Finding Lady Enderly

Finding Lady Enderly

by Joanna Davidson Politano (Preface by)


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Raina Bretton is a rag woman in London's east end when a handsome stranger appears in a dank alley and offers her a glittering smile and a chance for adventure. Rothburne Abbey has a unique position for her, one that will take her away from her hardscrabble life and give her a chance to be a lady. Things she could only dream of might be coming true. But some dreams turn out to be nightmares. Though Raina has traded squalor for silk and satin, something about the abbey is deeply unsettling. As she wrestles with her true identity, the ruin, decay, and secrets she finds at the heart of the old mansion tear at her confidence and threaten to reveal her for who she really is. Only one man stands between her and the danger that lurks within--and only if he decides to keep her biggest secret hidden"--

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ISBN-13: 9780800736248
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/20/2019
Pages: 402
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.06(d)

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Joanna Davidson Politano is the award-winning author of Lady Jayne Disappears and A Rumored Fortune. She freelances for a small nonfiction publisher but spends much of her time spinning tales that capture the colorful, exquisite details in ordinary lives. She is always on the hunt for random acts of kindness, people willing to share their deepest secrets with a stranger, and hidden stashes of sweets. She lives with her husband and their two babies in a house in the woods near Lake Michigan and shares stories that move her at

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Finding Lady Enderly 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 49 reviews.
SavannaKaiser 2 days ago
Once again, this author completely captivated me with another unique and mysterious story that demanded I keep turning the pages. From the moment we meet our heroine, Raina, she’s not as one might expect. Her pursuit in finding not only Lady Enderly, but her own true identity was full of twists and turns. All the characters have deep layers to them, but no one grows as much as Raina herself. The setting is rich and colorful, complimenting the suspense of the story perfectly. I love the author’s prose and the theme of finding your security in Christ alone. The romance doesn’t overwhelm the story, but it flows alongside the plot nicely. I LOVED the bookish quotes between our hero and heroine and the way these two are willing to sacrifice everything for each other. Occasionally, the pace dragged a bit and a few things felt repetitive to me, but besides that, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and stayed up late to finish it. I’ll happily read anything this author writes!
PreppyBookQueen 8 days ago
I have read a lot of books over the years. A lot of books across many different genres, and yet I don't think I've ever personally read anything quite like Finding Lady Enderly before. It's a delightful and creative story that had me glued to each page, and on the edge of my seat as the sinister plot twisted and turned in ways I never could have seen coming. A rags to riches story with a dark mystery unfolding around it, the reader first meets Raina Bretton as a rag woman working in the slum area of London's east end. A chance encounter with a mysterious stranger in a dark alley one night leaves her with a business proposition she's hesitant to accept. Raina knows there must be more to the story than what she's been told, but with the love of her life having passed away, and her future looking mighty bleak, she's not sure what other choice she truly has. The plan seems simple, although extremely dishonest, and Raina's main job is to step in for the lady of Rothburne estate, while she's recovering somewhere away from the public eye. As her role becomes more sinister, and more involved, Raina struggles with questioning what truly happened to the real Lady Enderly? Is the woman's husband, the Earl, the one to blame, or does the estate's solicitor, Victor, who approached her about the position in the first place, know more to the story than he's truly letting on? Finding Lady Enderly was a true literary treat, and kept me second guessing at every twist and turn as to what was truly going on at Rothbrune. Nothing about the plot in this one was ever predictable, and that's something I definitely appreciate when an author can successfully pull off. I personally adored the romance. Sully and Raina's relationship was heartfelt and swoon worthy, and even though they don't actually spend that much time together; their beautiful way of corresponding through the texts of classic literature kept this bibliophile smiling the way whole way through. While this book's plot may be towards a more gothic; dark and sinister side, I appreciated that this is balanced out with an emphasis on the One who's got everything truly under His control. How in His eyes, no one is "just a rag girl", and everyone is an important piece of the Kingdom. There's truly nothing I love more in Christian fiction than an actual emphasis on faith, and the characters coming to realize that through Him, "all things are possible." I'm so thankful that Joanna Davidson Politano didn't shy away from this, as has been the case for me with a lot of more recently published Christian fiction titles. I adored this one, and will definitely consider this author a new favorite. The only complaint I had with the entirety of the story was that I didn't love the ending. While there was technically nothing wrong with it, I just found it slightly underwhelming, and I wanted more for these characters. However, that one small issue did not affect my enjoyment of the overall story, and I will definitely be recommending that everyone give this one a read. It's truly unlike anything I've ever read before, and I can't wait to read more from this author in the future. Final Rating 4/5 Thanks so much to Revell for providing me a complimentary copy of this novel to read and review! I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the publisher (Revell) as part of the Revell Reads Blogger Program. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not required to give a positive review.
