Finding Alexei

Finding Alexei

by Kendall Ryan


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ISBN-13: 9781732191150
Publisher: Bookcase Literary Agency
Publication date: 01/07/2019
Pages: 258
Sales rank: 71,903
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.58(d)

About the Author

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 2 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world. Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than three dozen times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine. She lives in Texas with her husband and two sons.

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Finding Alexei 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 34 reviews.
Anonymous 9 days ago
I love Kendall Ryan's books, but I am getting sick and damned tired of paying for a novel and getting a short story. It's not just her, either. Right now, I feel like a loyal reader being taken advantage of. The B&N website says 256 pages. Why? Did they get edited out? So frustrated right now...
Anonymous 11 days ago
JWright57 12 days ago
He’s bossy, moody, and overprotective and he was just what I needed to get me out a book slump. If you have read Dear Jane you would have already met Alex but that doesn’t mean you need to read that book to enjoy and quite possibly fall in love with Finding Alexei because this book is everything I have come to expect from the very talented Kendall Ryan and so much more. Alex Ivan is one of the hottest players in the NFL, he is at the top of his game as a linebacker for the Chicago Hawkes . Alex may be a force to be reckoned with on the field but he also has a heart of gold and when he sees a young woman outside a seedy topless bar being hassled he doesn’t think twice about going to her rescue...... Ryleigh is down on her luck she is trying to support herself and care for her ex-roommates 3 month old daughter who was abandoned when the roommate left town, but that doesn’t mean she needs a Knight in shinning Amour coming to her rescue she doesn’t accept help easily but will the big man with a heart of gold wear her down....... I loved Alex and Ryleigh’s journey, it’s a fun, sweet steamy read that’s low on angst and high on melt your heart moments. I laughed and I swooned as Alex took it upon himself to help out with baby Ella and I loved catching up with the gang from previous books about the Chicago Hawkes, if you love sports romance that’s low on angst then this is a must read and I will certainly be recommending it to who ever will listen to me.... looking forward to more from the NFL and Kendall Ryan.
Becca_Zs 13 days ago
Well, this book was a total joy! I really, really do love everything Kendall Ryan writes, but I think I just have a new favorite book from her, and it’s called Finding Alexei. This book has everything I love about a romantic story – it’s full of hearts, it’s also emotional and the sexy time is totally off-the-charts! The chemistry between the characters is something else. They’re just so perfect together! Alexei is every girl’s dream. This big, cuddly sport man is a real thief, he will stole readers’ hearts all over the place. And Ryleigh is his perfect match, she’s such a sweetheart! Together, they are everything. Finding Alexei is the perfect romance novel!
TBR_Book_Blog 9 days ago
Oh how did I love Alexei?! Typically you think of the sports star as too cocky, overly confident and just not an attractive personality. Alexei is all that - sort of. He's cocky and confident, but in a way that's hot. And let's just say that I was a bigger fan of him than Ryleigh. This was a real story. It was a story that I could actually imagine happening and not finding it more of a fantasy. Plus in this book, there are some of other favorite Kendall Ryan characters. Not saying who, just some make some guest appearances. Definitely a book to read again - Alexei is just way too dang swoony!
BookAngel_Emma 11 days ago
There are some very serious health concerns when reading Finding Alexei, so prepare yourself for some seriously combustible moments and imminent ovary explosion Alexei is the real deal, super hot and a heart of gold. Ryleigh is strong and independent and knows how to take care of herself which is a good thing because she doesn’t have a single soul in the world to help her. Working at a topless bar to make ends meet, Ryleigh doesn’t ler her life get her down even though life keeps throwing problems at her. Like heating, rent and not to mention being left with a friends baby to take care of. Now most people would have turned that little baby over to the authorities, but not Ryleigh, that girl steps up and goes the extra mile. Alexei is drawn to Ryleigh after attending a bachelor party at the bar she works at – all his protective instincts and alpha tendencies come out to play with the mere presence of Ryleigh. Alexei dons his knight in shining armor persona to help Ryleigh navigate her way with the baby and the other struggles she is currently facing. Give this man’s mamma a medal ‘cos she done raised him right Even though the feelings between Ryleigh and Alexei are the real deal, Ryleigh can’t help but worry about the differences in their lifestyles and the inequality in their economic status. Although I could understand her concerns, it is obvious that she isn’t the type of person to take advantage and Alexei is very aware of that fact. Despite a few hiccups along the way, Alexei and Ryleigh navigate a fairly clear path to finding their HEA with a little help from friends and family. Let me just warn you, there is a possibility you may need tissues at one point in the story especially if you are a parent – just saying
Arys 12 days ago
Finding Alexei by Kendall Ryan is a sweet contemporary romance that I enjoyed reading. Alexei Ivan is a pro-football player and a knight in shining armor, especially to Ryleigh who is in need of rescuing. After saving Ryleigh from a creep outside her work, Alexei can't help but want to help and be there for Ryleigh and her baby, Ella. This story is filled with so many sweet moments between Alexei and Ryleigh, and seeing Alexei be great with Ella really makes this book irresistible. The speed of this read in no way diminished it's complexity and I enjoyed how connected the characters become. These characters have a lot riding on things working out, but it quickly becomes more than that and the ability of Ms. Ryan to navigate this dynamic continues to impress. I very much enjoyed and recommend. (I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book I received for free in exchange for my open and honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.)
