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Fetal Monitoring Interpretation / Edition 2

Fetal Monitoring Interpretation / Edition 2

by Micki L. Cabaniss, Michael G. Ross


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ISBN-13: 9781608313815
Publisher: LWW
Publication date: 12/01/2009
Edition description: Second
Pages: 512
Product dimensions: 8.60(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents




1.Introduction to the Fetal Monitor

  • Role of the Electronic Fetal Monitor/Classification/Terminology/
    Basic Review/National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Guidelines/Clinical Application/
    Assessing Uterine Activity/Predicting the Oxygenated Fetus/Identifying the Oxygenated Compensated Fetus/Guiding Delivery Timing of the Fetus with
    Progressive Stress Despite Intervention/
    Recognizing Abnormal Patterns Present from the Outset That Are Compatible with Possible Fetal Jeopardy, Possible Decompensation/Limitations/A Pattern Compatible with A Well-oxygenated Fetus in Labor Might Be Followed by a Poor Infant Outcome/A Fetus with a Pattern Associated with Decompensation Might Be Healthy at Birth/Fetuses with Remarkably Similar Fetal Monitoring
    Patterns Might Have Remarkably Different
  • 2.Basic Pattern Components

  • Bradycardia/Tachycardia/Variability/
    Marked Variability: >25 beats per minute/Moderate Variability: 6 to 25 beats per minute/Minimal Variability: ≤5 beats per minute/Absent Variability/Loss of Variability Associated with Sinus Node
    Suppression (as Opposed to Loss of Baseline/Variability/Role of Autocorrelation/Long-versus Short-Term Variability/Periodic and Nonperiodic Changes/Accelerations/Classic/Stimulation/Activity/Periodic Accelerations/Double-Form Accelerations/
    Lambda Pattern/Late Accelerations/Prolonged Accelerations/
    Marked Accelerations/Atypical Accelerations/No Variability in Accelerations Decelerations/Early Decelerations/Late Decelerations/Variable Decelerations/
    Prolonged Decelerations
  • 3. Baseline Variants

  • Sinusoidal and Other Undulating Patterns/Sinusoidal Variants/
    Nonsinusoidal Variants/Baseline Shifts and Other Rate Aberrations/Rate Shifts/
    Other Baseline Rate Aberrations
  • 4. Pattern Transitions

  • Fetal Stress Dynamic Changes
  • Other Pattern Dynamics
  • 5. Uterine/Maternal-Fetal Activity

  • Uterine Activity/Classic Contraction Waveform/Decreased Uterine Activity/Dysfunctional Uterine Activity/
    Increased Uterine Activity/Maternal/Fetal Activity/Maternal Fetal
  • 6. Antepartum Monitoring

  • Role of the Fetal Monitor in Fetal Welfare Assessment/Nonstress Test/
    Nonstress Test as a Component of the Biophysical Profile/Contraction Stress Test/Other Methods of Fetal Welfare Assessment/Doppler/Fetal Movement Counting/Unique Interpretation in the Outpatient Setting/Baseline/Periodic and Nonperiodic Changes/Contractions
  • 7. Patterns Associated with Disease States and Other Conditions

  • Maternal Conditions/Preeclampsia/Eclampsia/Hypertension/Diabetes Mellitus/Respiratory Disease/Maternal Cardiovascular Disease/
    Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy/
    Pharmacologic Agents/Exercise/
    Temperature AberrationAnemia/Trauma/
    Advanced Age/Fetal Conditions/Preterm Gestation/Anomalies/Malpresentation/
    Anemia/Infection/Twins/Intrauterine Growth Restriction/Postterm Gestation/
    Support Structures/Umbilical Cord Conditions/Placental Conditions/
    Amniotic Fluid Considerations/
    Uterine Conditions/Second Stage and Delivery/Forceps Effects/Maternal Pushing Effects/Head Rotation Effects/
    Descent Effects
  • 8. Dysrhythmias

  • Sinus Node Variants/Sinus Bradycardia/Sinus Tachycardia/
    Sinus Arrhythmia/Sinus Arrhythmia Marked/Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia Marked with Premature Supraventricular
    Depolarizations/Sinus Pause with Junctional Escape/Sinus Arrest with Junctional Escape/Wandering Atrial Pacemaker/Long QT Syndrome/Dysrhythmias/
    Irregular Rates Produced by Premature
  • 9. Technology Behind Fetal Monitoring and
    Adjuncts to Fetal Assessment

  • External Fetal Monitor Signal Processing 434 Artifacts
  • Abbreviated Table of Contents

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