Becky5 10 days ago
Finding Lady Enderly by Joanna Davidson Politano is a great Christian fiction historical mystery. Like Cinderella, Raina rises from rags to riches. Rothbourne Abbey would be a reporter’s paradise, as the questions «Why? Who? Where? When? » and « How? » would, when answered, bring either a great treasure or a terrible calamity. Once the action started, I was swept away to another time and another land. Were events glorious or were they tragic? Through it all, Raina ponders who she was, who she is, and who she will be in the future. I found it interesting and true to life that Raina couldn’t read her Bible and pray while involved in deception. Great twists and turns throughout until the climax is reached. Also, some great Biblical answers for Raina (which makes the book so much richer). Unfortunately, once the denouement is reached, the wrap-up seems a little weak compared to the incredible action that precedes it. Great secondary characters. If this were a movie, some would have won an Oscar for best supporting character. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell through NetGalley. No positive review was required, and all opinions are my own.
RobinWillson 10 days ago
A rag girl posing as Cinderella, or rather a Countess. What a deep and interesting story. It started out as a quick opportunity for the girl, then she was forced to continue in the ruse. Raina was used to taking rags and restoring them, delighting in the finer things that she encountered along the way. When she was down, she decided to do the same thing for the surroundings she was in. There are twists and turns, danger and a deep love story, with roots in the classics. If you're a deeply romantic story lover, this is for you! Lessons of faith are threaded through the lessons to be found. Excellent read. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher and NetGalley book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” #FindingLadyEnderly #NetGalley #JoannaDavidsonPolitano #BooksYouCanFeelGoodAbout
luvnjesus 11 days ago
Not quite a rags to riches story, Raina Bretton is a rag women in London’s east end when a handsome stranger appears in an alley and offer’s her a chance for an adventure. Rothburne Abbey has a unique position for her, one that will take her away from a hard life and give her a chance to be a Lady. This was the first book that I read from the author and will be adding her books to my to be read pile. If you enjoy reading historical books with a twist, you will enjoy reading this one. I received a copy from Revell/Baker Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion.
MJK108 11 days ago
A very intriguing story! A rather unique plot with a captivating leading lady kept me reading steadily until the very end. Spitalfields in the East End of London is an extremely poor neighborhood from which Raina Bretton, a local rag woman, vividly imagines escaping someday but with no real hope. Spirited away on a train early one morning, she finds herself living an adventure she could not begin to imagine. As she finds herself questioning who she really is, she must also figure out who she can trust. Filled with twists, turns, and definitely some romance, the story leaves the reader speculating until late in the story. Grab a book and venture along with Raina as she struggles to figure out who she is and what she wants out of life. Readers of historical fiction and historical mysteries will definitely enjoy this book! This ARC copy was received from Revell and The above thoughts and opinions are wholly my own. #FindingLadyEnderly #NetGalley
valet 12 days ago
The scenes in Finding Lady Enderly played out in my mind, they were described so well.. the squalor, the carriages, the castles, and the balls. Then there was the romance, always at the forefront but yet at times fleeing and so far away. Usually not my genre of reading, I never once lost interest and was hooked from the first page. Raina had a Godly conscience and that gave her doubts about what she was doing. She made mistakes but she admitted to them, so she remained my favorite character throughout. The mystery remained a mystery to me for a very long time. Riddles came and went about who "she" really was, keeping me in suspense. A rags to riches story that kept me turning the pages. What a great, great historical read! This book was given to me by Revell. All opinions are my own.
