Few Are Angels

Few Are Angels

by Inger Iversen, Sean Fox (Editor)


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War is raging between the Immortals and the Dark Prince's army of half-breed vampires - and gifted Ella finds herself at the center. Can renegade half-breed vampire Kale keep her safe as their forbidden love awakens?

After a fatal hit and run accident, Ella Monroe fears that she's lost more than her beloved parents. Horrifying visions of a past life and a disturbing voice in her head have psychiatric professionals convinced that she's lost her sanity as well. But when Kale--a dark and handsome stranger with a mysterious past--reveals the true meaning of her visions and the tremendous power she wields through them, Ella must come to terms with the devastating truths of her own past, while eluding an ancient Dark Prince who seeks to control not only her future, but all of mankind's, by means of abilities that Ella is only beginning to understand.

This paranormal romance told from the heroine's perspective builds in intensity and intrigue to a finale you won't see coming. Heart pounding action mixed with heartwarming friendships and heartbreaking romance will leave you breathless and begging for more.

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ISBN-13: 9780615650432
Publisher: Inger Iversen
Publication date: 05/28/2012
Pages: 308
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

I will start with things that I would like to know about my favorite authors. I work in a factory making chainsaws. Well that's a bit of a fib, I don't make chainsaws, I actually I make the little pieces that come together to make a whole saw :] When I am not there, which is about 15 days a month, I spend my time in Barnes and Noble with my B&N buddy, Kaii. Who is Kaii you ask? Kaii is my younger photo happy taking brother. I have three sisters and one brother, God bless his soul for being the only boy surrounded by bunch of chatty women. :] I live in Virginia Beach with my tree-hugging boyfriend Josh and our overweight Norwegian Forest cat Max or as I love to call him Kitamacat.

