Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing

by Richard G. Hatton
Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing

by Richard G. Hatton

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A complete reference to drawing the figure with over 350 high resolution illustrations.

Includes extensive chapters on facial features and proportions of the face and body. There are also chapters on bone and muscle anatomy important to the artist, including descriptions of how the muscles and bones effect the surface of the figure.

Also included is a section on drawing drapery for classic figure illustration.

Book Chapters include information on:


1. The Study of Form
2. Drawing in Line
3. Drawing by Planes
4. Drawing by Contour
5. Drawing in Thick Lines
6. Drawing based upon Rounded Forms
7. Drawing with Colour
8. Some Hints on Drawing the Figure from the Model
8. The Proportions of the Figure


10. The First Lines of the Front View
11. The Head in Full View; its Chief Lines
12. The Head in Full View; Further Consideration of the General Form
13. The Head in Profile
14. The Head in Three-quarter View
15. The Proportions of the Head
16. The Proportions of the Face
I7. The Form of the Cranium
18. The Bony Structure of the Face
19. The Zygomatic Arch
20. The Influence of the Bones upon the Form of the Head
21. The Muscles of the Face
22. The Eye and its Neighbourhood
23. The Nose
24. The Mouth and Chin
25. The Ear
26. The Wrinkles of the Face
27. Facial Expression
28. The Bones of the Neck
29. The Sterno-cleido-mastoideus
30. The Throat
31. Some Subordinate Muscles of the Neck
32. The Trapezius Muscle
33. Proportions of the Neck and Shoulders to the Head
34. The Form of the Neck
35. The Head and Neck of a Child


36. Chief Characteristics
37. The Bony Mass of the Chestóthe Thorax
38. The Pectoral Muscles
39. The Chest
40. The Breast
41. The Pose based upon the Pelvis
42. The Pelvis
43. The Exteral Oblique and Rectus Abdominis Muscles
44. The Abdomen
45. The Abdomen in Woman
46. The Whole Trunk in Woman. Front View
47. The Whole Trunk in Man. Front View
48. The Vertebral Column
49. The Range of Movement in the Vertebral Column
50. The Erector Spine and Sacro-lumbalis Muscles, and their Effect on the Sacrum
51. The Latissimus Dorsi Muscle
52. The Shoulder-blade and Shoulder
53. Some General Remarks upon the Back
54. The Proportions of the Trunk


55. The First Lines in a Drawing of the Arm
56. The Bones of the Upper Limb
57. The Triceps Muscle
58. The Brachialis Anticus, Coraco-brachialis, and Biceps Cubiti Muscles
59. The Order of Arrangement of the Muscles about the Arm-pit
60. The Muscles of the Fore-arm .,.
61. General Characteristics of the Arm
62. Some further Instances of Form in the Arm
63. Movements of the Wrist and Hand
64. Details of the Form of the Wrist
65. Tendons at the Wrist
66. The Hand
67. The Form of the Fingers
68. The Thumb
69. The Proportions of the Upper Limb
70. The Bones of the Hip and Lower Limb
71. The Muscles of the Lower Limb
72. Remarks upon the Muscles of the Lower Limb
73. The Hip
74. The Thigh
75. The Knee
76. Drawing the Leg
77. The Ankle and Foot
78. General Remarks upon the Lower Limb
79. The Effect of Gravitation on the Flesh
80. Obliquity of Certain Details of Form
81. Pose and Gesture
82. The Gracefulness of Woman
83. The Hair


84. Points and Surfaces of Support
85. The Summits or Cords of the Drapery
86. Various Kinds of Drapery

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