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Fighting for Love: A Boston Love Novel

Fighting for Love: A Boston Love Novel

4.9 9
by Kelly Elliott
A larger-than-life firefighter inspires a career-driven woman to live in the moment—and trust in the power of love—in this flirty, emotional novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Searching for Harmony.

Finn Ward has two passions: being a firefighter and being single. Although his parents are constantly nagging him


A larger-than-life firefighter inspires a career-driven woman to live in the moment—and trust in the power of love—in this flirty, emotional novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Searching for Harmony.

Finn Ward has two passions: being a firefighter and being single. Although his parents are constantly nagging him to settle down, Finn just wants to enjoy himself while he’s young. Then, at a union meeting, he meets a gorgeous lawyer with a dazzling smile—and suddenly, settling down doesn’t sound so bad.

Rory Adams is fresh out of law school and looking to make a name for herself at her mother’s firm. She doesn’t have time for silly games anymore. But when she catches the eye of a dashing fireman who makes her body tingle from across the room, something instantly ignites between them. The only problem? Her father is Finn’s boss.

Their relationship turns both of their lives upside-down. Rory tames Finn’s wild ways, while he shows her that life can’t be all work and no play. But it’ll take some serious determination to keep their love secret—and real courage to admit the truth.

Praise for Fighting for Love

“One of the best stories I have read in a while—it had me laughing out loud and brought tears to my eyes!”—Once Upon An Alpha

“Bottom line: If you are looking for a feel-good romance, look no further—the Boston Love series is for you. Whether you start with Fighting for Love or start with book one, you will enjoy the sweet, character-driven romances.”—Book Briefs

Fighting for Love is a swoony, sexy romance that I couldn’t put down. You’ll quickly make Finn Ward your newest book boyfriend!”New York Times bestselling author A. Meredith Walters

“Fun, flirty, and sexy! What more could you ask for? I sank right into Fighting for Love, and didn’t stop rooting for these two!”New York Times bestselling author A. L. Jackson

Fighting for Love is absolute perfection.  The banter, love, and emotion is exquisitely crafted in a way no one but Kelly Elliott can do.”—Kristin Mayer, author of the A Twisted Fate series

“Finn and Rory define immense chemistry and sizzling passion.”New York Times bestselling author Heidi McLaughlin

“I fell in love with Finn, and Rory could have been my best friend! I’m a sucker for ‘secret love,’ angst, and passion! I adored Fighting for Love!”USA Today bestselling author Kahlen Aymes

“Finn is one fun, fresh, fantastic firefighter!”—Jessica Lemmon, author of Eye Candy

Praise for Kelly Elliott’s Searching for Harmony

Searching for Harmony is a heartwarming story of a woman who suffers an unthinkable tragedy—and finds an unimaginable love. It’s a real charmer!”USA Today bestselling author Tina Wainscott

Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

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Boston Love , #2
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Meet the Author

Kelly Elliott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author whose novels include Fighting for Love and Searching for Harmony. She continues to spread her wings while remaining true to her roots and giving readers stories rich with hot, protective men, strong women, and beautiful surroundings. When she’s not writing, Kelly enjoys reading and spending time with her family. She lives in central Texas with her husband, daughter, and two pups.

