Feyland: The Bright Court

Feyland: The Bright Court

by Anthea Sharp


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What if a high-tech computer game were a gateway to the dangerous Realm of Faerie...

~ Book 2 of the Feyland trilogy ~


Jennet Carter escaped the dark faeries of Feyland once. Now, fey magic is seeping out of the prototype game, beguiling the unwary and threatening everyone she cares about.


Tam Linn may be a hero in-game, but his real life is severely complicated. Still, he'll do whatever it takes to stop the creatures of Feyland, even if it means pushing Jennet toward the new guy in school-the one with an inside connection to sim-gaming... and the uncanny ability to charm everyone he meets.


Despite the danger, Jennet and Tam must return to Feyland to face the magic of the Bright Court-and a powerful new enemy who won't stop until the human world is at the mercy of the Realm of Faery.

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ISBN-13: 9781470182656
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/24/2012
Series: Feyland Series , #2
Pages: 326
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.73(d)

About the Author

Growing up, Anthea Sharp spent her summers raiding the library shelves and reading, especially fantasy. She now makes her home in the Pacific Northwest, where she writes, plays the fiddle, and spends time with her small-but-good family. Contact her at antheasharp at hotmail dot com.

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Feyland: The Dark Realm 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous 26 days ago
Loved it!
RayBear More than 1 year ago
Jennet barely escaped the clutches of the evil Dark Queen of Feyland, with the help of Tam Linn in the Dark Court, but the game is still set to release. The land of faeries is still attempting to step through the boundary of Feyland to wreak havoc on our world. Roy, the son of the CEO of the game company provides another complication as he appears to glamor all those around him, except Jennet and Tam. Not only do they have to figure out a way to stop Feyland’s release, they now have to figure out a way to stop Roy and his illusions. I started reading this second book in the series as soon as I put down book one and it took very little time to get back into the magical realm of Feyland and the world and lives of Jennet and Tam. I was excited to see more of Marnie as she gets more time and importance as a friend in this second book. Of course, the growing friendship and budding romance between Tam and Jennet is also quite exhilarating to watch. I absolutely love slow to develop romances, especially ones based on more than just attraction. One of the greatest little details about this book (and series) is the fact that I see gender equality. The book isn’t all about the greatest female who must take upon herself the mantle of saving the world (almost every dystopian book ever). Feyland is more than just a female main character. Tam has as much action time and importance as Jennet. Then there is the fact that the CEO of the gaming company is a woman and the most famous celebrity simmer is female. Huzzah! Finally those in power and those in charge are not just male! And their genders didn’t even matter! I loved this second book and the ending was perfect. I can’t wait to read the final book in this series.
NookWorm79 More than 1 year ago
Once again the story of Feyland captivated me by introducing a new obstacle. I find myself liking Jennet and Tam even more than I did in the first book. It truly is a shame that Marny doesn't sim. I think the three of them would have fantastic adventures. I immediately picked up the next book.
Cherri-Anne More than 1 year ago
GAME ON!!! 5 Stars Overall I loved this series!  I can’t wait to read the next ones as well!  (NOTE: this review is based on the box set Feyland: The Complete Trilogy)  At first I was a little disappointed with the first book – The Dark Realm - because I was expecting a lot more magic and fae stuff.  It was still good, just different than how I thought it would be!  Which is one reason why I try to not form an opinion of how I expect the book to be before I read it.  That being said, I read the book fairly or is that faery, quickly and was surprised at how drawn in I was.  I was hooked on the characters & rooting for everything to go their way (the good ones only, of course!  Lol), I cried when they did or for them, I found myself smiling & cheering for & with them.  I couldn’t wait to see if they would outsmart their opponents or get outsmarted themselves, if there would be any new friendships, would any kisses finally happen, would they get caught, would they be saved, JUST EVERYTHING!!!!  I read book 2 – The Bright Court – and book 3 – The Twilight Kingdom – quickly as I was so caught up in it, I didn’t even realize what time it was or how much I had read!!  After completing the series I realized how The Dark Realm (book 1) set everything up for the rest of the series. Let’s not forget that the entire premise of these books is based on a VIDEO GAME!  As soon as Jennet starts playing on the prototype version of the new Full-D system and clicks on the new game called Feyland, little did she realize that her life would never be the same again.  Because the Fey world is dying they need mortals to replenish it & themselves, so the Fey have created a way to access the mortal realm via a very realistic sim style video game.  I love to play video games and would jump at the chance to play on systems like the ones depicted in this series.  Of course I am not sure that I would want to play Feyland, but still…It is such a creative idea to base a series on!  You have such a mix of people of all ages and classes that are both human or mortals as the Fae/Fey would say, and immortals like the Fae/Fey and their Courts of followers.  I loved how the YA book became so much more than that!  I found that I didn’t even think of it in terms of a YA book, well except for the “clean” part (no sex, etc. lol).  Personally, I feel that if I can get that absorbed into a book and NOT pay attention to the genre/class/age group/etc., then that is one great book & series written by an equally great author!  I know that some people will and/or do, complain about the teen characters being too whiny, too wishy-washy, all full of ‘teen angst’ with teen ‘issues’ like “oh is he going to kiss me?” or “Does he think I am cool?” etc. but I think that they forget that the characters ARE TEENS!!!  I had so many theories throughout this series as to who this person really was, or how that was going to play out, etc. but ya, I was wrong on most accounts!  Trust me, I have never been so happy to be wrong!  Also tells me just how great the author is because NOTHING is predictable which makes it that much more of an enjoyable read.
