Fight for Me (Fight For Series, #1)

Fight for Me (Fight For Series, #1)

by Sharon Page

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BN ID: 2940149408139
Publisher: Sharon Page
Publication date: 05/08/2014
Series: Fight For Series , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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Fight for Me (Invitation to Eden, #6) 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
kristawalters143 More than 1 year ago
This book is HOT!!!This book is great for several reasons!! First off this book will have you wiping steam off your ereader!!! Next the characters are soo hot YOU want to do all the sweat licking!!! (wink wink) MMA fighters are so hot it feels like your eyes are going to melt out of your head looking at them, and to have 2 fighting over you well........... I would pass out!! LOL!! But Tessa doesn't pass out and Ryder and Xavier give her exactly what she needs in more ways then 1!!! You also meet the other important people in these characters lives in both loving and SHOCKING ways!! This book has it all,a beautiful woman(both inside and out!!), hot sexy there are no words big enough to describe men, and a twist that will leave you shocked!! That doesnt even include how awesome Eden is !!! With its dungeons, and spa, and that wonderful fairy tale Castle set on the cliff that greets you long before you land!! Everything an erotic novel needs!! This author is one of the best out there!! She is number 2 on my top 5 authors and i recommend her to EVERYONE!!!! I will be reading the others in this series and i cant wait!! Thanks Sharon for all your awesome stories and I am SOOOOOO glad you let us be a part of the hot and steamy world you have created!!!I will definitely be waiting for my Invitation to Eden!!
MsRomanticReads More than 1 year ago
Rating: 2.5 out of 5 *Purchased and read as part of THE BAD BOYS OF EDEN: Billionaires, Alphas, Bikers, and Doms Boxed Set. Invitation to Eden #5 Part of a Series: Yardley College Alumni #1 Tags: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, MMA, Married couple, Heroine: 26, Heroes: 28/29, Suspense, BDSM (light), M/F, Menage, M/F/M, Bondage, Anal Length: 9 Chapters Tessa (26) got married to MMA fighter Ryder (28/29) at twenty, a year later they had Jakey, and four years later she got a separation. While she wasn't ready for a real relationship again, she began dating Xavier, an ex-MMA fighter turned business billionaire and Ryder's best friend. The last thing she wanted was to find out that they were going to fight for her, literally. What I liked about Tessa was her independent spirit. Even though Xavier could and would have provided anything she needed, she was determined to keep working as a waitress to support herself and her son. I understood why she split up with the man she loved, and I didn't get the feeling that she was pushy or selfish for wanting to know about his demons. After all, some of the behavior he displayed was both concerning and heartbreaking.  Once on Eden, in a fit of frustration with the men, she called their bluff by suggesting she needed to compare them to figure out who she should choose. Her idea backfired as they agreed to share her. They'd each get to spend a whole day with her alone, without interference and alternate.  Fight For Me was told from Tessa's POV in the first person, and through most of it she sounded monotonous and depressing. She didn't want a new relationship, she was still in love with Ryder, but she began dating his best friend. Xavier declared his love for her and she had no answer. Xavier knew what dark secret Ryder had been keeping from Tessa, and yet he didn't back off and let his two friends try to work things out. The love triangle aspect was sexy albeit predictable. Everyone just seemed rather wishy-washy with their feelings. The suspense portion of the story felt a little forced in terms of being the means by which Ryder would get to exorcise his demons once and for all. Overall the book wasn't bad, but it wasn't memorable either.
BabelT More than 1 year ago
Oh, this is beyond wicked! It's deliciously, temptingly, naughtily wicked and fun. You have to see for yourselves. I couldn't believe my eyes when I was reading it, but it works wonderfully. I'm tingling all over just remembering it. The premise: a woman separated from her MMA fighter husband and father of her 4-year-old child when she couldn't stand more of his secrets and how they tormented him. She's now cautiously dating an ex-fighter they both knew since they were teens. She has doubts, Can she move on or is she still in love? When she accepts a mysterious invitation to Eden, an island resort where fantasies come true, she finds herself cornered between two hot male suitors. They want to fight for her. The prize: her future. The method: fulfill all her sensual desires. What an amazing journey! I loved every second of it from all the memories Tessa has of her marriage, her doubts about what she feels for both men, to the thought-dissolving, melting-hot sexiness of the steamy scenes. The exquisite duality of Tessa's sessions with both men is explicitly written. It combines beautifully with her reasons for wanting those two men. Xavier offers her the world. He's steady, loyal, rich, intense. Ryder is the man with whom she's been in love all her life. He's wild, unforgettable. How can she choose? I can honestly say it'd have been hard for me too, though I had a favourite. And these arousing men hide a past that is key to Tessa regaining her trust and understanding the real relationship between all of them. I think the author brought more than eroticism into life with her words. She weaved a tortured secret into her characters' lives and developed the consequences in a very dynamic way.  It offers: decadence, intensity, a brutal secret, and a little depravity. Favourite quote: Sometimes the greater pain in life is not to be punished. If you go through the pain, you can recover from it. OMG. When the secret is out, it's more than I could bear. And even after this horrible revelation, there is more mind-blowing things to come. It was incredible! A very interesting, sexy, and original romance. The best thing is that it belongs to a series of novels that all take place on the island of Eden. Fabulous! 
