Final Cut Express for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide

Final Cut Express for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide

by Lisa Brenneis

Paperback(Older Edition)

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780321199126
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Publication date: 03/31/2003
Series: Visual QuickStart Guide Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 584
Product dimensions: 7.02(w) x 8.96(h) x 1.08(d)

Table of Contents

Part IBefore You Begin1
Chapter 1Welcome to Final Cut Express3
Your First Final Cut Express Project: Start to Finish4
Touring Your Desktop Post-Production Facility7
Editing and Effects Windows10
Input and Output Windows18
Customize Your Environment20
Help Resources22
Chapter 2Installing and Setting Up23
System Requirements24
Hardware Selection and Connection26
Installing Final Cut Express32
Using Presets and Preferences36
Using Easy Setups37
Setting Preferences41
Customizing the Timeline Display44
Setting External Editors Preferences45
Setting Scratch Disk Preferences46
Optimizing Performance49
Chapter 3How to Manage an FCE Project53
Anatomy of an FCE Project54
About Projects56
Using the Autosave Vault62
Undoing Changes64
Reconnecting Offline Files65
Deleting Media70
Project Maintenance Tips72
Setting Up for Multiple Projects and Users78
What's a Sequence?81
Changing the Settings of an Existing Sequence85
Viewing and Setting Item Properties87
Working with Multiple Sequences90
Part IIInput99
Chapter 4Capturing Video101
Anatomy of the Capture Window103
Setting Up for Capture108
Entering Information on the Logging Tab110
Capture Clip: Capturing Video with Device Control117
Capture Now: Capturing Video without Device Control120
Capture Project: Batch Recapturing123
Using DV Start/Stop Detection127
Troubleshooting Capture Problems129
Chapter 5Importing Digital Media133
Importing Still Images135
Working with Adobe Photoshop Files137
Importing Audio Files144
Convert Audio to 48 kHz on Import with iTunes146
Importing an iMovie 3 Project148
Part IIIGetting Ready to Edit151
Chapter 6Organize Your Clips in the Browser153
Anatomy of the Browser154
Using the Browser to Organize Your Project157
Working with Bins167
Chapter 7Working with Clips in the Viewer173
Anatomy of the Viewer174
Working with Clips in the Viewer178
Navigating with Timecode187
Working with In and Out Points188
About Subclips190
Using Markers192
Adjusting the Viewer Display197
Viewing Overlays201
Part IVEditing205
Chapter 8Basic Editing207
Basic Editing Overview208
Basic Editing Step-by-Step209
Using FCE's Many Edit Types216
Performing Edits in the Timeline228
Shortcuts for Marking Sequence Edit Points233
Chapter 9Editing in the Timeline and the Canvas237
Anatomy of the Canvas238
Using the Canvas Window243
Anatomy of the Tool Palette246
Anatomy of the Timeline249
Customizing Timeline Display Options255
Navigating in the Timeline260
Working with Timeline Tracks267
Working with Items in the Timeline274
Working with Keyframes in the Timeline294
Searching for Items in the Timeline296
Chapter 10Fine Cut: Trimming Edits299
Types of Trimming Operations300
Selecting an Edit for Trimming302
Anatomy of the Trim Edit Window305
Using the Trim Edit Window308
Trimming Edits in the Timeline313
Trimming Edits in the Viewer321
Correcting Out-of-Sync Clips323
Chapter 11Audio Tools and Techniques325
FCE's Audio Formats327
Anatomy of the Audio Tab332
Using the Viewer's Audio Tab335
Editing Audio in the Timeline340
Recording Audio with the Voice Over Tool342
Finishing Audio349
Adjusting Audio Filters355
Chapter 12Creating Transitions357
Adding Transition Effects358
Working with Default and Favorite Transitions362
Editing Video Transitions366
Part VAdding Titles and Effects375
Chapter 13Compositing and Effects Overview377
Basic Building Blocks of Effects Creation378
Locating and Applying Effects380
Saving Effects Settings as Favorites384
Using Keyframes387
Chapter 14Motion391
Setting motion properties392
Using Wireframes395
Using Motion Properties to Change a Clip's Appearance397
Animating Clip Motion with Keyframes411
Creating Motion Paths417
Editing a Motion Path421
Chapter 15Filters and Compositing427
Using Color Correction Filters432
Using Alpha Channels439
Working with Mattes441
Chapter 16Titles and Generators445
Generating Text448
The Wonders of Outline Text453
Using Animated Text Generators455
Part VIFinishing463
Chapter 17Rendering465
Rendering Protocols466
Batch Rendering470
About Real-Time Effects474
Rendering Real-Time Effects476
Managing Render Files478
Rendering Strategies480
Reducing Rendering Time483
Preserving Render Files484
Chapter 18Creating Final Output489
Using Tape Output Modes490
Recording Timeline Playback493
Printing to Video495
Exporting Sequences and Clips500
Exporting Other QuickTime Formats507
Appendix AOnline Resources515
Apple Computer Links515
Online Users Forums516
FCP User Groups518
Appendix BKeyboard Shortcuts519
General controls519
To open application windows520
Select, cut, copy, and paste521
Finding items522
Screen layout and display523
Projects and sequences523
Logging and capturing524
Playing video525
In and Out points525
Tool selection526
Compositing and special effects529
Quick navigation keys and modifiers530

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