Figuring Shit Out: Love, Laughter, Suicide, and Survival

Figuring Shit Out: Love, Laughter, Suicide, and Survival

by Amy Biancolli


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ISBN-13: 9781933016528
Publisher: Behler Publications, LLC
Publication date: 10/21/2014
Pages: 245
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Amy Biancolli is an author and journalist, who has an arts writer and column for the Albany Times Union. Amy served as film critic for the Houston Chronicle where her reviews, published around the country, won her the 2007 Comment and Criticism Award from the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors Association.

Biancolli is the author of Fritz Kreisler: Love's Sorrow, Love's Joy, House of Holy Fools: A Family Portrait in Six Cracked Parts, which earned her Albany Author of the Year, and the play, Kreisler's Long Sleep, where it had a staged reading at the Capital Repertory Theatre. Amy lives in Albany with her three children.

Table of Contents

. Cops, 1
2. Things I Can’t Say to Your Face, Part I, 5
3. Social Security, 10
4. Improvisation, 13
5. The Hall Pass, 15
6. What I Do When I Do What I Do, 19
7. The Casserole Club Has Now Come to Order, 21
8. Two, Two, Two People at Once, 25
9. And Now, a Few Words about Guilt, 27
10. Holy Shit, 29
11. In Which I Begin to Resemble Alaskan Wildlife, 32
12. The Things I’m Not, 36
13. The Lasts, 40
14. F.S.O., Part I, 43
15. Lost in Space, 46
16. Thanksgiving, 48
17. Not a Sad Tink, 53
18. Smaller, 58
19. Things I Can’t Say to Your Face, Part II, 60
20. In Which I Begin to Regard My Legs Anew, 64
21. The Checkout Line Jollies, Part I, 67
22. We Three Rings, 70
23. Looking for Mr. Manly Pants, Part I, 75
24. F.S.O., Part II, 78
25. Stink and Weeds, 81
26. Ecuador Stories, Part I: Arrival, 84
27. Ecuador Stories, Part II: The Middle, 89
28. Ecuador Stories, Part III: Whitewater, 92
29. Ecuador Stories, Part IV: Shit, 96
30. Ecuador Stories, Part V: Monkeys, More Monkeys, and a Dog, 101
31. I Really Need To Say This Out Loud, 108
32. The Hitchhiker, 111
33. Things I Can’t Say To Your Face, Part III, 118
34. Alone with Electra, 124
35. New Amy Loads the Dishwasher, 129
36. W.G.W., 134
37. Memo to Clooney Redux, 140
38. The Checkout Line Jollies, Part II, 144
39. At Rainbow Narrows, 149
40. Looking for Mr. Manly Pants, Part II, 154
41. Things I Can’t Say to Your Face, Part IV, 160
42. My Homie, Job, 165
43. Unemployment, 171
44. The Wisdom of the Pam, 176
45. Things I Can’t Say to Your Face, Part V, 179
46. Oh My God, 182
47. The Checkout Line Jollies, Part III, 184
48. Belaying and Belayed, 187
49. Isabella, 190
50. Snails, 192

Chris Ringwald Bio, 197
Acknowledgments, 199

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Figuring Shit Out: Love, Laughter, Suicide, and Survival 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In Figuring Sh!t Out, a book about the year following her husband's suicide, Amy Biancolli accomplishes quite an amazing feat. I have never laughed so often or so loudly before while reading a book about something so devastating, but that's the genius of Biancollil's writing. She made me cry plenty, too--don't get me wrong. But in this collection of snapshots of her and her children's lives during that fateful year, laughter reigns. "Maybe" she writes at one point, "laughter is it . . . Maybe laughter is the only bridge we have between the light and the dark, the joy and the pain." Maybe so. It's certainly often been a life raft for me. In any case, Biancolli has done something great here, perhaps showing the way (or A way) to others who may find themselves in similarly dire circumstances, and humbly and humorously contemplating quite a lot of weighty topics that should interest any of us as she does. In telling it like it is and was for her, she doesn't skimp on the swear words, by the way. For me, this is a selling point, and is more than appropriate for the subject matter at hand. If you disagree, the title should be a tip-off and you can't say you weren't warned; but you will miss a very good book if you pass it up!