Finding Inner Peace During Troubled Times: Exploring the lost art of Christian meditation.

Finding Inner Peace During Troubled Times: Exploring the lost art of Christian meditation.

by William Moss



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Finding Inner Peace During Troubled Times: Exploring the lost art of Christian meditation. by William Moss

Peace is perhaps the most elusive, miraculous phenomenon in the human experience. From the kindergartners arguing on the playground to the world powers storing up technologically advanced weapons, we clearly struggle to coexist peacefully with each other. Yet for all our efforts to generate peace between people, we often overlook the importance of finding peace within ourselves. Though we long for this inner peace, our world full of war, famine, bank collapses, pandemics, and day-to-day struggles has discouraged us from even trying to find it.

In his new book, Finding Inner Peace During Troubled Times, author William Moss shows readers that inner peace is indeed attainable in the person and presence of Jesus. As a high-powered businessman and a key political decision-maker, Moss has faced his share of daily distractions. For over a decade, he has studied and practiced the lost art of Christian meditation. "I believe God wants us to find peace and will show us the way, if we are willing to accept it. But for many, the peace of God is elusive. They are not sure how to accept it or where to begin in their pursuit of it," says Moss. "There are many difficulties, distractions, and hardships that stand in the way of our inner peace. Sometimes these are due to our circumstances. Other times it is our sin or the attitudes of our hearts that stand between us and the inner peace we crave. Through prayer and meditation we can transcend all the distractions and difficulties of our days if we live by the Spirit and put God’s love and presence first."

Many believers are wary of any form of meditation because of its association with Eastern religions. These Christians might be surprised to learn that meditation was regarded as a key spiritual discipline throughout church history. Eastern meditation focuses on emptying the mind completely. Christians find inner peace by filling their minds—with scripture and with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Another fundamental difference is the motivation behind the meditation. Peace, like life, is a gift from God that is for His glory—and it is meant to be shared. For those who are in Christ, meditation is not about practicing the kind of self-focus that precludes people from being involved in the solutions of the many problems that confront them. It is communion with God through the Holy Spirit. It is letting go of anger, worry, and fear and taking on the loving, serving character of Christ instead.

Finding Inner Peace During Troubled Times uses key scriptures to demonstrate God’s gift of peace to every believer. This slender book encourages readers to be intentional about pursuing that peace, even including a simple, step-by-step example of Christian meditation.

"With the constant stream of media, noise, commitments, conflicts, and other distractions, you will not likely find times of quiet, stillness, and spiritual reflection unless you plan them, unless you pursue meditation as a discipline," states Moss. "The key to inner peace and a fulfilled life is one that is grounded in Christian mediation."

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ISBN-13: 9780578042442
Publisher: Barnabas Agency, The
Publication date: 12/04/2009
Pages: 32
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About the Author

William Moss’ career has involved oil and gas exploration, real estate development, ranching operations, security investments, motion picture and television production, and public service. Among his many accomplishments, Moss has organized and successfully operated 15 corporations. He established the Free Enterprise Institute at Southern Methodist University and was appointed to the Executive Advisory Board of the Margaret Thatcher Foundation. Moss served on the George H. W. Bush for President National Steering Committee. From 1989 to 1992, he was Chairman of the President’s Drug Advisory Council which was part of the Executive Branch of the White House. He also served on the Board of Trustees of the American University in Washington D.C. Currently Moss serves as a Trustee of the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation. He is a member of St. Michael's Episcopal Church in Dallas, Texas, and is active with the Fel lowship of the Society of St. John the Evangelist Monastery in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Since becoming an Episcopalian in 1995, he has pursued Bible study, written many prayers, joined Alcoholics Anonymous, and studied Christian meditation. He resides in Dallas with his wife Dianne and little dog Champ.

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Inner peace can be found through prayer and meditation.

You can find a peace that transcends all distractions.

God will lead you to a peace emanating from the Holy Spirit.

A peace born of a constant awareness of God’s presence.

God’s tranquility, love, beauty and serenity. Peace, like life, is a gift from God. He will show us the path to follow.

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"Finding Inner Peace During Troubled Times is a very special book because it was written by a person whose working life has been in the tough world of business and not someone in the ministry or whose vocation is spiritual direction."

JOHN C. DANFORTH served as a United States Senator from Missouri for 18 years and is an ordained Episcopal priest. Author of Resurrection: The Confirmation of Clarence Thomas. New York: Viking,1994; Faith and Politics. New York: Viking, 2006

"Bill Moss takes Jesus at his word, that he promises us inner peace in the here-and-now. Bill’s authority comes from much prayer and study, many conversations, the crucible of suffering, and the experience of healing and hope. He gives us clear, credible guidance how to discover this gift of peace."


The Society of Saint John the Evangelist, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"Bill Moss in Finding Inner Peace During Troubled Times invites us to join him in his pilgrimage into inner peace. Indeed, today, ‘worry, selfpreservation, hunger, lack of money, arrogance, competetiveness, criticism and illness’ are frequently our constant companions, but Bill suggests that God’s radical love in Jesus brings us into the mind of Christ. In our prayers he urges us ‘to breathe in love, breathe out anger’. What a magnificent insight into God’s love that Bill offers to us! "I highly recommend this deeply spiritual book as a way for all of us to find inner peace."


Canon for Global Justice and Reconciliation, Washington National Cathedral

"This book is a gentle reminder that God is waiting for us to be at one with him in sincere and heartfelt prayer. Words are offered on each page to help us find our own words in which to express our deepest desires to God. We are then invited to listen in loving silence to all that God might want to share with us."


Author of Christian Meditation

"What a spiritually soothing book! The combination of scriptures works wonders – they are calming and reassuring. I couldn’t quit reading it, and when I finished, I did feel at peace. This is a book our busy world needs."

RENA PEDERSON, author of What’s Next? Women Redefining Their Dreams in the Prime of Life and The Lost Apostle, Searching for the Truth about Junia.

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