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Few Are Angels 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 63 reviews.
ConciseReviewsByMichelleL More than 1 year ago
I liked Few Are Angels. I really liked the different spin on this particular paranormal. It took me almost halfway to know what anyone was, as far as the supernatural goes. Which is a good thing, it kept me intrigued. It was action packed, and sure takes you on an emotional rollarcoaster of a ride. The character development was very well done. I see great things to come from this author. I did find a few slow spots, mainly taking us through Ella’s first day on the job at the grocery store. I didn’t need those details, as nothing at all happened, and was a whole part that could have easily been cut. But it does not take away from the story at all. This book is not what you think it is by the title, so will say that now. But that’s ok, was a great surprise. I found the new take on this tale quite entertaining. I was pulled into this story along with Ella. Her visions were vivid, and I would be scared to death if I had them. We get to learn about Ella’s life, and her past lives, as she has visions of all her past lives, and even spent some time in a mental institution because she would have blackouts and what they called hallucinations. She is called an Arc, and is being hunted down by Laurent, and evil man. Kale is someone who loves her, and wants to protect her, but Jace also is sent to protect her, as her Guardian. There is a lot more to it, but will let you discover more on that. I really liked Kale, not only is he super hot, but I can tell he has some very deep feelings for Ella all through her past lives, and even Ella can feel that connection with him. They are true soul mates. Here is a part with Kale: “Why are you going to the window?” His smile was mischievous and sexy as he opened the window and jumped out. I squealed in surprise, ran over to the window, and looked outside just in time to see Kale—a blur—run into the woods. “What the hell?” I whispered, shocked and allured by his speed. My stomach trembled at the thought of how powerful he truly was, but excitement pushed it away. My hand still tingled from his touch, and I couldn’t wait to see him again. Alex is a great character, and I found him very sweet and a great friend to Ella. Not sure what I feel for Jace, will let you find out about him, he was a mystery to me for the first half of the book for sure. I won’t say more, so not to spoil anything, as I found the not knowing anything going into this book, was a plus, it kept it really interesting for me. 5 out of 5 stars. It’s a great story, and I highly recommend it. I received this book for a book tour with Bewitching Book Tours, for my honest review.
Breezann More than 1 year ago
Loved it! Awesome story with an interesting plot and great characters! I expected the ending but in a good way. I can't wait to read more the next book. I hope that Kale and Ella get together :] i don't normally leave reviews but this and Abe the Vampire Hunter are to good books!!
GeeGeeLyn More than 1 year ago
This book is good. The characters are well written and the "love" part of the story isn't too mushy! I hate when writers do that. I actually attended one of the colleges in the book!! My favortie character is Kale of course! He is so sexy!! I can't wait to read the rest of the series. I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5 cause there are a few errors I caught.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This free, 255 page paranormal book was not for me. I did not realize it was paranormal, until I was about five pages in. Since I have a few, very few, paranormal books, which did appeal to me, lately. I thought I would give this one try, nope, it was not going to happen, still boring. Gave it another 100 pages and I was ready to pluck out my own eyeballs and perform brain surgery on myself. This book is extremely poorly edited. So much so, it was annoying. It is also a bit gruesome. There are many adult themes. Even though the title may suggest, Christian religion, it is not. Nor is it chick lit. There was some inane romance, but the characters were so unlikable, I hoped they would get together and annoy each other to death. Totally unreal. I did not like this book at all. Having food poisoning is more fun. For adults,but written as if if for juveniles. AD
EMMacCallum More than 1 year ago
I loved Inger Iversen’s idea about a girl who could see the past. What it seemed to boil down to, I believe, was her past lives. Who wouldn’t want to know that? Once I’d read the prologue, I was really intrigued. The villain seemed pretty evil and I couldn’t wait for him to bring his threats to the front. Though this portion of the story focuses mostly on Ella who’s attempting to build a new life after the death of her parents. The characters were a little vague in their personalities though I found Mia entertaining. That girl was all kinds of spunk and psychological damage and was able to carry a few of the slower moments in the middle. With “Few Are Angels” it was the romantic scenes where the author really shone, I thought. Her sentences flowed wonderfully and she was able to create a very intimate atmosphere for the reader. I can easily see why people would fall head over heels for Kale and Ella. The romantic novelty rarely goes out of style and I think Inger Iversen hit this home. My only ticks might be the overuse of melodrama in the beginning and the random unnecessary details or repetitive information like how her laptop wasn’t unpacked in two different chapters or sometimes Ella would think something and in the next paragraph she’d say it out loud, kind of thing. But that last bit might just be me being twitchy. All in all romance fans will love this story. I did buy the second book on Kobo because as I said, I want to see how well Laurent carries through as the bad guy. Guess I’m weird that way.
Magluvsya03 More than 1 year ago
Let me start by saying, sweet mother, this is a pretty darn good read. I will also start off by saying this story has a very sad, tragic beginning. I literally couldn’t help but feel so sorry for Ella. She is in utter pain from the loss and then her “mental” issues are really not helping. But what would you do if you had a special ability that everyone took for a mental breakdown? I mean, how do you explain that and actually get people to believe you. Now, I like Ella. Despite the fact that Ella is trying to grieve and put her life back on track, she becomes caught up in a mystery that she can’t deny she is part of, even if she isn’t sure how she is a part of it. In her attempt to put her life back together, things start happening and she is put to the test, not just for her mental capacity with trying to get through it but actually trying to survive something she really isn’t prepared for. Now, I know I have some past “aversions” to the big V word, those vampers will get you every time lol but this is slightly different. The story is not all based on your typical vampire and the way the story unfolds is quite cool. And it definitely gets more climatic as things are unfolding and Ella is figuring things out. And the writing definitely has something to do with that. If it weren’t written well, you would just be sad. Instead you’re gunna have multiple reactions, or at least I did. I wasn’t stuck in Ella’s depression I was intrigued at what was taking her mind off of it. And lets talk hotties! First there’s Kale, oh boy. The broken, torn, bad boy every girl dreams of lusting over and trying to fix! And Alex is that perfect boy next door who’s gotten HAWT! Lol so do you go for the boy who’s been your best friend for ages, knows your secrets and has your back, no matter what OR the the boy who is mean, and cold but is there to protect you and every once in a while makes your heart drop! HA!! You’re gunna have to read and pick a team! All in all, there’s so much to this story and I know the next chapter is gunna be good- if not better than this one, so I can’t wait to read it! I really enjoyed it! I definitely wanna read the next book Big 4.5 PAWS from me!!