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Fighting for Love: A Boston Love Novel 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Sexy, sweet and passionate love story. This series has been a wonderful read. I immediately fell in love with the Ward family and cant wait to see what happens next. You wont want to put it down. I just hope I wont have to wait to long for the next book!
Anonymous 6 months ago
Kelly Elliott is a fantastic writer and her characters are always just what you are looking for . This story has so many emotions and love . Finn and Rory have a hard journey to take to for their great love. Absolutely love Flash and what he brings to the story. As always an amazing read that I strongly recommend.
Jennann3 6 months ago
Finn is a firefighter, playboy for Engine #33. He loves the adrenaline rush he experiences when rushing into a burning building to save someone. He also enjoys women, almost to a fault. He and his best friend Colton are on the Captain's "naughty" list as a result of their playboy ways. As a punishment, the Captain decides to give the firehouse puppy, Flash, to Finn to take home and train. Finn tries to exhaust Flash by taking him for a run, but Flash has other ideas. He takes off and runs right into Rory... Rory, an attorney with her mom's law firm, has always lived a life mapped out for her. She wanted to be a teacher, but attended law school because that's what her mom wanted. Her dad, the Captain at Engine #33, has forbidden Rory to ever date a firefighter. He doesn't want her to constantly worry if her boyfriend/husband will make it home. He also knows that firefighters tend to be playboys and doesn't want Rory to fall for someone who may be unfaithful. So Rory tries to be the "good girl", until she meets Finn via Flash.... Finn and Rory engage in a "secret" romance that moves extremely fast. So fast that Rory practically meets Finn's whole family on their first date. They are able to keep their relationship a secret for 2mths, until Rory's creepy co-worker informs her mom that Rory is dating Finn. Rory swears her mom to secrecy, promising she'll tell her dad before the Firefighters Ball. Only she doesn't. Captain Adams loses it when he finds out and tells Rory to break it off or he'll have Finn transferred or fired.... So as not to spoil the rest of the story, I'll just say that they eventually get their HEA. This novel was laugh out loud funny, laugh so hard you cry, while also engaging you in the lives of every character. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a novel as much as this one! The scenes with Finn and Flash or when Finn and Rory were changing Presley's diaper for the first time had me in tears I laughed so hard! I was kind of disappointed that we never found out the reason or lesson the Captain was trying to get across to Finn by having him train Flash. I can guess, but I really wanted to know his reasoning. I also wanted to read the last letter Finn gave to Rory.....I've never read a Kelly Elliott novel and this was a most pleasant surprise! I can't wait to read the rest of the series! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Rhondaz 7 months ago
Fighting for Love by Kelly Elliott......Wow, I loved this book!! It has all the feels you look for in a great story. Finn a hot firefighter and Rory just out of law school trying to make a name for herself, these two are a perfect match for a great story. I can't wait to read more books by Kelly Elliott. I highly recommend this book. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book from publisher via NetGalley.
micharch 7 months ago
Finn and Rory meet and feel an instant connection. She is an attorney for the firefighter's union and her did is Finn's boss, the captain of the firehouse he works at. Rory has been an obedient daughter her whole life and her parents have plotted out her every move. Finn has a close family but his parents let him live his life. Neither one was looking for love or to settle down, but that's exactly what happens when they finally get to know each other. Rory works at her mother's law firm and it is constantly insinuated that she is getting preferential treatment. Her co-worker was obnoxious and should have been disciplined for some of his inappropriate comments and behavior. Finn knows his captain doesn't like him but doesn't know why. Rory does not know how to stand up to her parents but slowly comes to realize she needs to live her life for her, not them. Finn and Rory get backed into a corner by her father and Rory, in my opinion, took the coward's way out. Instead of communicating with Finn as to what was going on, she caves. I was astounded at how ridiculous her father acted. Their relationship was fast building and didn't slow down the whole book. Their road was bumpy but worth the ride. I received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Instant attraction. That's what occurred between fireman and known playboy, Finn and workaholic lawyer, Rory. Rory's always tried to please her parents by doing what they asked. Seeing Finn would be the 1st time Rory went against their wishes. What's a girl to do? Engrossing and delightful romantic fun read! Enjoyed Finn, Rory, their friends and family (except Rory's dad). And then there's Flash, the firehouse 4 month old untrained pup! Loved Flash, and his antics! Still am baffled by Captain Adam's and his final outlook. Would love to read Colton, Zeb and Captain Adams stories. First book I've read in the series and book reads fine as a standalone. Voluntarily read an ARC, thru Netgalley and publisher, for my honest review.
Bette313 7 months ago
Fantastic story! This second book in the Boston Love series was simply wonderful. Finn Ward makes no apologies for his lifestyle. Hardworking firefighter, hard playing bachelor. No need to change as far as he could see. The fact that his new boss doesn't like his fun loving ways isn't his concern. Then he meets the lovely Rory Adams. She's a lawyer who represents the firefighters union. She's hardworking and doesn't have time for much of a personal life. Finn takes this as a challenge to get her to loosen up. One little problem. That new boss that already doesn't like him just happens to be Rory's father. Problems ahead - you bet!! This is really a well done story. Lots of humor, low angst, and great characters
Robyn_ROABG 7 months ago
5 Stars Kelly Elliott has delivered again! I have loved Kelly since I first read the Wanted series so long ago, her books always suck me straight in and I can't put them down until I finish! This book was no different, I was pulled right into the story and couldn’t get enough of Finn and Rory. Finn is your typical playboy, has no intention of settling down and the word relationship makes him break out in a cold sweat! The thing is he was such a loveable git you just couldn’t help but fall for him. He see’s Rory at a meeting and can’t take his eyes off her. I loved Finn, he was sweet, charming, loved his family and had a heart of gold underneath the playboy persona he gave off. He definitely had me swooning with his romantic gestures! Rory is the fire captains daughter, she has been forbidden to date firefighters by her father! Rory doesn’t need nor does she want a distraction from her career, but fate doesn’t care about things like that! She is instantly drawn to Finn but fights it every step of the way until she finally realises what she is missing out on. Finn is Preston’s older brother so we get to see some of Preston and Harmony in this book. We find out whats happened with them and are included in a special event in their lives which I loved getting to see! Captain Adams is a complete jerk, I hated him and really wanted to junk punch the old goat! His wife wasn’t much better at times! This book had everything I love in it, I was hooked from the beginning and couldn’t put this book down. I just wish we could have seen if things ever got sorted for Rory!