AMHeath 13 days ago
What I Loved: Politano has a knack for crafting something original and inspiring. Finding Lady Enderly had a slight gothic feel to it with this overarching mystery and the setting of a crumbling abbey. But things are more than they appear. The novel was entertaining, romantic, and the way she weaved in classic novel quotes was delightful. But better than all of that was the deeper message within about our identity being found in Christ and how the outer will eventually reflect what was always on the inside. If you haven't read a Politano novel yet, you're truly missing out.  Rating and Recommendation: I give Finding Lady Enderly 5 stars and recommend it to those who enjoy Christian Historical Fiction, especially those who enjoy Brittish settings.  ~ I received a copy from Revell. I was not compensated for this review or required to give a favorable one. All thoughts are my own. 
MelissaF 13 days ago
I definitely am a fan of this author. Her books are so unique. I love the mystery and romance that surround her stories and this one does exactly that. At first this offer Raina gets seems wonderful but something is going on and the reader is left wondering what it could be, who is Lady Enderly and what part is Raina supposed to be playing in all of this and why? If you enjoy historical books with romance and a mystery twist I have no doubt you will enjoy this book. A copy of this book was given to me. All opinions are my own.
Anonymous 14 days ago
Have you ever discovered an author that you love so much that you gush over their books again and again? Well, I placed Joanna Davidson Politano in that I-will-fangirl-over-anything-she-writes group after reading her first two novels. I eagerly awaited my copy of her latest release Finding Lady Enderly and devoured—yet savored it—like a sliver of dark chocolate on a hectic Monday. And just like chocolate, it left me satisfied and in a much better mood to take on life. From page one, this story captured my attention and held it mesmerized until I reached The End. I can’t gush enough about the author’s vivid prose. I felt like I stepped inside the shaky life of Raina Bretton and experienced the grandeur and intrigue of Rothburne Abbey. The mystery kept me guessing while the romance prompted happy sighs. But what I loved most about this story is Rothburne Abbey. It almost takes on the role of a main character, stealing the show with its layers of wonder. From the magnificence of the outer rooms to the decay of the inner courts, this estate breathed its personality into every scene. I was entranced by the way the author connected the condition of the abbey to that of the human soul. It was both thought-provoking and heart-strengthening. I completely recommend this five-star story to anyone who loves being swept away to another time and place. *I received a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.
Nicnac63 15 days ago
Finding Lady Enderly is the second book I’ve read by this author, and I really like her writing style. I have favorite genres I like to read, but every now and then I find one (like this one) that is difficult to categorize – and that’s not a bad thing. The story is multi-layered and unique. Raina is an interesting main character. I enjoyed watching her growth. She is solid and strongminded woman, and her story is one of rags to riches (sort of) mystery and romance, and a strong thread of spirituality woven throughout. Now I do want to mention that, although I enjoyed the story, characters, and setting, it took me a little bit to get into the story. I found it a bit confusing at first, and liking Raina was a struggle at times (in the beginning.) Sully, on the other hand, I had no trouble liking. Ultimately, the secrets and twists and turns kept the pages turning and the characters kept me caring. This story is well written and has a lot of depth. First line: For one blessed moment I was beautiful. Source: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell and was under no obligation to post a positive review. #FindingLadyEnderly
LifeofLiterature 17 days ago
Wow! I have started and edited this review several times since finishing the book because I do not think that words can adequately express how much I loved this book! Joanna Davidson Politano has a rare talent and a true gift for writing. She crafts plots that contain unexpected twists and turns, creating a complex storyline that draws you, as the reader, into its mystery and will not let you go (even when are reading well into the wee hours of the morning and are terribly tired the next day!). She also incorporates such intricately deep themes that resonate with you and cause you to reflect and apply them to your own life (how does she do that??). I particularly loved the theme of identity in this book and finding the core of who God made you to be. This story has additional themes of mercy and grace and renewing what was once broken into something beautiful. I loved the characters and Joanna’s ability to develop them so deeply in just a few hundred pages. I found myself crying with Raina more than once. I was completely absorbed in the book from the beginning to the end, oblivious to the laundry and chores awaiting me at home. I adored the romance in the book and it made my romantic heart go pitter-patter with their aching affection and absolutely adorable way of communicating their love through classic book quotes. The scenes are vividly painted with rich descriptions that make it easy to visualize the scenes. The ending wraps up beautifully without every detail working out perfectly, which makes it believable. (Is it possible to actually miss the characters when you finish a book? Because I did). If I could describe this book in one word, it would be… captivating! I could go on and on about how much I loved this book, but I instead of wasting your time by rambling, instead I encourage you to just go and buy a copy of this book! I know you will fall in love with it, like I did! There are not enough stars to rate this book, in my opinion. It is one of my favorite reads of all time and I cannot wait to see what Joanna writes next! I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
CaraPutman 17 days ago
Richly layered book with a spiritual thread on identity that was thoughtful and deep. The story has layers and shadows and ends with a twist on the happily ever after that will satisfy realists and romantics.
