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Festive Mass at the Imperial Court Vienna 1648

Festive Mass at the Imperial Court Vienna 1648

by Yorkshire Bach Choir

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Musical Concepts


  1. Sonata Imperiale No 1 "Del Colloreto"
  2. Attolite Portas
  3. Jubilate Deo
  4. Missa Veni sponsa Christi: Symphonia - Kyrie - Gloria
  5. Venite, Exsultemus Domino
  6. Missa Veni sponsa Christi: Credo
  7. Sonata No 1
  8. Benedicite
  9. Missa Veni sponsa Christi: Sanctus - Benedictus
  10. O Quam Dulcis
  11. Pater Noster
  12. Missa Veni sponsa Christi: Agnus Dei
  13. Sonata No 2
  14. Cantate Domino
  15. Sonata Imperiale No 2

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