mothers, and Cops: An Interview

with Mable Maney

Lisa Oritz -- Dresses for My Round Brown Body

Laura Harris and Liz Crocker -- Bad Girls: Sex, Class, and Feminist Agency

2. Generations: A Feminist Genealogy

Joan Nestle and Barbara Cruikshank -- I'll be the Girl:

Generations of Fem

Katherine Millersdaughter -- A Coincidence of Lipstick and Self-Revelation

Marcy Sheiner -- A Woman's Prerogative

Leah Lilith Albrecht-Samarasinha -- On Being a Bisexual Femme

Heather Findlay -- Fishes in a Pond: An Interview

with Jewelle Gomez

3. Futures: "The Queerest of the Queer"

Madeline Advise -- Forever Femme: A Soap Opera in Many Acts and an Agony of Analysis

Gaby Sandoval -- Passing Loquería

Rebecca Ann Rugg -- How Does She Look?

Minnie Bruce Pratt -- Pronouns, Politics, and Femme Practice: An Interview With Minnie Bruce Pratt

Alex Rovertson Textor -- Marilyn, Mayhem, and the Mantrap: Some Particularities of Male Femme

Leah Lilith Albrecht-Samarasinha -- Gender Warriors: An Interview

with Amber Hollibaugh

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