Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton: The Collected Piano Music: Piano Solo




(Piano Collection). A stunning, comprehensive volume prepared in cooperation with the Smithsonian Institution. The world's first jazz critical edition. Contents: New Orleans Blues (New Orleans Joys) * Grandpa's Spells * Wolverine Blues (The Wolverines) * Mamanita * Frog-I-More Rag (Froggie Moore/Sweetheart O'Mine) * London Blues (London Cafe Blues/Shoe Shiner's Drag) * Shreveport Stomp * Big Foot Ham (Big Fat Ham/Ham and Eggs) * Tom Cat Blues (Midnight Mama) * Stratford Hunch (Chicago Breakdown) * Perfect Rag (Sporting House Rag) * Mr. Jelly Lord * Black Bottom Stomp (Queen of Spades) * Dead Man Blues * Cannonball Blues * Billy Goat Stomp * Wild Man Blues (Ted Lewis Blues) * Georgia Swing * Boogaboo * Seattle Hunch * Frances (Fat Frances) * Dixie Knows * Kansas City Stomp (Kansas City Stomps) * Jelly Roll Blues (Original Jelly Roll Blues/Chicago Blues) * Fickle Fay Creek (Soap Suds) * Jungle Blues * Sweet Peter * Hyena Stomp * State and Madison * Bert Williams * Freakish * Pep * Creepy Feeling * Spanish Swat * The Pearls * Fingerbuster (Fingerbreaker) * Honky Tonk Music * The Crave * Mister Joe (Buffalo Blues) * King Porter Stomp *

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ISBN-13: 9780874743517
Publisher: Smithsonian Institution Press
Publication date: 11/01/1986
Pages: 552
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.50(d)

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