JennaBear00 More than 1 year ago
I loved few are angles :] It was really good. I like the new part where Ella finds out she is an Arc and Kale is a Chory.
terferj More than 1 year ago
Um...wow. So not what I was expecting. With the title being Few are Angels, I was thinking it was about angels. *Spoiler* it's not. I loved this book. Ella pretty much thinks she's crazy by having "hallucinations", but turns out she's an Arc. She's meets a dark, mysterious Chorý named Kale. She learns more about what the "hallucinations" are and what her feelings for Kale mean and who he is. My only disappointment is that I have to wait to find out what happens in the next book.
JaimeCr More than 1 year ago
Few Are Angels is a very good book. It wasn't too mushy and the characters are well written and it has a great plot. I really love Kale and I am rooting for him and Ella! I also thought it was really cool that Ella if from Virginia, as I grew up there. I am looking forward to the next installment!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
i liked it
3TweenMom More than 1 year ago
If you don't like cliffhangers, then this book is not for you. I'm a big supporter of indie authors, but I honestly don't understand how this book got such a high rating. The underlying storyline is a good one, but I had a hard time following it, and found myself going back and re-reading a lot. As much as I want to know what happens in the next book, I'm not sure it's worth the purchase, especially if the second book ends as poorly as this one did.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Was it proofed or edited at all? So many mistakes in grammer. So confusing. I kepted reading, in hopes it would get better. Nope. Time wasted that I cannot get back.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Boring notba book for me hatttteeeeeeeeee iiittttt
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
For some reason I can't create a pen name :( I like Ella, she is not too whiny or too weak and I like how her and Kale used to be together and came together again. I love loves stories about past lives and past love and this story didn't disappoint.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like this series and I will be buyin the next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a good book. I love Kale he is a half-breed vampire and Ella can see the future and the past. The book was a bit slow to start, but got better...a lot better.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Have not read this book.
wolfvamp88BP More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book..I can not wait to read the next one. I am in love with Ella and Kale..And Alex too..I highly recommend this book to everyone..This story is about vampires and a girl who can see the past and possibly the future. This is a must read for all paranormal lovers...
Cuanam More than 1 year ago
Ella can see the past. I'm not sure if it's ALL the past or just her own. She seems to me to be a beacon for trouble. It's almost as if she looks for it, as she follows unknown guys into the woods. The conflict in Ella's heart is heart wrenching really. She'd been through so much already. Mia's attitude was a bit irritating, but very easy to understand once you know her story. I'm sure everyone of us knows a Mia. I was iffy about Kale... His role was a bit Twilightish. He reminded me a lot of Edward Cullen.. Minus the sparkles. I think the twilight fans will absolutely love this book. I haven't figured out what to make of Jace, but I'm sure I haven't seen the last of him or the council. This book is well written. The plot is solid. There's very little if any holes in it. The characters are written in such a way that you can't help but lost in the story that is woven in your mind's eye. This story will grab you at unexpected moments, and cause your heart to race more than once. I honestly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading book two. I give this book 4 of 5
TarenBlue More than 1 year ago
I'm in love with Jace! Blue eyes with a sexy accent. I really loved this book. The flow was good, the characters were well developed and the pace was great. The ending was a bit expected, but in a good way. I can't wait to see what happens next in the series. I saw the cover for the next book and I'm excited to read it!
AmandaHellacious More than 1 year ago
 After Ella Monroe's parents die in a car accident, she's left with horrifying visions and voices in her head. After being hospitalized for 3 weeks in a psych ward she goes to live with her parents best friends. When she sees two beautiful men fighting in her front yard, she discovers she might not be crazy after all. There she mets Kale, who she feels like she's met before. Turns out her visions are of her past lives. Where she and Kale fell in love. And there's an evil man after her, the dark prince. Who will stop at nothing to get her for his own personal gain. See she's an Arc, one who can see visions of the past. And just maybe the future... 4 out of 5 stars. I loved this book! It was slow to start and I almost gave up on it. But I'm glad I stuck with it! The writing was very well done. The author has a way with words! And great detailing! The characters are well developed and I had no problem getting to know them. Ella was easy to like, shes going thru a lot but was never over dramatic. I found myself saying yeah i would have done that too. Which i love! Relating to a character is the best thing about reading. And let's not forget yummy Kale who only wants what's best for Ella. Whose kisses leave her breathless and wanting more. What more could you ask for! There's also Jace, who was sent to protect her, and Alex who she's know all her life. Plenty of heart throbs! The reason I knocked off a star is the editing is bad in some places. I can't really enjoy the book if I have to correct a lot in my head. But the story was good so it didn't annoy me to bad! I will definitely be reading the next one! I received this book for free for my honest review. 
ClaireTaylor More than 1 year ago
Ella’s past is devastating, but her future may push her over the edge. After losing her parents she starts to have visions and hearing voices, which lead to her being admitted to a psychiatric hospital. After moving to live with her parent’s friends, she meets Kale, and her life will never be the same again. The book is well written and the character development and story line both continually evolve throughout the book, leaving little to the imagination. The reader can easily escape into the story. I loved the fact that the Epilogue is written from all of the main characters perspectives, gives you a full view of the final fight in the book. This book will leave you wanting much more of Ella, Kale, Jace, Alex & Mia’s story.
Poison_Ivy90 More than 1 year ago
I liked this book. I bought and read it during my 4th July vacation. Th e plot is really cool and I can't wait to see what happen. I hope that Mia and Alex hook up in the next book!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There was really no ending and a note even as to what book to read next
Anonymous More than 1 year ago