Finding God In Science: The Extraordinary Evidence For The Soul And Christianity, A Rocket Scientist's Gripping Odyssey

Finding God In Science: The Extraordinary Evidence For The Soul And Christianity, A Rocket Scientist's Gripping Odyssey

by Michael O'Connell

Paperback(First Print ed.)

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Finding God in Science A NASA rocket scientist uses quantum physics to find God in science. Finding God in Science recounts the compelling peaks and valleys of one rocket scientist’s career and his quest to know the Creator of the universe in the face of postmodern thought and atheistic claims. Finding God in Science is like A Brief History Of Time meets The Greatest Story Ever Told revealing the consistency of the Bible and science in plain language, with 76 vivid color images.

This is the first book to demonstrate that Jesus Christ’s earthly message and mission parallel the natural laws of the universe, revealing a Divine premeditation. Finding God in Science even sheds new light on the mystery of why Christ had to die to save us from our sins, and why we have to die to finally realize eternal life. The scientific implications in Finding God in Science illustrate the nature of truth, what it means to really know God and communicate with Him, the indwelling of the Spirit, and how Jesus Christ could be both God and man. And they back the security of our salvation. As incredible as it may sound, these claims are based on quantum mechanics, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and non locality (Einstein’s spooky action at a distance), which have a deep and unexpected relevance to Christianity. In fact, the principles of quantum entanglement, and the teleportation of information, appear to form the physical basis of human consciousness and the core tenets of Christianity. The gospel is presented in a new language that has a direct correspondence with the most fundamental principles of physics.

Finding God in Science will challenge your thinking, touch your soul and deepen your faith.

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ISBN-13: 9780997369021
Publisher: Eigen Publishing
Publication date: 10/12/2018
Edition description: First Print ed.
Pages: 290
Sales rank: 828,867
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.79(d)

Table of Contents

CONTENTS Author's Preface: Why Finding God?

Why Should I Care About Science?

Technology and A Young Engineer

The New Secularism

An Unprecedented Clash of Ideas

An Unnecessary Separation

Informed Interpretation

Galileo's Tale of Woe

The Glory in the Heavens

Hubble, Stars, Black Holes and A Bit of Me

Alien Planets Sighted

The Goldilocks Planet

Genesis 1 and Cosmology

Hot Worlds

Home Sweet Home

The Bible and Life Science

Noah's Flood, Ribs and Dinosaurs

Design Is Real

Planetary Evolution

To the Moon and Mars

Our Unique Moon

The Red Planet

The Unforgiving Enterprise of Space

On Mars!

Terrors and Great Signs

A Seasoned Aerospace Engineer

Asteroids, Comets and Prophecy

A Beginning And An End of All Things

The Singularity

The Early Universe

The Accelerating Universe

The Bible Is Unique

Superstructure of the Universe

Special Relativity and Time Dilation

General Relativity and Gravity

Quantum Mechanics

The Quantum Atom

Electricity and Chemistry

Quantum Inscrutability

Divine Implications of Uncertainty

The Problem of Evil

A Limit On Knowledge

The Everyday World

Miracles and Uncertainty

God's Solution To Evil

A World of Possibility

Describing Possibilities

Paradigm Ajar In Japan

One Universe, or Many Universes?

The Measure of Reality

Encountering Consciousness

Engineering Observations

The Basis Of Mentality

Ubiquitous Quantum Measurements

Two Slits and A Screen

The Super Observer

Measuring For God

Einstein's Spooky Action at a Distance: The God Effect

Entanglement, A Mysterious Linkage

God and Entanglement

Entangled In Salvation

Why Don't We See Entanglement?

Quantum Decoherence In France

Computers and Quantum Computers

The Universal Quantum Computer

Entanglement and Consciousness

Consciousness and Quantum Computing

The Quantum Mind

Conscience and The Will

The Equivalence of Observers

Shared Knowledge

A Personal God and The Soul

Entanglement and Life?

The God Who Is There

Teleportation and Christ's Mission

Teleportation and The Bible

How Teleportation Works

The Divine Quantum Analogy

Christ Is The Way

What Seals Believers?

Entanglement with Christ Changes Us

Doubts Are Natural

Finding God In Science; QED

Appendix A: Correlating the Bible with Science

Appendix B: Glossary of Terms

Appendix C: Citations and Bibliography

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