Fiction and Art: Explorations in Contemporary Theory

Fiction and Art: Explorations in Contemporary Theory

by Ananta Ch. Sukla (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9781472575036
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: 09/24/2015
Pages: 440
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.60(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Ananta Sukla is a former Professor and Head of the Department of English at Sambalpur University and Visiting Professor at the Institute of Aesthetics, University of Uppsala, Sweden. His publications include Art and Representation (2001), Art and Experience (2003), Art and Essence (2003), and Art and Expression (2011).

Table of Contents

Ananta Sukla

I. Historical Perspectives

1. Fiction's False Start
David Konstan
2. The Poetic Pragmatics of Greek Myths:
Referential Fiction and Ritual Performance
Claude Calame

II. Interdisciplinary Perspectives

3. Fictionality of the Absolute:
On Truth and Lie in the Metaphysical and Aesthetic Sense
Peter Heron
4. Mathematical Fictions
Jody Azzouni
5. Why Suicide Bomber Bombs: Fictionality of Rituals
Ivan Strenski
6. Fiction and History
Allen Speight
7. Cognitive Value of (Literary) Fiction
Robert Stecker
8. Fiction, Cognition, and Confusion
Jukka Mikkonen
9. Epistemology and Fiction: Thought Experiments in Personal Identity
Aleks Zarnitsyn
10. Semantics of Fiction: Naming and Metonymy
Carl Ehrett
11. The Fictional Truth: Nonfiction and Narration
Sarah Worth
12. Fiction as a Creative Process
Amanda Garcia
13. Fiction and Emotion:
The Relation of Consciousness to the Economy of Evolution
Samuel Kimball

III. Aesthetic Perspectives

14. How to Reach Fictional Worlds
Lubomír Doležel
15. Literature, Fictionality, and the Illusion of Self-Presence
Samuel Kimball
16. Judicial Fiction and Literary Fiction:
The Example of the Factum
Christian Biet
17. Pictorial Fiction:
Imagination and Power of Picasso's Images
Charles Altieri
18. Sonic Fiction: The Truth in Music
Geraldine Finn
19. Gestural Fiction: Dance
Renee Conroy
20. Fictionality of theTheatrical Performance
Roderick Nicholls
21. Fictionality in Film and Photography
David Fenner
22. Fictions Sharing Subjectivity
Rob van Gerwen

IV. Oriental Perspectives

23. Fundamentals of Fiction in Indian Mythology, Poetics and Dramaturgy
Ananta Sukla
24. Fiction in the Chinese Mythical and Literary Traditions
Amy Lee
25. Truth and Fiction in the Japanese Narrative:
Sakaguchi Ango's Critique of the I-Novel
Robert Steen
26. Fiction in the Medieval Arabic Literary Tradition
Arkady Nedel

A Concluding Note
Ananta Sukla
Integrated Bibliography and Works Cited

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