Anonymous 17 days ago
Is there truly a Lady Enderly? Inquiring minds want to know. Readers you will just have to read this fascinating book with it's twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. I was waiting on pins and Needles to see if Netgalley would approve and yay!! They did!! I finished this delightful book in one day!! Today in fact. That's just how good this story was well written. I love this author's writing because I can tell from this book that it comes from the heart and I really believe that God has guided her to write this. One such verse is SOS:6 (Song of Solomon) took me a few mins to figure this out because that usually a ship's distress signal. I will say the hairs on the back of my neck kind of rose up a little cause I wasn't sure where this was leading. I enjoyed this story from beginning to end. It's a sort of Cinderella tale from rags to riches and y'all know the rest. Lady Enderly truly has a wonderful personality. I love it and I love her!! She's strong in her Faith until the end!! And that's a good thing! I felt like I could see a special glow whenever she was truly happy. I could sense her sorrow when she wasn't. The shady characters like Victor Pendergast is what makes this story interesting. It seems like he just appears out of nowhere. I think the true mystery is Sully. Now he really mystified me. His part in this story is real interesting. But what it all boils down to nothing is really as it seems. The best part about this book is hope. There's a wonderful messageat the end but I'll let you readers figure it out! Let me know if you do!! I received a complimentary copy from the publisher with no compensations received. All opinions are my own!! P. S. Be prepared to spend the whole day reading because you won't want to put it down!
Anonymous 17 days ago
Haunting . . . lyrical . . . un-put-down-able. When rag lady Raina “Ragna” Bretton is hired to impersonate Lady Enderly, she stumbles upon a mystery that endangers not only her own life, but that of the man she loves. As Raina struggles to untangle the truth of what has happened to the missing lady, she finds that her true quest is to discover who she herself really is. Politano’s plot is filled with masterful twists and turns that will keep you guessing right up until the deliciously just—and surprising—end. *I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
Deanne Patterson 18 days ago
Wow! I have not been intrigued by a book and read it almost nonstop like this one in quite some time. Where is the option for 100 stars, surely this one deserves it! Who could ever imagine the rags to riches story awaiting inside these pages? Dank,dark and dangerous that's London's East End where Raina Bretton lives in poverty and works as a rag woman. Seemingly chosen by random in a dark alley by a handsome stranger she is whisked off to a new life of glamour and servants. There is a catch though, she is now Lady Enderly who is said to be taking a break from the public's eye. Who really is Lady Enderly though and where is she? A very real gothic feel will accompany you as you read the pages of this book with the abbey in it's decay and ruin. A foreboding feeling will linger with you as secrets are rampant and what about those who threaten to reveal her secret identity? I could not read this book quickly enough danger,mystery,romance a haunting prose. This is one not to miss! Published August 20th 2019 by Fleming H. Revell Company I was given a complimentary copy. Thank you. All opinions expressed are my own.
amybooksy 18 days ago
I have read all of Joanna Davidson Politano’s books and Finding Lady Enderly is by far my favorite by her to date. I was captivated with Raina right from the start. I loved the inspiration and faith with the story. There was some mystery and suspense that kept me intrigued and not to put the book down. Finding Lady Enderly is getting a well deserved five plus stars from me. I highly recommend it for readers who enjoy clean historical fiction. I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.
