Feudlings in Smoke

Feudlings in Smoke

by Wendy Knight


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ISBN-13: 9781502599537
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/12/2014
Pages: 72
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.17(d)

About the Author

Wendy Knight was born and raised in Utah by a wonderful family who spoiled her rotten because she was the baby. Now she spends her time driving her husband crazy with her many eccentricities (no water after five, terror when faced with a live phone call, no touching the knives...you get the idea). She also enjoys chasing her three adorable kids, playing tennis, watching football, reading, and hiking. Camping is also big-her family is slowly working toward a goal of seeing all the National Parks in the U.S.
You can usually find her with at least one Pepsi nearby, wearing ridiculously high heels for whatever the occasion. And if everything works out just right, she will also be writing.

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Feudlings In Smoke 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was so awesome i loved it ...ur able to see ari as a kid and what her family did to change her, but reading it from wills prospective which only makes it that much more powerful and emotional.. Also if ur curious of will and dani its wriiten about too :) love it
MichelleLN More than 1 year ago
It's very interesting to see the build up of Feudlings from Will's point of view and to see how the events affected him. It also helps show the strong bond between Ari and Will. This was a good novella!
Cali-Jewel More than 1 year ago
Loved this extra special look into Will and the fact that we get to know him so much deeper in this short story. We his thoughts and feelings on the world around him from his small community that he built. We also get to see more of his side of things about the war and Ari. Will reminds me so much of my own big brother that I could not help adoring him and this story made me like him even more. Awesome short story about the bond between siblings.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
EnikaJD More than 1 year ago
I was so excited when I heard that Wendy Knight was writing a novella about Will, Ari's Guard and older brother. He was the character that I wanted to know more about after reading Feudlings 1. Thank you Wendy Knight for writing Will's story. Much appreciated! It was fun to read about Will's reactions/thoughts to things that happened in Feudlings. I also enjoyed the romance between Will and Dani. So sweet! My favorite parts were the interactions between Will and Ari. I love their relationship! My favorite scene in the book is a conversation between Ari and Will. Will feels guilty that he isn't there fighting with Ari at the battles, protecting her as her Guard. I love that she says to him, "You always say that you aren't there to protect me like you're supposed to. I think you don't realize something. You trained me Will. Without that, I would die a thousand times before the Prodigy ever found me. And today, you stopped that e-mail. You don't have to be fighting by my side to protect me. I don't need a babysitter. I need a brother who reminds me that I'm not a monster. Who loves me and always has my back. Who reminds me that I still have hope. If not for you, I would be lost." My only complaint is that I want more! More Feudlings stories and more Will!
bookworm8910AS More than 1 year ago
Feudlings in Smoke is great read from Wendy Knight. This starts out when Ari is 10, she comes to kill Will. When he calls her name she recognizes him despite the spell that had been cast on her to try to make her forget him. Fast forward to present day and Ari is starting yet another school, Will is unable to go out in the real world for fear of being killed. He does nothing but worry about how he is going to protect his little sister, it is his destiny to protect her. He is her guard but since he cannot leave his protected home without the threat of being killed by not only the Carules but the Edrens as well how will he be able to protect her? Will he find a way to keep her safe? Will he risk everything for her? I absolutely LOVE the brother/sister relationship that Will and Ari have. Their relationship is so incredibly close that the reader just knows that they would do anything for each other. I love the way they banter back and forth on occasion. This may be a quick read but it is FILLED with action, mystery, and sibling love. It is an amazing book, absolutely worth every penny!