by Rolf McEwen, Susan Glaspell


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Excerpt from Chapter 1:
Cora did not appear to get from their silence that she was violating Freeport custom. "Her mother died just about a year after Ruth-left, didn't she?" she pursued.
"About that," he tersely answered.
"Died of a broken heart," murmured Mrs. Lawrence.
"She died of pneumonia," was his retort, a little sharp for a young man to an older woman.
Her slight wordless murmur seemed to comment on his failure to see. She turned to Cora with a tolerant, gently-spoken, "I think Deane would have to admit that there was little force left for fighting pneumonia. Certainly it was a broken life!"-that last was less gently said.
Exasperation showed in his shifting of position.
"It needn't have been," he muttered stubbornly.

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