Abby1219 19 days ago
Love love and love this story!! No matter who we are there are always going to be people who will put labels on us. Sometimes they're nice ones, other times no so much, meant to bring pain, shame, etc. The key is to always remember that our true identity will never be tied to these labels, but to God Himself and who He made us to be. And when we realize this truth and we see ourselves the way that He does it won't matter anymore what others say or think about us. This is one of the most freeing feelings ever! It's hard sometimes, but it's so worth it!
SemmieWise 22 days ago
** “Guilt warred with desperation in my soul. I wanted God — needed him — but my chaotic mess inside wasn’t fit for a holy God’s presence. I’d worked and pushed and strove, stopping before God for the briefest of prayers to ask his help as I tumbled forward on my own.” ** In “Finding Lady Enderly,” Joanna Davidson Politano offers another delightful Victorian tale — one filled with romance and mystery as it deals with identity and restoration. While trying to overcome the loss of her beloved Sully at sea, rag girl Raina Bretton is swept off the streets to secretly play the role of a supposedly convalescing countess. While there she finds herself in a world she has only dreamed of — one of beautiful gowns and lovely embellishments and an ability to help the less fortunate. But as strange and unsettling situations occur, Raina begins to wonder about the true fate of Lady Enderly — and whom she can trust at Rothburne Abbey — as she draws on her own strengths, of being an adventurer and rescuer. “Finding Lady Enderly” is a novel full of intrigue, mystery, secret identities, hidden crimes and romances that are kept apart. The author does a great job of developing characters, from the delightful Raina with very real insecurities, to the creepily plotting and evil solicitor Victor Prendergast. Politano also does an amazing job of not only creating an incredible story, but developing amazing lessons and themes throughout. This story encourages us all to find the courage to recognize the strength and beauty inside us all; our lives can have a far-reaching impact and deep meaning; “the weakest version of the real you is stronger than the best imitation of someone else”; it’s what’s on the inside of a person that counts; dealing with calling out to God but wondering if He will listen and if we deserve to be listened to; let go and let God; we are all a reflection of the Creator; and sacrificial love. As a neighbor tells Raina about inner beauty: “There’s something rare and intensely beautiful in a person who knows you well and loves you anyway. Ordinary men and everyday romances are the sweetest and deepest. … There’s a wonderful charm to ordinary, everyday moments, and the people who remain through them.” Major themes running throughout this story are restoration, renewal and identity. Filled with quotes from classic literature, as well as inspirational quotes written by the “substitute countess” herself, “Finding Lady Enderly” is kind of a Jane Austen meets Terri Blackstock tale. So fans of classic authors like Austen, the Bronte sisters and Charles Dickens will love this book, as well as fans of modern authors with strong female characters overcoming travesties in life. Five stars out of five. Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, provided this complimentary copy for my honest, unbiased review.
SusanKC 23 days ago
I love it when I discover a new author to add to my go to list! I have seen many reader recommendations for Ms. Politano books, but am embarrassed to say, this is the first book of hers that I have read. I was not disappointed. She is now on my must read list!! Fans of Jessica Dotta will enjoy this book. In Finding Lady Enderly, Ms. Politano gives the reader a brilliant Gothic romance, filled with mystery and romance. With the skill of a masterful storyteller, the underlying theme of finding one's identity and purpose in God is woven seamlessly into the story adding depth to an already brilliant novel. I love the fact that Politano switches from first person to third person when she is telling the story from Raina or Sully's points of view. In Raina, we have an endearing heroine, flawed but full of heart. And to have a hero that never fails to come to the rescue, continuously demonstrating his unfailing love through the avenues of music and books..."Be still my heart"- and the message passing system, need I say more. The secondary characters are also fleshed out in the most marvelous way. I adored Bradford. Most of all, I loved the pearls of wisdom in the quotes from the Diary of a Substitute Countess at the beginning of each chapter. A couple of my favorite quotes: "The weakest version of the real you is stronger than the best imitation of someone else." "One can only ignore rotting insides for so long before the ruin seeps out." "I never needed a new identity-just a better understanding of the one who gave it to me." I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book the author/publisher. I was not required to write a review. All opinions expressed are my own.