PureJonel More than 1 year ago
With this novel, Sharp jumps right back into the awesome world of Feyland and takes you with her.   She completely immerses her reader in the world of gaming and in the land of the Fey.  The distinct socioeconomic backgrounds in this story really add to the feeling of the story.  It helps to develop the feeling of helplessness and of crossing boundaries.  There is also lots of action in this instalment that keeps you on edge and ploughing forward.  Sharp`s phenomenal storytelling skills and brilliant descriptions create a world that her readers cannot help but love.  Everything comes to life in such a brilliant way that you feel like you are simming right alongside the characters.  As a reader you live and breathe everything that they do.   Sharp’s characters return with a vengeance in this instalment.  They are the same individuals that you came to know and love in The Dark Court, but they continue to grow as individuals as they age and as they experience more and more perils at the hands of the Fey.  The new characters that Sharp introduces in this instalment are also very well developed.  You get to know them, human and Fey alike, as well as you would a new friend.  Sharp’s character development is always natural and leads you to come to know everyone as an individual.   All in all this was a fun and captivating story that kept you hooked throughout.  I read the bulk of the book in a single sitting.  It followed nicely from its predecessor and leaves you primed for the sequel.  The reader is left simultaneously with a feeling of satisfaction and of wanting more (and a bit of a broken heart).  
Laurie_Ryan More than 1 year ago
Wow. Having read Feyland: The Dark Realm, I was pulled right back into the story with this sequel, although I believe it would make sense to anyone who hadn’t read the first book in this series first. This young adult book really speaks to all ages, from pre-teen on up. Jennet and Tam Linn are the only ones who can keep an immersive video game from opening the crack between their world and the Realm of Faerie. Their world feels slightly futuristic and has a realistic approach to the peer issues teens face, all while entertaining the reader with a story that includes video-gaming, sword fights, and fairy kings. As well, the relationship between Jennet and Tam Linn is very appropriate and perfectly timed with the story. Honestly, I buy the whole premise of Feyland. It’s an imaginative and engrossing story that I highly recommend. I understand there will be one more installment to this story and I will be purchasing it as soon as it becomes available.
BreatheinBooKs More than 1 year ago
The Bright Court starts out right where the first book ended. Tam is now out of the hospital, but still not in the best shape and Jennet’s hands bear the scars of her last Feyland encounter. Their friendship is still strong, but the romance between the two wavers – mostly because of Tam’s insecurities. Jennet on the other hand, knows she wants Tam and tells him just that. I love a strong female character that doesn’t need to wait for the guy to make the first move. Just as in the first book, the POVs switch between Tam and Jennet. In The Dark Realm we saw inside Jennet’s head for the majority of the book, but in The Bright Court we get to see more of Tam’s insights. He lacks self-confidence and is uncomfortable in his own skin. Not to mention that his home life is always on the verge of imploding. Not many YA books delve into the male’s insecurities so it is a nice change to see that not only the female characters have warring emotions and self-esteem problems. A new character, Roy Lassiter, the son of VirtuMax’s CEO, is introduced into the equation. He has also played Feyland, but has had very different experiences then Tam and Jennet. I immediately disliked him and continued to dislike him throughout the entire book. He is the quintessential pretty-boy who gets off on the admiration of others. And everyone is charmed by him, except for Tam and Jennet. What I really hated was that he caught the eye of Tam’s friend Marny, the big girl who always tells it like it is, suddenly turns into a Roy lemming - I wanted to scream. Although, she does appear to know, at certain moments, that he is not what he seems; that what glitters is not always gold. The idea of fate was used heavily in The Bright Court; that each character – even some of the minor ones, have a part to play. That one could try to fight fate, but it will always find you – even in your dreams. There are great battle scenes, romance, friendship, and loyalty – what more could you ask for? The only thing I didn’t like was the actions of Jennet’s father. I am not quite sure what he is thinking or what his intentions are, especially at the end of the book, but I have a feeling he will be finding himself in a dangerous place if he doesn’t start listening to his daughter. There are a lot of questions left unanswered, but I am hoping the answers are revealed in the third book, Feyland: The Twilight Kingdom, which will be available fall 2012.
TheRomanceBookie22 More than 1 year ago
The Bright Court takes off right where The Dark Realm left off. Jennet and Tam continue to look for a way to stop the prototype of Feyland to be released out in the world. Here's the problem though...what if the company owner's son is playing it and doesn't seem to be having any problems playing the game? Well that's what happened when Roy Lassiter comes to join Tam and Jennet at their high school. And according to Jennet's father, who is in charge of Feyland's production, Roy has been playing the game for months and nothing has happened...or so he says... Jennet and Tam soon realize something is up. Why is Roy attracting all these women with his fake charm? And did one of the girls come back looking a little drained? Well, Tam and Jennet work together to find out, along the way finding themselves again in the magical, yet unpredictable world of Feyland, and along the way possibly changing their relationship status. ;) I really enjoyed this one! When I read The Dark Realm last year, it genuinely surprised me! I had been a bit worried when it came to reading a book set most of the time in a video game. I kept asking myself, Is this going to be like Spy Kids? or Oh no this is going to be like reading a book based on a video game! I don't want to read Halo! However, after reading the both books I have never felt more wrong! This series is so much fun to be inside of. As I read Tam and Jennet's adventures in Feyland I feel like I am right there beside them witnessing everything first hand with them. It's an action packed series that you don't want to miss! And of course, with a side of romance... :), something that, in my opinion, every book needs! :)