Finding Joi: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Love

Finding Joi: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Love

by Joi R. Fisher


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“The deep seriousness of this memoir is threaded through with anecdotes that bring both tears and laughter. I am so glad that Joi took the time to chronicle her journal so carefully so that she could share it with us.”

Pam Hasegawa, Spokesperson,

NJ Coalition for Adoption Reform and Education

“Joi Fisher's memoir is one of the most insightful books of an adoptee's journey that I have ever read!”

Tom McGee

Co-facilitator, Morristown Post Adoption Support Group

Adoption Activist, NJCARE (New Jersey Coalition for Adoption Reform)

We all have a right to know about our birthright. Finding Joi: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Love centers around one woman’s plight to connect the dots to find her birth parents after being adopted at 2 months old by a loving family in Plainfield, New Jersey. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the NJCARE Team, Governor Chris Christie signed the Adoptee Birthright Act (P.L. 2014, C.9), which became the law on January 1, 2017. Joi was present at the New Jersey State House to witness this historic legislation take effect, which gave her hope for a new chapter in her life. Now, adopted New Jerseyans born after November 14, 1940, can access their original birth certificates without a court order. Finding Joi is a candid and transparent journey of Joi struggles with her identity, low self-esteem, body image, and other aspects of healing that could only be resolved or answered by her biological parents. Joi sheds light on the many challenges adoptees and their children face due to a lack of information or awkward experiences as they engage in everyday undertakings like doctor visits, school projects, and social settings. Joi has filled a long overdue void in her life and is committed to helping other adoptees along their journey.


Joi R. Fisher is an Educator, Entrepreneur, Author and Mother whose compassion, professionalism, and dedication have all earned her the reputation as a service-centered leader. As a youth advocate and education ambassador for the last two decades, she is intrinsically driven to help underprivileged communities, share valuable resources, and bring awareness to adoption sensitivity topics. In addition to her Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Joi holds various certificates, including Standard Principal, Standard Supervisor, Standard Elementary Teacher (K-8), and Eligibility for School Leaders Licensure. She is an educator at heart and has a passion for teaching and learning. For more information log on to

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ISBN-13: 9781733631402
Publisher: Mindthrive Publishers
Publication date: 03/25/2019
Pages: 286
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Table of Contents



Bless Me


Lesson One - The Joy of Learning

Chapter 1: The “A” Word

Chapter 2: The Ties That Bind

Chapter 3: Spitting Image

Chapter 4: Model Behavior

Chapter 5: Unknown

Chapter 6: Faith Walk

Chapter 7: Forever Family

Chapter 8: Close Encounters

Chapter 9: Stir up the Gift

Lesson Two - The Joy of Marriage, Motherhood, and Divorce

Chapter 10: It’s Official!

Chapter 11: Drugs, Lies, and Divorce

Chapter 12: My Girls Say the Darndest Things

Chapter 13: Superwoman

Chapter 14: As the Girls Turn

Lesson Three - The Joy of Education

Chapter 15: A Song for Education

Chapter 16: The Things They Don’t Teach in School

Chapter 17: A Call to do Better

Lesson Four - The Joy of Connection

Chapter 18: 80 Questions

Chapter 19: Spitting Image Part 2: The First Reunion

Chapter 20: A Tall Order: The Second Reunion

Chapter 21: A Window of Opportunity

Lesson Five: The Joy of Love

God’s Love

Chapter 22: Full Circle

Chapter 23: Second Time Around

Chapter 24: Letters to My Girls


DNA Illustration

The Joy of Great Memories: Photos

Adoption Timeline


About the Author


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