The Few: The Story of the Battle of Britain in the Words of the Pilots

The Few: The Story of the Battle of Britain in the Words of the Pilots

Paperback(Third Edition, Third edition)

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The Battle of Britain started on 10 July 1940, ending 16 weeks later on 31 October 1940. The Luftwaffe’s intention was to destroy Fighter Command, domination of the skies being crucial to Hitler’s invasion plan. During that fateful summer, young RAF fighter pilots, flying Spitfires and Hurricanes, were scrambled time and time again to face insuperable odds – and the Luftwaffe was, until that point, unbeaten. The enemy fighter pilots, in their brightly painted Messerschmitt 109s, were the most experienced in the world. But somehow the RAF pilots, fighting desperately in a spider’s web of intricate vapour trails, and with sudden and violent death an ever present companion, prevailed. Afterwards, Churchill paid homage to them all: ‘Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few’. A legend had been born.Dilip Sarkar has been fascinated by the Battle of Britain since childhood and began seriously researching the subject in the 1970s. He wrote thousands of letters and travelled extensively over the UK interviewing the fabled ‘Few’. Over the last 30 years he has interviewed more Battle of Britain survivors than any other author and his archive is a unique collection of veterans’ ‘voices’. In this new book Dilip Sarkar chronicles the Battle of Britain from start to finish drawing extensively from his interviews with pilots.

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ISBN-13: 9781445607016
Publisher: Amberley Publishing
Publication date: 01/07/2013
Edition description: Third Edition, Third edition
Pages: 320
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About the Author

Dilip Sarkar has been fascinated by the Battle of Britain since childhood, he remains both moved and inspired by the story of Churchill's fabled Few, those young airmen who stood between freedom and a Britain dominated by Nazi Germany. Since the 1970s he has met and interviewed more Battle of Britain pilots than any other historian. He has researched the subject thoroughly and has published over thirty books, titles which include the only biographical works formally endorsed by the families of both Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader and Air Vice-Marshal Johnnie Johnson. In 2003, Dilip was made an MBE for services to aviation history, and elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Historical Society in 2006. He lives in Worcester. For more information please see

Table of Contents

Also Dilip Sarkar 7

Foreword Lady Bader 9

Author's Note 11

Prologue 15

1 Opening Shots: 10 July - 12 August 1940 45

2 Adlerangriff: 13 August - 18 August 1940 97

3 Target 11 Group: 19 August - 6 September 1940 135

4 Nemesis: 7 September - 30 September 1940 199

5 Survival: 1 October - 31 October 1940 271

Epilogue 297

Acknowledgements 299

Bibliography 303

Index 305

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