Finding Grace in Life and Death: A Book For The Grieving Parent

Finding Grace in Life and Death: A Book For The Grieving Parent

by Heather Browning


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A Book For The Grieving Parent. If God is real, why did He allow this to happen? Is my child really in heaven? Is there a right way to grieve? These answers and many more are found throughout this book. Any parent who has lost a child or is losing a child can find healing through the inspirational true story of the tragedy and faith in the words of a grieving mother. Written in first-person format, the author and grieving mother, Heather Browning, inspires us to place blame where blame is due and to find true healing that she's certain only comes through One Source. Chapter Titles Include: "Faith", "There's Always Ketchup," "The Balancing Act," "In Everything Give Thanks," "Living While Watching Her Die," "The Clothes She Never Wore," "Dear, Grieving Mother," "Love, From Heaven," "Understanding A Grieving Father," "Understanding A Grieving Mother," "The Grieving Child," "Let The Healing Begin," "Finding Grace In Life And Death"

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ISBN-13: 9780692834497
Publisher: Amazing Grace Is My Story
Publication date: 01/21/2017
Pages: 162
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.37(d)

About the Author

Heather was born in Louisville, KY in 1976, and though she lived many of her childhood years in the Charlotte, NC area, she currently lives on a small farm in Southern, Indiana. She carries a rich southern accent from her years spent in the Carolinas. A Christian wife of twenty years and mother of six living children, she has suffered great child loss with six miscarriages along with the loss of her daughter, Grace, in 2013. She was also the caregiver to her late mother who died of Breast cancer in 2007. She and her mother, Karen, were very close. She says, "I'm no stranger to grief and I refuse to let it rob me of living!" She's a vocalist who loves to sing and play bluegrass instruments. She works part time as a wellness coach but spends most of her time home schooling four children. She enjoys cooking and baking and plans to publish a recipe book "someday," however, she's currently working on three other books. One is expected to be released the summer of 2017, "My Critically ILL Child." Heather's youngest son has a mountain of special needs including epilepsy, heart disease, and Downs Syndrome. Her book will share her coping mechanisms along with the hope she has for her son to be healed! The two other books will be released on the same day sometime in 2017. They are books written for children dealing with grief. The illustrations will be done by five of Heather's six children ranging in ages from 8-18. Each book will target a different age group and display rich faith. Heather displays strong faith in her writings. Her first book, "Finding Grace In Life And Death," was released in January of 2017. She believes she has found her calling (gift) of teaching through her writings but also plans to return to public speaking in the spring of 2017. Though she enjoys writing, she says it's not a hobby but rather a calling. She believes that the four books she will publish this year is just the beginning to her writing career.

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