Fictocritical Strategies: Subverting Textual Practices of Meaning, Other, and Self-Formation

Fictocritical Strategies: Subverting Textual Practices of Meaning, Other, and Self-Formation

by Gerrit Haas


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Gerrit Haas re-theorizes the peculiar textual conduct of ficto/critical writing, which inextricably intersects fictional with critical discourses as well as aesthetics with poetics and ethics. The slash here signals the conjunction between a self-reflexive ficto-critical insight and a wider discursive ficto-critical motivation. In its refined form, this twofold trope shifts perspective from the prevalent generic between onto the meta-generic level of our textual practices. Ultimately, the ficto/critical is thus qualified as an unheard-of interventionist aesthetic of deconstruction directed at the ramifications of our textual cultures.

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ISBN-13: 9783837637045
Publication date: 07/11/2017
Series: Lettre
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Gerrit Haas was awarded a joint Ph.D from FU Berlin and UWA. His post-doctoral research interests comprise constellations, hacking literature, and discursive iconicity. He lives and works in Berlin.

Table of Contents

1 Introducing the Ficto/critical 7

1.1 What's in a Name? 13

1.2 The Project 43

2 Realising the Ficto-critical Vector & Twist: Frictioning Conceptual Work & Its Im/mediate Significance 61

2.1 Performing "The Fall" in Reading 62

2.2 Refining the Ficto-critical Tropes 87

3 A Theory of the Ficto/critical: Experimenting Textual Strategies & Text-Practical Ideologies 99

3.1 Mischievous Ficto/critical Strategies 99

3.1.1 Traitorous Writing - Ficto-critical Generic Resistance 100

3.1.2 Apotropaic Writing - Ficto-critical Textual Intervention 109

3.2 Pre/post/erous Text-Practical Ideologies 119

3.2.1 Abductive Writing 120

3.2.2 Perverse Writing 131

3.3 Artful Thought-Experimental Writing 143

3.3.1 Pre/scribed Derailment & Railroaded Lines of Flight 145

3.3.2 Ordinary Affects & Special-Effect Writing 149

4 Developing Ficto-critical Edge: Issues & Practices of Ficto/critical Concern 155

4.1 Ficto/critically Turning "Thaumatropes" 156

4.2 Qualifying a Complete Ficto/critical Text 167

5 Towards a Ficto/critique 175

Bibliography 185

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