Filmed By My Best Friend's Dad

Filmed By My Best Friend's Dad

by Audrey Black

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Filmed By My Best Friend's Dad by Audrey Black

This is the sequel to "Tied By My Best Friend's Dad." Spring break is over, and Carly is back in school. She hasn't been able to stop thinking about that fateful weekend with Greg and the things he did to her. She has an overwhelming desire to be tied up by him again. She hunts down a way to contact him, and he agrees to meet with her. Another bondage-filled weekend lies in store...

WARNING: This is a short story of apprx. 7500 words, and it's for adults only! It contains bondage, sex toys, and video cameras, all between a 19-year-old girl and her best friend's kinky dad!


"You have a great butt," he said, still retaining the business-like tone. "Especially in those panties. Keeping your legs together shows it off better."

She blushed again, feeling even more self-conscious. Her panties were definitely wet; she didn't know how obvious her arousal would be and she wondered if he (or the camera) could see it. She was sure they could see her nipples poking hard against their lace-covered prison.

Bound tightly, arms high above her head, belts digging into her legs, he took more photos of her. She wasn't flat against the wall, and she heard the click of the shutter as he circled around her. He did seem to focus a great deal on her backside. After awhile, he spoke up.

"I'm gonna do the video now, okay? Same deal as before."

As before, she struggled to free herself, moaning and squirming. Also as before, the act of struggling got her intensely aroused. A tiny bit of drool had begun to sneak past her bottom lip, threatening to spill over and down the hood. She had no control over anything, utterly defenseless. She squealed and moaned and pretended she really had been taken prisoner, and by the time he proclaimed he was done, her panties were positively saturated.

He let her out of her bonds and said there'd only be one set to go.

"Now," he said, "this is normally the part where I ask models to get fully naked, but the choice is yours. What I'm planning on doing with you is tying you over a table, with your limbs attached to the table legs." He chuckled. "I'm pretty sure you know what I mean. You were watching a video of a young lady in such a position when I walked in on you, if I recall correctly."

She moaned feebly, her heart positively racing at the idea.

"There's also something else I had considered for you...something a little more extreme. But only if you were interested."

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Publisher: Audrey Black
Publication date: 12/18/2012
Series: My Best Friend's Dad , #2
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About the Author

Audrey Black is a kinky young girl who loves to write and is blessed with an overactive sexual imagination. She's decided to finally combine these two passions and take the plunge into the magical world of BDSM Erotic Fiction. She hopes to meet like-minded kinksters who enjoy her twisted fantasies as much as she does.

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