Finance 101

Finance 101

by WAGmob

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Finance 101 by WAGmob

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This ebook provides a quick summary of essential concepts in Finance by following snack sized chapters:

� Introduction
� Why Study Finance?
� Functions of a Financial System
� The Four Basic Areas of Finance
� Corporate Finance
� Investments
� Levels of Finance
� And many more...

Corporation and Corporate Finance:
� Corporation
� Types of Corporations
� Characteristics of Corporations
� Sources of Stockholder�s Equity
� Corporate Finance
� And many more...

Financial Planning:
� Financial Planning
� Types of Financial Planning
� Short-Term Financial Planning
� Long-Term Financing
� Sources of Long-Term Financing
� Role of Financial Planning
� Financial Planning Model Ingredients

Financial Statement:
� Financial Statement
� The Four Financial Statements
� Standardized Financial Statements
� The Balance Sheet
� Sample Balance Sheet
� Income Statement
� Sample Income Statement
� And many more...

Time Value of Money:
� The Time Value of Money
� Basic Definitions
� Future Value
� Compounding
� Continuous Compounding
� Present Value
� Present Values with Continuous Compounding
� Net Present Value of the Money
� Annuity
� And many more...

Stocks and Bonds:
� Stock and Bonds
� Stocks
� Stock Terms
� Accounting for Stocks
� Dividends
� Accounting for Dividends
� Treasury Stock
� Bonds
� Bond Terminology
� Types of Bonds

Debentures and Dividends:
� Debentures
� Attributes of Debentures
� Difference between bonds and debentures
� Dividends
� Dividend Policy
� Types of Dividend Policy
� Dividend Policy and Stock Value
� The Different Types of Dividends

Risk and Return:
� What is a Risk?
� Risk: Systematic and Unsystematic
� Systematic Risk and Betas
� Diversifiable Risk
� Total Risk
� Risk Tolerance
� Risk and Return
� And many more

Capital Structure and Budgeting:
� Value of a Firm
� Capital Structure
� Capital Structure Theory
� MM Theory
� Trade-off Theory
� Signaling Theory
� Capital Structure Theory under Three Special Cases
� Bankruptcy Costs
� Why Cost of Capital is Important
� Capital Budgeting
� Basic Features of Capital Budgeting
� Capital Budgeting Decision Involves Three Steps
� Capital Budgeting Process
� Capital Budgeting Tools
� And many more...

Financial Ratio:
� Financial Ratios
� Liquidity Ratios
� Financial Leverage Ratios
� Operational Ratios
� Profitability Ratios
� Investment Ratios
� Dividend Policy Ratios
� Activity Analysis Ratios

Financial Information and Statistics:
� International Financial Statistics

The Treasury and the Federal Reserve:
� The Treasury and the Federal Reserve
� The Department of the Treasury
� The Federal Reserve
� Working Together

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