Fibles 2 : Children's eBook

Fibles 2 : Children's eBook

by M.R. Everette

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Fibles 2 : Children's eBook by M.R. Everette

Fibles 2 is the second book in the Fibles series with 12 more short and entertaining stories with 36 new illustrations. The quirky story titles and loveable animal characters interacting with each other in today's world make reading and learning fun.

From "The Bee Cause" to "The Good Salmaritan", these twelve new short stories with their loveable animal characters will continue to delight those young and old with their timeless lessons on the topics of truth, helping others, curiosity, hope, caring, plus much more. Have fun and read Fibles 2 aloud!

Recommended for ages 4-6.

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BN ID: 2940158448874
Publisher: Cookietwist Publishing LLC
Publication date: 05/18/2016
Series: Fibles 2 , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Age Range: 3 - 5 Years

About the Author

As a terrible two child growing up and having to learn the lessons of life the hard way, comes the stories of Fibles. The Fibles series is written for the purpose of being a quick-read, because as a child I had a short attention time span, and today as an adult I live in the world of “There’s not enough time!"

I went on to survive the terrible two era and graduated from Arizona State University school of business, becoming a marketing director, web designer, and author.

I would like to dedicate the Fibles series to all those who unfortunately volunteered, or were coaxed into having to babysit me. I hope everyone enjoys reading the Fibles series of books aloud, and by all means have alot of fun!

