Finding Grace When You Can't Even Find Clean Underwear: 23 Questions to Help You Discover the Meaning of Life and Why Other People Are So Bloody Annoying

Finding Grace When You Can't Even Find Clean Underwear: 23 Questions to Help You Discover the Meaning of Life and Why Other People Are So Bloody Annoying

by Lisa Earle McLeod


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ISBN-13: 9780977808632
Publisher: Jefferson Press, LLC
Publication date: 04/01/2007
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 5.50(h) x 0.72(d)

About the Author

Lisa Earle McLeod is a syndicated newspaper columnist and national speaker who is known for her humorous insight into daily life issues. She is the author of several books, including Forget Perfect. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Table of Contents

Prologue     XV
Why Are Other People So Fascinating & So Annoying?     1
Nicotine Nirvana: Welcome to the Smoking State     1
The Six Friends Nobody Needs     4
Your Trash Talk is our Wicked Pleasure     6
What's Wrong with These People?     9
What is the Meaning of Life & Where Did I Leave My Keys?     13
All Stressed Up and No Place to Go     13
Work-Life Balance is a Crock     16
The Meaning of Life in Two Words     18
Why Do Men Resist Change & Why Do Women Bother to Try?     21
Take a Wife and Call Me in the Morning     21
Wine, Roses, Mittens: It Must Be Love     23
Why Must I Always Be Grateful?     25
The Secret Angst of Men, Imposters Within     28
Can You Become CEO by Standing Next to the Water Cooler?     31
Chumps or Chimps: Monkeys in the Middle of Management     31
Power Lunching 101: A High Stakes Test of Humanity     34
Are Friends Vital to Your Paycheck?     37
How Did My Woo-Woo Get So Out of Wack?     41
Leftover Pizza Boxes, Hold the Chi     41
Leaping Through Life Turns You into a Toad     43
Put Down the Pledge and Slowly Back Away from the Coffee Table     46
Hey Buddy Can You Spare Some Jing?     49
Why Isn't Marriage as Exciting as Dating?     53
Sex, Stress, and Cellulite: A Recipe for Love     53
Kleenex or Court Costs?     56
The Truth About Weddings-For Better Or Worse     58
Multi-Tasking Your Way to an Affair     61
"You Complete Me," and Other Lies I Believed About Love     64
Does the Buddha Need Botox?     69
Fading Reflections of a Has-Been Hottie     69
Where Have All the Dumb Girls Gone?     71
Is Fat the New Thin?     74
Nobody Feels Beautiful While She's Getting a Boob Job     77
What if Peace was Sexy?     81
First Class Baby from Dayton     81
Strong Words from the Mouth of a Babe     83
It's Kumbaya Week at West Point     86
The Hero Conspiracy Against Men     89
How Much Guilt Can You Fit into a Briefcase?     93
Faux Housewives Found Guilty as Charged     93
Your Inner Ten-Year-Old: Career Coach to the Stars     95
Do As I Say Not As I Feel     98
Can You Blackberry Your Way to Happiness?     103
Rat Racers, Back Away From the Starting Line     103
Honey We Can All Hear You Now     105
Naked on the Net-It's a Good Thing     108
Who Are These Weirdos in my House?     110
Are Stretch Marks the Badge of Personal Growth?     115
Where Have All the Young Moms Gone     115
The Perfect Bump     117
Can You Change a Person by Honking?     121
Judging the Action-Packed Game of Parenting     121
Honk if I'm an Idiot!     124
Circle of Dumping: The Golden Rule in Reverse     126
Can Sponge Bob Get You into Mensa?     131
Sponge Bob, Monet, and PTA     131
Fatty, Fatty Two-By-Four Coming Through the Lunchroom Door     134
The Cinderella Syndrome is Plagued with Flakey Glitter     136
Putting "What" Before "Who" is a Backwards Approach     139
Mom's on Auto Pilot, Look Out     141
Why isn't Poccahontas President of the United States?     145
Does Your Mamma Know You're Acting Like That?     145
Gaggle of Grandma's in the Galley     148
Is a Sliver of the Pie Too Much to Ask For?     150
Second-Guessing the Other Guy's Values is a Cheap Way Out     153
Are Corporate Witches Getting a Bum Rap?     157
Riding High on a Pink Broomstick      157
Casualties of the Mommy Wars     160
Is Your Ratty Bathrobe the New Power Suit?     162
Is Your Brain Ruining Your Life?     167
Looking for a Common Denominator?     167
Making Your Marriage Miserable in Your Mind? Maybe     169
Half-Brained Workers Have a Competitive Advantage     172
Why Does Mom Always Hold the Barf Bucket?     175
Are Girlfriends the Mojo of Marriage?     175
A Tale of Two Vacations     178
Does Santa-Claus Get Anxiety Attacks?     181
Thanks for the Misery     181
Sloppy Entertaining: The Latest Rage in Holiday Parties     183
Making Holiday Magic Happen Causes Nothing but Grief     186
Dried Out Decorations Fan the Flames of the Faithful     188
Do Dead Mothers Make Better Fathers?     191
Suburban Husbands: Gorillas in our Midst     191
Mamma's Boys Learn Subtraction and Turn Out Worse     194
Kill Off the Mom for Sitcom Success     196
Is Fake the New Real?     199
Pathological Botox Moms Wreak Havoc at PTA     199
Television: Parallel Universe to La-La Land     201
Is Religion Stealing our Spirituality?     205
Social Neurosis Leads to Mass Destruction      205
Five Rules for Choosing a Bathing Suit or a Religion     208
Swaggart and Sororities: Too Tempting to Resist     210
Thou Shalt Not Think For Thy Self     213
Cracking the Code on Literal Lunacy     216
Why is TV More Interesting Than Church?     219
From Phil to Phil: A Televised Look at Human Evolution     219
Mobile Home Mea Culpa: Redneck Redemption     222
Is Televised Self-Help Taking the Place of Religion?     224
Is God a Small, Sassy Black Woman?     227
Hero Factory Staffed with Stand-Up Citizens     227
Presidential Bonnet Opens the Door for Generations of Queens     230
Is Living Paycheck to Paycheck a Crime Punishable by Death in Flood Water?     232
Recommended Resources     241
Acknowledgements     247

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Finding Grace When You Can't Even Find Clean Underwear: 23 Questions to Help You Discover the Meaning of Life and Why Other People Are So Bloody Annoy 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
suefernandez on LibraryThing 21 days ago
I thought this was simply a book about "mom" humor. So, so wrong. It was insightful, humorous, and had essays that were thought provoking. She thought like I do, and gave us all a break...why do we sweat what other people think.