Fermentation: An Ideal Guide for Seniors

Fermentation: An Ideal Guide for Seniors

by Matthew Hollinder


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Fermentation is a process by which sugar is converted to acid, gas or alcohol. The term can also be used to refer to the growth of organisms whose aim is to produce a specific chemical product. The science of the practice is known as zymology. This can be a great hobby as it is an interesting activity and the process may require a lot of focus and time. It can be used to produce food and beverages and this has been the practice for many years. One example of the application of fermentation is in the preservation process that can produce lactic acid. This is found in some sour foods such as yogurt and pickled cucumbers as well as in some alcoholic wines and beers. The process of fermentation can lead to the production of good bacteria that can be beneficial to the health of the consumer. Optimal health is what everyone aims for and as you go up in age, this will become even more important as you will want to maintain health and live as long as possible.

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