asgoodrich More than 1 year ago
4 stars = I REALLY liked this book A week in a luxurious resort where your every sexual fantasy can become reality. Two super sexy alpha male MMA fighters vying for your heart. The freedom to indulge in both of them sexually. Separately. And one night of intense erotic pleasure as both men indulge your fantasy for a threesome. Whatever is a girl to do?  What may sound like a perfect dilemma for most is actually one of the more stressful situations Tessa has ever faced. Having to choose between her husband Ryder (they've been separated for a year) and Xavier, the man she has known just as long and who she had been dating for 3 months, is much harder than she expected as she loves both men, but in different ways. While the sexual liaisons Tessa finds herself in are quite enviable, especially the super-hot ménage scene, the emotional turmoil she faces is not.  But don't let me lull you into a false sense of pure hedonistic reading enjoyment as there is much more to Fight for Me than that. There is an unexpected twist that I never saw coming that puts a romantic suspense twist on the story that kept me glued to my Kindle. I haven't read any of the other Eden books, but I will have to remedy that as the island setting is mysterious and intriguing all on its own, and I want to learn more about The Master. Ms. Page has definitely peeked my interest in her writing and in Eden. Thank you for the invitation. I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.  Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers!
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
Unfortunately, this one got off to a rocky start for me. The first chapter is titled Xavier - so I assumed it was from his point of view. It's not. It's just where we meet him for the first time. Those of you who are not a fan of love triangles - this is one you should steer clear of as well. She does pick just one in the end, so the whole book revolves around this love triangle. Now, the triangles don't bother me all the time and this one was handled much better than most. Everyone was very in the know about the circumstances, and she didn't try to play one against the other - they did that to themselves. The storyline of the book was very exciting. I love the concept of a fantasy island hidden away in the Bermuda Triangle. I may have to try more from the Invitation to Eden series. The island offers any type of fantasy you could want - they even have a dungeon. About half way through we are introduced to the suspense element of the story and I absolutely loved the way it was written. Drawn out just enough to make keep me reading and never really slowing down or dragging. The wrap up for everything at the end was just about perfect. There is some light BDSM play, but nothing very hard core. It was more about exploring sensations than anything else. But this is also where the book lost me a little bit again. Most of the sexual encounters seemed very rushed and didn't always flow well. The scenes were often set up nicely, but I just didn't pull a lot of passion out of them. *This book was received in exchange for an honest review*
OldVictorianQuill More than 1 year ago
I’ve loved the other books in the ‘Invitation to Eden’ series that I have read, so was excited to read this addition to it as well. To see a single mother as the heroine also drew me in, and I was intrigued to see how Tessa juggled the caring for her child, her job to help keep her afloat, and the attentions of two men, both of whom she cares for deeply. What I really loved about the characters in this book, is that I really didn’t have a favourite for a long time between Tessa’s ex husband ‘Ryder’, and his best friend ‘Xavier’. I felt that both men had good hearts, but had darkness inside. So it was a great change to be constantly jumping from Team Ryder, to Team Xavier and back again. It made the erotic scenes in this novel so much easier to read when I didn’t feel dedicated to one team, and let me appreciate the sensual aspects of the book more than I would have in a book where the love triangle is one sided for me. However, I have mixed feelings about this book, mainly due to the very different story at the end from the beginning. The first two thirds of the novel I felt did suffer from a lot of bouncing around. I wasn’t quite sure where Tessa was going, as she’d express her love for one man, making me sure that she’d made a decision, only for her to admit the same thing to the other man not two pages later. I didn’t feel the development of her love for Xavier as strongly as I felt I should have, and felt that her feelings for him hadn’t really developed at a natural rate. It was about this far through the novel that I started wishing for something deeper to happen between the characters, something that would explain why it was so difficult for her to choose. I really wanted to know what exactly Tessa felt about Ryder, and really wanted to see why she wouldn’t give him another chance, especially considering how much she admitted to loving him, and that he was the father of their child. The end third of this book however was fantastic. I was on tenterhooks throughout, and couldn’t help but wish that the whole book had been like this. I felt the book could have been condensed into this wonderful third and I would have been so much happier for reading that without all the back and forth between the men. The suspense and mystery in this story gave me tenterhooks, and I really loved finally seeing just how close Ryder and Xavier were, as I couldn’t understand earlier on how they could be best friends when Xavier kept attempting to win Tessa. Ryder’s history was shocking and heartbreaking and it was then that I became fully on Team Ryder. The last few chapters felt like a thriller, where I gasped feeling my heart beat fast as I desperately urged them to reach their son in time. Overall, I was mixed with this story, as I felt the first two thirds lacked in comparison to the fantastic action-packed last third of the book. Whilst the erotica was written well, I’m not overly sure how necessary it was to the plot, but I liked seeing snippets of Tessa and Ryder’s previous sex life which he brought to the table in the hopes to remind her of what they have together. Final rating is 4 stars. 3 stars for the beginning of the book, 5 stars for the end. *Review copy was provided by the author through Xpresso Book Tours Review Opportunities in exchange for an honest review*