Anonymous 12 days ago
Good story. Usually love the authors writing, but this was so short. Only 128 pages, which was all intro, table of contents and book list and then story. Was disappointed to spend $4.00 for 100 pages. Soured me.
CrystalsBookWorld 12 days ago
Alexei is my new main squeeze this holiday season! I adored him from the beginning down to the end! I did not want their story to end and I would not mind a Novella just to revisit Alex & Ryleigh. Ella clinched my heart and Alexei (as Ryleigh would have put it) made my ovaries explode with her! Finding Alexei was written to perfection by Kendall Ryan. I could not stop reading it and finished in one setting. The smile I had would not go away. The harder Ryleigh pushed, the more determined Alexei became. Ella's story was heartbreaking even if she was only 2 months old. I had to shed a few tears on that part. Ryleigh stepped up and took care of that sweet precious baby. What made me more giddy was seeing Alex protect his girls. They knocked him off his feet before he was able to take his next breath. Ladies and Gents, this book will definitely become you next favorite!
Khrista1029 12 days ago
Loved Finding Alexei!! It's a sweet, sexy, easy read. Alex Ivan is a linebacker for the Chicago Hawks, just signed a fat contract all he needs to do is keep his nose clean. Focus on the game was the advice of his agent. A chance meeting with a beautiful woman changes everything. Ryleigh is a waitress at a topless bar\restaurant. She is alone in the world and has recently come on hard times. Her roommate took off a couple days ago and left her two month old daughter behind. Being hassled by some creep outside of work is just the icing on the cake. The last thing she expects is a tall handsome stranger to come to her rescue. Offering to help a woman in distress is really no big deal but the more Alexei finds out about Ryleigh the more he is drawn to her.
S_Lewis_TMLA 13 days ago
You guys....I swear Kendall gets better with each book that releases! I always think she can't top this one or that one and then BAM, she does! I loved Alexei and Ry! There chemistry is off the charts and this book will have you feeling all the feels! Catching up with the previous characters in this one was a sweet bonus. Another read from this phenomenal author you aren't going to want to miss.
RandysGal69 13 days ago
Get ready to have your heart swooning while reading this book. Author Kendall Ryan brings us Ryleigh & Alex who are one couple you wouldn't think would be together under the circumstances that fall their way. I really enjoyed the spin on this story of the Sexy Alpha Football player Alex surprising us with a delightful and heart grabbing actions that had me loving more and more with each chapter I read. This book is a perfect read to enjoy during the NFL season. It has football, love, steamy & sexy times & a great romance that will give you baby fever & more. Very good characters & well developed story line that will keep you entertained. Go grab this book!
Katiekoz 13 days ago
I enjoyed Finding Alexei. It was a fast paced read with a lot happening right away. I liked the storyline and how different it was, it made it interesting. Alexei is a very caring guy. He's really sweet to Ryleigh and is so cute with Ella; he really is a baby-whisperer. Ryleigh has a good head on her shoulders and is a strong, determined girl. She works hard for what she has and doesn't want to just take from others and I respect that. Even though their relationship develops really fast you can tell they really care for each other and make each other happy. I liked the other couples mentioned throughout the book and their updates on life, that made me happy.
