by Stephen Laws

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Ferocity by Stephen Laws

Something is stalking the Northumberland moors, slaughtering sheep and other livestock. There have been sightings of a "big cat," a huge, feral creature that has so far managed to elude capture. Some of the locals are terrified, while others scoff that it�s only a legend. Still, the killings continue.

Cath Lane is a young novelist and mother, eager to explore her new home in rural Northumberland. To her the legendary beast of the moors is excellent fodder for a new novel. How could she know as she begins her research that the beast is no mere myth? How could she foresee the terror that waits for her, crouching in the dark...?

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ISBN-13: 9780843956955
Publisher: Dorchester Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 01/02/2007
Pages: 337
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.70(h) x 3.60(d)

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Ferocity 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Kasia_S More than 1 year ago
This is my second time reading Stephen Laws and my second time being bored and frustrated with his style. I guess he's not the writer for me, which saddens me because his ideas are pretty interesting. This looked so promising, the lovely cover that reflects my morning mood when I have to get up for work, the man eating beast idea with a twists, yeah ...I was bored to tears reading it, in fact it was one book that I wasn't in a rush to finish, it was dry, dull and uninspiring, I hate to describe a book in such a way but I disliked it even more when I finally finished it then when I was stuck half way through the ridiculous plotline...the lame characters, the strange cat creature one knows nothing about when the last page is turned, the flat and annoying bad guys at the end that only seemed to ruin the story...and never mind that at some points the tale is told form the view of the giant cat and even from the little girl's point of view, who's mom is one of the most boring characters ever created. That to me was a speed bump every time the story seemed to get somewhere...I wouldn't categorize this as horror, there's not one scary moment in here, and the writing was a bit tough to get through, I found it lackluster and a bit confusing at times, it read like a low budget movie that should have never been released. Basically this book is about two people who have lost a loved one in the past. Neighbors who I guess never looked at each other before, who seem to suddenly make a match. Unfortunately a huge storm is coming and at the same time some drug smuggling whackos are in town, on top of that there's the big black cat mystery going around...all this gets stirred with a crooked spoon to make a batch of stinky bad story soup. Maybe, just maybe if Cath wasn't pathetic (who laughs at a bum on the street holding you up for money, so your husband can get stabbed and killed) and her love interest wasn't uninteresting and the giant cant didn't do invisible camouflage then the tale would be better but I disliked it tremendously and I think I'm done reading his books, I get no pleasure from his stories, that's quiet clear by now. - Kasia S.
harstan More than 1 year ago
After writer Cath Lane¿s husband was killed by a mugger in New York City, she moves with her daughter Rynne to a rural town in the Northumberland Moors. Although two years have passed, Cath still grieves and hasn¿t written a book since the mugging. Drew Hall, the owner of Fell Farm is their nearest neighbor and is also mourning for his wife who was killed when she fell into their shredder. They meet when Drew is in a near accident by Cath¿s home. Her housekeeper Faye assures Cath that Drew is a wonderful person. --- When they both give a talk at the meeting hall, Drew and Cath find they like each other. One day Drew calls her to come up to the farm because he wants to tell her something. There are Big Cats on his land, panther looking with a demonic face and he has spent the last two years hunting them because they have some unknown way of camouflaging themselves that makes them impossible to catch. They accidentally kill one of the creatures, capture another and put both in a cage but the dead one¿s mate is coming. While they are dealing with that problem, they are taken hostage by three killers who have stolen drugs from a businessman in town. The storm keeps them trapped in the house with a monster coming for them and it will be a miracle if any of them make it out alive. --- FEROCITY is part horror, part thriller and a totally entertaining work reminiscent of THE FLOCK by James Robert Smith. There is plenty of action on different fronts, the big cats, the kidnappers, and the storm but it is the characters who make this book a cut above the average horror thriller. The protagonists are likeable and will go to the wall for each other and Cath¿s daughter. Though over the top, this is definitely a one sitting reading experience. --- Harriet Klausner