KimP65 More than 1 year ago
I went into this book with pretty high expectations.  This isn't the first book I've read by Sharon Page and honestly, that's a good thing because if it had been I most likely wouldn't read any more.  I had to force myself to finish, which is really unusual for me.  The writing  was very hard to stay with because it was so choppy and stunted.  It's hard to put into words, there was just no flow in the writing.  From sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph it just didn't flow together into one cohesive piece of work.  The female lead was hard to like, she was so one dimensional and immature.  The idea that she was a single working mother should have been able to evoke some feelings for her but her attitude and behavior just negated any positives.  The men were just as bad.  There was just no depth to grasp on to.  The only bright point in the book started around 76 or 78 percent but only lasted for short time.  The suspense should have had me at the edge of my seat, it was a good story line, it just wasn't well developed or put together.  I did enjoy that The Master of the Island had a bit of a bigger roll in this one, he was the most intriguing character in the book and the one that evoked feelings.   I also have to note that this installment of the Invitation to Eden books should be read before the Suzanne Rock Hydrotherapy book even though it appears from the website that it should follow because there are characters in this one that had things occur in the other  that would prevent them being in a book that was following so that was really annoying as well. Overall I have to say, if this had been my introduction to Sharon Page's writing it would have also been the conclusion.
ABrantley More than 1 year ago
Fight for Me by Sharon Page is extremely well written and draws you in from the first page. The writing style the author uses allows you to get lost in the story. If you enjoy contemporary romance, I highly recommend this one.
Lorraine1 More than 1 year ago
The author sent me a copy of this book for an honest review, so here it is!  Firstly, I should say that this is a seriously hot read (most probably the "understatement" of the year!).  It's basically told through Tessa, which I personally liked.  I could identify with the decisions she had to make and also why she couldn't make them!  She met "Ryder" at a very young age, they got married and had a child.  Ryder is a MMA fighter and truly loves Tessa, but he has a "secret" and won't share it with Tessa.  This causes problems and they separate.  After about a year, Tessa starts to date "Xavier", a very successful business man, ex MMA fighter and her husbands "best friend"!   Now I don't want to spoil the read for you (the blurb covers it pretty well) but things get very heated between Tessa, Ryder and Xavier (another understatement!) and then when certain decisions have to be made by Tessa, a truly awful thing happens, which had me sitting on the edge of my seat! - certainly didn't see that one coming!!  In summing up, a thoroughly enjoyable read, the author held my interest throughout the book and managed to surprise me!  Well done author, an excellent read and worthy if 5*.
GeminiCowgirl More than 1 year ago
Another panty dropping HOT and Sexy book added to the Eden series! I really got evolved in this book and read it overnight it was so consuming. I don't like to give things away but I was disappointed how it ended..I know it's a lead in to another book in a separate series..I was just so caught up in fighting for both of them lol! To hot guys fighting for the love of one tough really gets fun! I totally recommend checking out this Eden series book! I received an ARC in exchange for my...more
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
There was something in Ryder King's past that he couldn't share with his wife Tessa. This thing made him violent at times but never towards Tessa or their son Jakey. The unexplained violence was a deal breaker for her and though she loved him, they separated. A year later and she's now dating Ryder's best friend Xavier. Ryder wants her back and lets her know it. How can she possibly choose between these two, very different, sexy men. Ryder, MMA fighter, loves kinky sex, who she's still in love with and the father to her son. Xavier, ex-MMA fighter, billionaire, treats her like a queen, who she could very easily fall in love with and great in bed. One day an invitation arrives for her. A one week vacation to Eden. When she gets to the island she realizes the vacation is from Ryder, who wants her back but Xavier is also on the island and is willing to fight for her as well. Let the competition begin!!! Great story! Being loved by two gorgeous, sexy men, at the same time, is fantasy inspiring. I thought that for being a grown woman with a child to consider, Tessa was way to swayed by her libido. It was irritating at times but what really sucked me in was the HUGE plot twist! I gasped, out loud, and my heart sped up! It was unexpected and just made the story complete in a strange way.  *free copy gifted for honest review **originally reviewed for welovekink(dot)com
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Would not recommend this book.