bbarneybooks28 13 days ago
I can always rely on Kendall Ryan to bring the sweet and the swoon in her romances, and since I’ve been reading quite a few dark romances lately, it was a much needed break to delve into Finding Alexei and be swept up in this feel good/warm your heart story, where the hero and heroine find themselves in a unique situation, building a connection that feels so right despite their differing lives. And even though their bond seems too good to be true due to extenuating circumstances, I don’t think either of them would mind if the little makeshift family they created becomes their indefinite reality. Ryan’s heroine, Ryleigh, is an independent woman who doesn’t mind working hard and taking care of herself; in fact, she prefers it that way, and even though she’s in a bit of a complicated situation - one not of her own doing or choosing - she’s determined to make it on her own, even if it’s clear that, that might need the best option. Ryleigh’s not one to use someone else, so while she allows a handsome stranger to come to her aid when she truly has not other choice, she won’t abuse his kindness, even if Alexei Ivan wants her to because he’s drawn to Ryleigh in a way that deserves exploration. Alexei never seemed like the stereotypical rich professional athlete. He’s made mistakes and he owns up to them. He’s definitely an alpha male whose presence commands his audience, but there is a softer side of him, a kind-hearted side that comes out with Ryleigh and Ella. He sees them as his and he becomes highly protective of them because he doesn’t want them hurt, but in a situation like theirs, it’s almost impossible to shelter them from everything, and it’s that idea that makes Alexei feel inferior at times. Ryan does a good job of developing Ryleigh and Alexei’s connection and feelings for each other as the story progresses. Both of them have their reasons as to why they should hold the other at an arm’s length, but their attraction to one another was never based on looks alone, so despite the difficulties they may encounter along the way, they owe it to themselves to find out if what they feel is real and lasting. Finding Alexei has a unique and intriguing plot line that illustrates the importance of kindness regardless of the situation. Alexei stepped up numerous times for someone who was a complete stranger to him, and he did it time and time again, not only because he felt an undeniable connection to Ryleigh but because he knew she needed help and he had the means to make her life a little bit easier. I don’t think either of them expected them to fit so well together despite their differing worlds and lifestyles but that didn’t stop Alexei from barging into Ryleigh’s life and staying there in order to not only help her but because he needed her as well. 4 Poison Apples
Aylewysis 13 days ago
Kendall Ryan does it again. Another great book! Alexei and Ryleigh are such an interesting combo. Alexei just happens to be in the right place at the right time to find Ryleigh. But, surprise, Ryleigh is not alone. She has her ex-roommate’s two month old baby girl as well, and she is fairly clueless when it comes to babies. Good thing Alexei is the baby-whisperer. I loved Ryleigh’s independence and Alexei’s generosity. These two just clicked together. Even though there are cross-over characters from other books, this is a standalone. But I’m looking forward to whatever story Ms. Ryan comes up with next!
MaryJoMI 13 days ago
What a perfect match. Alexei has a heart of gold and when he sees Ryleigh in a difficult situation, he steps in to assist. What he doesn’t expect is to become a savior for her and little Ella. Ryleigh is struggling to make ends meet when her roommate leaves her a baby to take care of too. Meeting Alexei is a blessing but something she struggles to accept, having always taken care of herself. Admitting she needs help is difficult for Ryleigh but taking on a baby that isn’t hers matches Alexei’s desire to help someone in need. The chemistry between them is fun and engaging. Baby Ella is a wonderful twist that provides many swoon-worthy moments as Alexei shows his softer side. A perfectly enjoyable escape. I voluntarily read an ARC of this book and this is my honest review.
KDRBCK 13 days ago
Finding Alexei by Kendall Ryan is a full length, standalone novel, a wonderful read with characters I easily could connect with. Alexei Ivan is a football pro athlete, a bossy alpha with a big, big heart. Ryleigh is a young woman, independent and strong. She works odd jobs to make ends meet, cares deeply for the baby that was left for her to care for. Finding Alexei is a beautiful read, simply as that. It's nothing like I expected and more than I could have asket fro at the same time. The characters are good people, they're perfedtly imperfect and that's very charming. I loved the storyline and the excellent writing. Finding Alexei is kind of a slow burn and that fits the story perfectly. I loved meeting characters from previous books, Keaton and Slate from Love Machine; Cam and Natalie from Flirting with Forever and Weston and Jane from Dear Jane. I recommend the book and give 5 stars.
