Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight

by Tj Day

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You don't have to know anything about quantum physics to cook popcorn in a microwave. But in the world of relationship, you aren't cooking popcorn. Instead, you're aiming at the cogs of the most complex system known. A single brain cell is like a light switch; it's either on or off. We have about a hundred billion of them; each makes about 7,000 connections with other neurons. That's a pretty messy biological network. Did you really think you could target it without understanding more about its workings?

1,Win or Learn, 2. Stop worrying-start living, 3. In a presentation only 25% is not good-retry, 4. The price strategy,5. Self education, 6. Your next 5 years will be as the last 5, 7. How much time you have left, 8. Constant improvement, 9. The best marketing strategy, 10. See life beyond now for new relationship, 11. Fight fear, 12. Not waking up from bed is your first failure, 13. Influencing psychology, 14. My greatest motivation Are people, 15. The Champion of Failure, 16. Read everyday, 17. They are your so-called friends, 18. Domination, Not Competition, 19. Copy paste Generation, 20. Uturn from Advice, 21. Good People Doing Bad Things, 22. What degree of honesty you Practice, 23. Ethical Lying is good, 24. When the going gets tough, 25. Listening increase Your Skills, 26. Only the courageous can face adversity, 27. Teasing people is a sin , 28. Pretending to be Generous, 29. Mistakes made by Business starter, 30. Hypocrisy of African Leaders, 31. Being Grateful, 32. A good word and a gun, 33. Reasons, You Stay Poor, 34. Why You Stop Learning After Schools?, 35. A Successful CV, 36. People Like To See Suffering, 37. Many People Consider Working For Themselves A Failure, 38. Today Is The Day I'm Destroying My Life, 39. The Victim Identity, 40. I Don't Want Credit-I Want Result, 41. How Much Is Too Much ?, 42. Manipulate Ethically, 43. Bad Guys Doing Good Acts, 44. Don't Allow Past Victory To Prevent You From New Progress, 45. 45. Why C Students Are More Successful, 46. Nothing Worthwhile Is Easy, 47. The Drama King & Queen, 48. Human Souls – The 21 Grams Theory, 49. Skills Beat Talents, 50. Creatures Of Habits Needs Daily Rituals, 51. It's Hard To Beat Someone Who Never Surrender, 52. The Lucky One, 53. Keys To Handling People, 54. People build rapport with their Mirror Being, 55. Cold Calling - The Least Liked Tasks in Sales, 56. We do only a fraction of what we say, 57. Politicians Are Liars, 58. There'll Always Be Someone Smarter than You, 59.To Be Successful-You Must Do the Daily Boring Things, 60. Social Media are ruining many lives, 61. If I Feel it I'll Do It VS I'll Do It To Feel It, 62. Result Or Reasons, 63. Is Working !0+ Hours Productive?, 64. The Daily 5 Literacy Framework, 65. What Do You Like To Hear From People, 66. We Know How to Do It But We Don't, 67. Immoral But Not Illegal, 68. Add a new knowledge & skills everyday, 69. Stop gossiping, 70.The Road Rage Symptom, 71. Daily Baby Steps to Stop time waster, 72. The Good & The Bad Genius, 73. If It Was Easy-Everybody will do It, 74. Wise After The Event, 75. Get Out of Sadness, 76. The WOW! Effect, 77. Should VS Must, 78. Do You Deserve An Apology?, 79. Your Enemy is Living Happily, 80. Don't Get Busy With Sidetrack Activities, 81. Avoid Negative people, 82. No Plan B, 83. Adversity is not part of life-it's life, 84. Dreams Without Action is Nonsense, 85. The Accumulation of Money should not be left to luck, 86. They Know Which Button To Switch, 87. You Must Show The Universe How To Help You, 88. Do Hard Things With Elegance, 89.The World Don't Owe You, 90. The worst ideas religion has unleashed on the world, 91. New Ideas Is Seen as blasphemous, 92. Why Wake up Today-Yesterday Was a Mess, 93. What Is Easy To Do Is Also Easy Not To, 94. Best Investment, 95. It's a Blessing that Your Wife Has a Lover, 96. Nice Guys Don't Win, 97. Leverage Strategies, 98. Protect & Grow New Ideas, 99. Earn in Dollar spent in Pesos, 100. Does a Narcissist miss You?, 101. Making Motivation become Myths

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