Filthy Habits

Filthy Habits

by Farewell to Freeway


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Filthy Habits

On their third album, Filthy Habits, Farewell to Freeway continue to stampede through emotional peaks and valleys with their mix of metalcore and melodic hardcore. Reminiscent of fellow Ontario natives (and Victory labelmates) Grade, the band weaves melody and menace together in equal parts to create a sound that constantly tries to get its hooks into you, dragging the listener kicking and screaming onto a roller coaster of heavy breakdowns and huge choruses. What's surprising about Farewell to Freeway's approach is how relentless it is. Once the album kicks off, it feels like the band is setting off some kind of chain reaction, with the songs coming fast and furious until the album has run its course. More often than not, this makes for an invigorating listening experience that blasts out of the gate at full gallop, does what it has to do, and gets out quickly before it gets too exhausting. While the band never quite hits the melodic heights that Grade was able to, their constant barrage of soaring highs and crushing lows makes Filthy Habits a kind of cathartic sprint that definitely feels like a fine tribute to their lasting imprint on hardcore, and the perfect album for anyone looking for an outlet to vent any excess energy.

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Release Date: 01/18/2011
Label: Victory Records
UPC: 0746105060821
catalogNumber: 608

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