slarson0625 13 days ago
I absolutely love everything that Kendall Ryan writes. She writes the most swoon worthy male characters. We first met Alexei in Dear Jane and I was so excited that he got his own book. Alexei is a famous linebacker for the Chicago Hawks and really needs to focus on his game but when he see a pretty young girl who seems to be struggling he can't help wanting to make sure she is OK. Ryleigh is a young woman struggling to make ends meet and then her roommate leaves her a baby to take care of. She really hates accepting help from other people but she does agree to let Alexei help. I love how Alexei instantly fell in love with Ella and did everything he could to make sure she was well cared for. What will happen when these two spend more time together. Will they be able to keep denying their feelings for each other or will they give a relationship a try? I love the connection between Alexei and Ryleigh. I loved how deeply they loved Ella even though she wasn't biologically theirs. The secondary characters added lots of depth to the storyline. I can't wait to see what Kendall is working on next!
MelB_BookedAllNight 13 days ago
I had grabby hands for this book the moment Kendall Ryan announced it. I mean, a football romance AND a baby? Yep, sign me up please. This book was a quick read that was sweet while having a healthy dose of heat in it, too. Alexei and Ryleigh meet in a most unconventional way-but it works. It works because it shows the character of these two right off the bat. They're both strong and stubborn. I liked watching Alexei show Ryleigh she could count on him and still be independent at the same time. He won me over from the start so I championed him winning her, too. There is a sweetness to this story, but like I said there is definitely heat. You can feel the attraction between these two characters right away and I definitely believed in it. I liked that there was a bit of hesitance on Ryleigh's part, that she didn't just immediately fall at Alexei's feet. I also love that she wasn't impressed with his fame whatsoever. The connection between them was strong and I loved watching them explore it. This was a quick read for me and the plot moved well. The writing was well done as always and the story just flowed along the pages. I'll say that this epilogue was one of my favorites as well. I enjoyed this title and would absolutely recommend it.
Kelly_BTCBlog 13 days ago
Finding Alexei has shot straight to the top on my list of favorite books by Kendall Ryan! Sexy and completely swoony football star? Check. Furiously independent and headstrong woman with a heart of gold? Check. A well-penned love story line that exudes sexual tension, undeniable chemistry, and a relationship founded on unconventional circumstances? Double check. It is books exactly like Finding Alexei that I love the most. It’s not just the romance aspect – although this book has plenty of fire – nor is it the compelling story line that hooks me. It’s the display of compassion and selflessness by one human being to another that truly warms my heart and bleeds into my soul. It’s how a person helps out another in a desperate time of need that illustrates there are still good people in this world. This book isn’t your conventional ‘damsel in distress’ romance. Quite the opposite, actually. It’s a type of story that blends together two people who, although living in completely different worlds, rely on and support each other no matter the obstacles or backgrounds. It’s a story that shows how a random act of kindness can change more than one life, and that love can overcome anything. By far and away, a definite must-read! 5 Stars!
Teewee125 13 days ago
Kendall Ryan scores a touchdown with this one. Hot, muscular, gorgeous athlete has a soft side too. When he sees Ryleigh outside of the topless bar something stops him from passing her by and not getting involved. His mom would have been disappointed in him if he left her to deal with the guy that was talking to her. He drove her home after stopping at a store to pick up formula and diapers for Ella. From this first day he was hooked. He helped her take care of Ella, even gave them a place to stay. Ryleigh was unlike any woman he met. She was not a gold digger, only interested in him because of his fame, in fact she didn't even know who he was or what he did for a living. She knew he had money when he took her home to his apartment and she felt odd and out of place. She never wanted to take advantage of him for his generosity, she wanted to prove to herself she was strong and could do it on her own. Alexei never felt like she was using him, he helped her because he felt it was the right thing to do. I love how Kendall brought these characters together and developed their relationship. Yes there was an attraction but she showed there was more to them. There was another side to him than the athlete. The way he was brought up, and the relationship he had with his sisters and their children was so endearing and special. It was instant that he showed Ryleigh how to care for Ella. It was like he was born to take care of children afterall, he did have tons of practice with his nieces and nephews. He treated Ryleigh and Ella like they were his own. It allowed her to adjust to taking care of Ella. Having someone to share the responsibility with and never feel like she was a burden to him. Such an enjoyable loving story.
