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Fighting Immigration Anarchy by Daniel Sheehy

A groundswell has been steadily building in America among citizens who are fed up with seeing our country overrun by millions of illegal aliens - foreign invaders who defy our laws, disrespect our culture, and refuse to learn our language.

These citizens became activists when they saw that, if America is to survive as a nation and culture, her people will have to save her, because an out-of-touch Washington establishment has grown too corrupt to defend the land and Constitution that hundreds of thousands of Americans have died to preserve.

Fighting Immigration Anarchy focuses on the struggles of eight citizen activists to awaken their fellow Americans to the encroaching danger. Through the individual stories, readers learn about the recent history of illegal immigration in America - the political victories and defeats as citizens awoke and fought back against the open-borders juggernaut.

Like the patriots of the American Revolution, today's citizen activists refuse to cower before powerful foreign tyrants like those in Mexico City demanding America accept their surplus people. Modern patriots also confront domestic business interests grown addicted to exploitable foreigners now doing formerly American jobs at near-slave wages.

This book is a warning for all Americans of the chaos spreading rapidly from the southwestern border zone to every corner of the nation. In its wake have come massive job displacement for American workers, increased crime, schools overwhelmed by non-English-speaking students, bankrupt hospitals, and other serious problems. And these newcomers have not come to join the American community through assimilation, as did legal immigrants in the past, demanding instead that we change our culture to fit them.

But the heroic citizen activists chronicled in Fighting Immigration Anarchy show that, although the hour is late, there will be no surrender to the forces of corporate globalism, utopian multiculturalism, or Mexico City.

Dan Sheehy holds a bachelor's degree in mass communications and has worked as a journalist and corporate communicator for 30 years. He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows and spoken to scores of organizations about the immigration invasion and the globalist plan to merge the U.S., Mexico, and Canada into a North American Union.

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Fighting Immigration Anarchy 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you're going to read a book about our nation's immigration crisis and what you can do about it, read this one. Dan Sheehy's unique book looks at the crisis through the eyes of concerned American citizens of different backgrounds who are leading a movement to save America from our government's refusal to secure our borders from this massive illegal-alien invasion and enforce our immigration laws. This is a page turner and reads like a novel. It's well researched too. His chapter titled 'Bush and Other Elites Merging U.S., Mexico, and Canada' is frightening. It's worth the price of the book. Every American needs to know what's really going on, because the media sure isn't telling us. And the Epilogue about Sheehy being questioned for days by the FBI and Secret Service when he was researching and writing the book is chilling. I highly recommend this book! Read it and get involved -- before it's too late!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is both a warning and a tonic for those who have watched in helpless frustration and rage, wondering how to confront and reverse the process of Mexifornication extending from California and the other border states to the rest of the union. In IMMIGRATION ANARCHY, Dan Sheehy has presented the stories of several ordinary, decent Americans who realized the threat and -- earlier than the great bulk of their countrymen -- decided to get busy. These pioneers in the immigration reform movement had no special assets to bring to the struggle. They were not wealthy or powerful, and absent this threat most would probably have lived their lives in modest anonymity. Basically all they had were their patriotism, energy, and personal commitment. They are an inspiration to the rest of us, many of whom are just now waking up from our long slumber of habit, sloth, creature comfort, and multicultural indoctrination imbibed from the education establishment and mainstream media. Today, they and a few others like them have at last forced the issue to the top of our national consciousness, and they are making a profound impact on the national debate. Their stories are useful examples of grassroots activism. Sheehy's book also suggests answers for those of us who have been first baffled, then impatient, and finally outraged and alienated by an administration in Washington that calls on Americans to shed their blood defending borders in Afghanistan and Korea, and attempting to establish national sovereignty in Iraq, while brazenly ignoring its Constitutional obligation to protect us from invasion at home. Sheehy, like other commentators such as Phyllis Schlafly and Jerome Corsi, points to the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership (see as a likely explanation for the Bush administration's foot-dragging on securing our borders. As envisioned in the SPP, a unified North America -- essentially a practical expression of NAFTA -- would subsume the (currently) sovereign nations of Canada, Mexico, and the US into a single entity with no internal borders and a common perimeter. The union, also frequently described as the 'North American Community,' would nominally be economic, permitting the free movement of capital, goods, and people among the three countries. Labor would essentially be treated as just-in-time inventory throughout the three erstwhile 'nations.' But patriotic, commonsensical Americans like Sheehy, who treasure our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, believe economic union would soon morph into political union. If the Bush administration manages to drag its feet long enough on enforcing our immigration laws, the massive invasion of illegals will result in a de facto union. Regional, supranational government has long been the dream of elite leftists and, in an era of so-called free trade, global corporatists, for whom the nation-state is an archaic remnant of the 18th century. Naturally none of the SPP agenda has been debated in Congress, and the mainstream media have, with one or two exceptions, ignored it. Sheehy's book will help force the nation to address it. Buy it, learn what the corporate media won't report, get inspired by the stories of what your fellow Americans have done, and join the battle. Time is running out.