Fighting Instinct

Fighting Instinct

by Mary Calmes


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ISBN-13: 9781632165909
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: 12/08/2014
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 868,134
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.47(d)

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Fighting Instinct 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Debby236 More than 1 year ago
Armon de Soto is an excellent head of security for L’Ange, but he also has a few secrets. He is a shifter and has been working to eliminate a werewolf pack. He also has been slowly stalking the prim and proper overseer, Linus Hobbes. Arman knows Linus will complete him but must convince Linus of that. Linus has his own secrets and when the L’Ange is threatened, Arman realizes he must seek to reveal both their secrets or lose everything. Mary Calmes knows how to grab her readers. Fighting Instinct contains two loveable heroes but each is damaged in their own way. Fulling healing will only happen with the love, understanding and support of the other. Fighting Instinct is engaging with the twists and turns as well as more than a few surprises. When you pick this one up, you are guaranteed to be enthralled.
AGoodell More than 1 year ago
Book 2 in the L’Ange series and should be read/listened to in order This is book two and this story is about different characters we do have crossover and I would recommend doing the books in order. Plus the first one is really good and why would want to miss it? Arman is head of security, a shifter but few people know what kind or even if he really is. Linus is also a shifter and has been running L’Ange while recovering from a horrific ordeal. This one, unlike the first has a darker edge to it, which I enjoyed very much. Arman knows Linus is his mate, but over the last seven years has been slowly getting Linus comfortable around him and people again after what he went through. That alone made me fall a little in love with him. The way Arman, this brut of a man, is so gentle, so protective. Linus knows deep down he wants Arman but also knows he can never be enough for the man, breaking my heart here. Until jealously spurs them into action, I liked how once Linus broke out of his shell he became this force to be reckoned with. How he wanted to stand up not just to the people that did this to him but to his family and friends, good for him. And really liked how we were kept guessing on what type of shifter Arman was, yes I was guessing right along, through book one and two. No I never guessed that. I loved the underlined humor, the sweet nature the undercurrents all made for a wonderful book, can’t wait for three. I also liked that we got once again, what I felt a more adult version of a shifter book. Using different words, phrase, laws and we also got into the back story of how it all came to be, which I found very interesting. Once again, Tristan, did a masterful job capturing all the voices, from the Scottish brogue to posh whine of the Linus family, just amazing. Book 5 narrator 5 overall 5
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Annie and posted at Under The Covers Book Blog Book two in the L’Ange series by Mary Calmes has a bit of a surprise for readers. She mixes things up a little when she pairs Arman de Soto with Linus Hobbes. At first, I wondered what she was thinking going against everything she had built in the first book. However, after the explanation and seeing Arman and Linus together, it makes sense. Arman is a bit of a jerk hero. Well, as much as Calmes can write a jerk hero. There’s something intrinsically charming about all her heroes. But Arman isn’t afraid to toy with Linus, making him jealous, making him want him more. So in a way, it’s a little sweet, constrasting nicely with his romantic hero image he has going on. Arman is a little bit of both: a villion and a hero. Despite how messy the romance starts off as, Calmes infuses the book with her signature charm. A bit of warmth and teasing always makes each book so wonderfully addictive. Paired with the paranormal mystery and Calmes has a delightful read. I’m just hoping that Tucker gets his book next! *ARC provided by publisher