BookAddictLive 13 days ago
Wow I really loved this book, especially Alexei he was a lovely guy that I kept wanting to grap him and hug him to my heaving breasts. Sorry about that I am getting carried away. When he helps Ryleigh out of a terrible situation, and the way he is with Ella was so beautiful. That’s get back to the story, Alexei takes in Ryleigh who has been left with her roommate’s baby. The only thing is Ryleigh has no clue about taking care of babies, and much to her surprise a big bad football player is wonderful with babies. On top of that he can cook and is loyal.Lets face it what more do you want. This is funny, heartbreaking and a story of love, and great to catch up with Jane and Westin. I think this is one of my favourites. Kendall Ryan has written a wonderful entertaining story and I loved it, Alexei was just so lovable I am so hooked
JennaStrick 13 days ago
Well Finding Alexei is a super sweet, romantic story. Alexei and Ryleigh meet in a very unconventional way, but their chemistry was spot on from the very beginning. Alexei is very swoony and the total package. I enjoyed the storyline and the characters very much!
LynnB888 13 days ago
Red hot attraction meets ovary melting cuteness! Fast paced, steamy and oh so fun! The story line could obviously have been developed further into their pasts and a longer relationship development, but the book was one you could pick up and easily read in one sitting and leave with a smile on your face. Football star Alex Ivan has the world at his feet ... if only he can stay out of trouble! The last thing he expects the night he stops when he sees some sleazeball bothering a woman is to find what he never even knew he was looking for! Ryleigh is in over her head and has no clue how to swim out of the mess she's currently in! When the stranger who offers her a ride home turns out to be a big shot football playerer, she's not sure what to make of it. She's fiercely independent and doesn't want to take a handout, but her roommate just dumped her baby on her, and she has no clue what she's doing ... lucky for her, Alexei seems to be the baby whisperer!
caroldh4 13 days ago
Finding Alexei is by Kendall Ryan. All I had to do is look at this cover and know that I wanted to read this book! I mean, just gaze at that! If you read Dear Jane, you may have previously met Alex. I didn’t read it and it was still perfectly fine. Ryleigh is barely scraping by as it is. She lives in a tiny apartment in a terrible neighborhood. She works at a topless bar. She keeps telling herself that she is a waitress, not a stripper. The tips are good. But it’s only with sharing the rent with her room mate that she is able to get by. Except her room mate ran off. Then, when she came back, she had a two month old baby. Then she took off again, leaving the baby behind. It’s with all of this on her shoulders on the night when she first met Alexei. She could have handled the situation. But he stepped in and helped her out. She had never laid eyes on him before. She didn’t know he was a football player. He could have been a murderer for all she knew. But somehow she knew that she could trust him. She and baby Elle needed someone that night and he was there. What she didn’t know was that meeting Alexei that night was going to forever change her life. Alexei has been told by his manager to stay out of trouble. He just signed a new contract with the Chicago Hawks. He had just left a meeting when he first saw Ryleigh outside of the bar where she worked. Someone was hassling her and he stepped in. She was beautiful and stubborn and didn’t want his help which made him all the more determined to help her. Only he realized soon enough that there was a lot more going on than just her own needs. There was a baby as well. She clearly was not completely comfortable with the baby. He, with all of his sisters kids, had plenty of experience with babies. “How does this woman I barely know own me already?” “I wonder if she feels the same way I do. Does she feel this thing between us? The force field of chemistry zapping around us is intense. It makes me wonder if this could be something real, and not just something physical.” Ryleigh feels a little bit like the star of the movie, Pretty Woman. Alexei is clearly rich and can have anyone he wants. She’s a waitress with a baby that isn’t hers. But try as she might, she can’t seem to separate herself from him. “He’s like a freaking baby-whisperer.” “What am I going to do when it’s time to leave this fairy tale and return to the real world?” “He calms me…centers me, even. He makes me think that maybe, just maybe I can do this.” This was so adorable. Ryleigh was nothing like the clingers that usually chase professional athletes. She didn’t want his money. But she needed his help. It all happens pretty fast but feelings develop. Alexei doesn’t like being apart from Ryleigh and Ella and Ryleigh doesn’t want to burden Alexei. These two were just so perfect together and Alexei with a baby melted me into a puddle of goo. I mean, a huge football player snuggling a tiny little baby girl. “swoon” This is a quick read with an awesome epilogue. You will definitely walk away from this with a big smile. I’m so glad I had the chance to read it.