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Fibles 2: Children's eBook 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
GrandmaReames More than 1 year ago
Really Fun Stories to Read After reading the first Fibles book I was pleasantly surprised by the creativity of the stories like “The Lemming Aide” (very biblical) and my favorite “The Copy Cat”. I like how the stories solve situations the characters find themselves in from selling lemonade to not taking risks because you are curious (like my grandson) which put you in bad situations. These 12 stories exemplify the quality of life’s lessons author M.R. Everette instills in his books. All in all, these entertaining stories with their creative story titles are invaluable to children growing up very fast, and can be read easily in ten minutes or so without them losing their attention span. Once again, I highly recommend the Fibles books to other grandparents and parents.
JulieGB More than 1 year ago
This montage of children’s stories brought back memories of my own childhood storybooks. With quirky animal characters that have snappy names, these stories are good for all ages. Each story ends with a moral leaving a lesson learned while enjoying the story. These are sure to become bedtime favorites. I enjoyed this second collection of stories as much as I did the first.
Paula_Stewart1 More than 1 year ago
Fun & Entertaining While the ancient fables of Aesop teach valuable lessons they are not always understood by today's youth. M.R.Everette's Fibles are current to the world that faces today's youth. While my favorite from Fibles 2 was The Copy Cat because it teaches that it isn't wise to just do what others do and to not take unnecessary risks just because you are curious, this book contains 12 stories that teach some important lessons that every child needs to learn. What a great way to end a bedtime routine ... a valuable story that can be read in just 10 minutes from Fibles 2.
Sue_in_CT More than 1 year ago
Fibles 2: More 10-Minute Children's Bedtime for Modern-Day Kids by M.R. Everette has an eye-catching cover with the little characters on it which led me to believe it would have some illustrations inside but it really doesn't have the typical scenes I am use to in children's books. At the beginning of each story is a small illustration of the main characters maybe an inch tall with no background or scene of any kind.  The best way to explain it is if you cut out the two characters on the cover and pasted them on a page, that is the extent of it and this simple illustration really didn't hold the young children's attention.  I should also tell you that the subject content isn't really for young children either since it does contain things that they wouldn't understand in many of the stories. It wasn't just one line in the book but quite a bit of it. For example, although some young children would understand what a text is, the sentence of how some of the characters were commenting on Mugbook drew me blank stares and I found myself explaining quite a bit just for this one line. I had to explain what texting is (I do not have texting so I had to explain what that is), then what commenting on websites such as Facebook was. By the time I was done with all this, the story was lost. Instead of any kind of thoughts or discussions on the story or what was learned, it was more of a classroom lesson for the children and a task of skills on how well I can explain things for myself.   I also found the ending of each story is a twist on an Idiom/Proverb that younger children may not be familiar, e.g., A bird in hand is better than two in the bush. This is the fun of the book that they just don't get. To me it is like telling someone a joke without telling them the punch line so for these reasons I do not recommend this book for young children.  Now for what the book is. It is a stand alone book that is a funny read for older children. There are a dozen short stories in it and each one has its own set of characters and the best word I can think of is the one the author used in his description, quirks. The titles of each story is fun as well as the way each story ended. There are lessons to be learned in each of the stories and these delightful characters have their own way of learning/teaching them.  I didn't time each story but I would say that the authors time of 10-minute is accurate enough. I also wanted to add that I didn't notice any format/typos within the story. Each story encourages the reader to use imagination and reasoning just by the way it is written and every story is a positive tale although a bit complex depending on the age of the reader/audience.  To sum it up, I think this is going to be one of those books either you like or hate. I happen to like it but again I stress this is not really a bedtime story for young children.
JaxGrampy More than 1 year ago
“Fibles 2” by M.R. Everette is a collection of modern bedtime stories which each include a great many puns and groaners, to entertain the adults reading the stories, while helping children get to sleep. Many of the puns and groaners are simple enough the children will giggle, while the adults roll their eyes. This book is filled with good, clean fun, for young and old alike. However, it is much more than simply entertainment. “Fibles 2” stories each have a moral to them, which is simple enough for young children to understand, while the stories themselves provide a lesson about why that moral is important. “Fibles 2” is well-edited and abundantly imaginative. I think a great many young children will find it to be a favorite new book of bedtime stories. Simple images accompany the start of each tale, giving children an idea what the characters look like. Their cartoon-like quality is consistent with the humorous nature of the stories. I do not hesitate to recommend this book for pre-school and early-grades children who still enjoy being read to at bedtime.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read Fibles 2 because I wanted to read it to my children. I thought it would be fun for them to read stories that are a bit longer than they're used to. When I first read it, I find it very cheesy. I don't really like the names of the characters and the titles of most of the stories. I thought this was written by a teenager. The book title says for modern-day kids that's why maybe the author uses technological terms which I find it hard to explain to my kids, really. I don't let my children use gadgets or teach them how to email. I like storybooks that just use words that I'm familiar with. So for me, I wouldn't buy this book. Its just not the type of book I want for my kids to read.
Lisa_F More than 1 year ago
This was a cute little book. I liked how the stories were a short, quick read. There are 12 different stories and each story taught a lesson that matched up with the title somehow. Some lessons were a little difficult to understand and some were a little cheesy, but they were still cute. I would read this book to an early elementary child. Too young and they wouldnt understand what I am talking about and older than 4th grade would think I was lame. I did enjoy that the whole book brought a modern element to the story like cell phones, internet, etc. The way M.R. Everette wrote this is great! It is a fun and enjoyable read. I cant wait to read it again!
EDL85 More than 1 year ago
“Fibles 2: More 10-Minute Children’s Bedtime Stories for Modern-Day Kids” is an anthology of short stories that parents and children alike can enjoy.  Younger readers will likely be captured by the stories themselves, each of which feature an eager young animal, usually learning a lesson. For instance, in “The Copy Cat” Curi doesn’t let even a smelly Dumpster get in the way of getting a story for the school paper, while in “The Tale Gator” Nile the crocodile goes to a sleepover and has to learn to sort out the truth from the tall tales. Though the stories seem like fun fluff on the surface, they actually can spark good bedtime conversation, which is my favorite thing about them—some of the themes the stories gently bring up are friendship, hard work, being kind to others.  And for the parents’ enjoyment, each tale is filled with puns—for instance, “The Good Salmaritan” is about fish and “The Lemming Aide” is about a lemming who helps sell lemonade—and they are genuinely amusing. I laughed a few times at how silly and clever a few of them were.  While the kids might not get every pun, the jokes will certainly entertain a parent who is tired of reading the same old stories every night to their child.  Since the only pictures are small but bright illustrations at the beginning of each chapter, this book might be best read aloud; because of the lack of illustrations, a child might not be interested in reading them for him- or herself. Despite that, however, I would recommend “Fibles 2” to parents who are looking for bedtime stories that can be read just for fun or tied into a deeper lesson.