sesquius 23 days ago
Okay. Wow.  I tried really hard to like this book and it was starting on a good note. A rags to riches type of story, where a poor woman who sells rags on the street, is given the opportunity to live as a countess. Despite her misgivings, she agrees to it. Throughout the book I found myself struggling to keep up with everything and the characters being introduced. I never found myself loving the main character, Raina, and in turn found myself flipping through the pages wondering how it ended. Typically I dislike leaving a negative review, but this book for me, just didn't have any redeeming qualities. The book itself just felt dark and heavy, much like the book cover art on the front. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell Publishing. I was not required to write a positive review. These are my honest thoughts and opinions.
Randi_AMDFT 23 days ago
What a book! As I read Finding Lady Enderly, I couldn't help but feel as though I was reading a classic novel--- not something just released. This is not just because of it's historical setting, but just the overall timeless feel of the story. The mystery and suspense promised in this story is what first drew me to this book based upon the description, and it's certainly what kept me in it's grasp right through to the end. This isn't what I would call a fast paced suspense--- there were no major action packed scenes or anything of that sort, but rather a mystery that built throughout the story. Who was the REAL Lady Enderly? What had happened to her? What secrets were being kept? And how would Raina ever get herself out of this mess? I had to read on to get all the answers! Perhaps my favorite aspect of this book was the romance and the secret communication. Ah yes, perhaps that adds a bit to the mystery in the story as well. The communication between Raina and her love through secret book references was absolute romantic perfection. The lover of classic literature will certainly enjoy the many great references and how they weave so beautifully into the story. Aside from the romance, this was also a really great story about identity, and how we are more than just a name or what people see and believe about us. It was really interesting to see Raina come to this throughout the story, and to see God's part in all of that too. Overall, this was a really good story and one that I'm so glad to have read. Fans of historical romance will definitely want to add this to their to be read list! **I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own.
SBMC 25 days ago
“There’s something rare and intensely beautiful in a person who knows you well and loved you anyway. Ordinary men and everyday romances are the sweetest and deepest. There’s a wonderful charm to ordinary, everyday moments, and the people who remain through them.” Every time I read Joanna Davidson Politano’s book, I am left speechless, breathless, and in awe. The author has this incredible ability to draw you into Victorian England with a Gothic suspense and intrigue wrapped around a beautifully and stunningly crafted plot about poverty, greed, finding one’s identity and core in Whose you are, and, of course, sacrificial love that forgives and extends grace. Her writing is flawless and the characters are memorable and impressive. Spoken through the first person point of view from Raina and third person point of view mostly from Sully, the story moves at a great pace and the puzzle pieces come together nicely as Raina and Sully individually try to find Lady Enderly. Raina’s faith journey is wonderful to behold as is the heart-achingly tender love that Raina and Sully share. If you’re a fan of classic English literature (Bronte, Dickens, Eliot, Austen, Hardy), you will absolutely adore how the author infuses these classics into Raina and Sully’s own love story. And when Sully plays his fiddle and sings for, my heart melted into a puddle every time. And the plot twists! These will have you gasping as you try to read faster to figure out what truly has transpired. Joanna Politano combines fantastic suspense, lovely details from the historical era, sweet and tender romance, and an inspiring spiritual journey to offer a unique and unforgettable tale. An absolute must-read. I received a copy of the book from Baker Publishing Group and was under no obligation to post a positive review. All comments and opinions are solely my own.
vics49548 25 days ago
Finding Lady Enderly is a wonderful book, full of mystery and intrigue. Each chapter begins with an excerpt from the Diary of a Substitute Countess, which are totally fitting to this gothic style novel. Nothing is as it seems, and the ending left me shocked. Politano is well read and has done thorough research, which is obvious by her masterful use of quotes from well loved books by such authors as Charles Dickens and Jane Austen. I really enjoyed these “clues” and the author’s creative use of them. With well developed characters and settings that are easy to picture, Politano has crafted an incredible book. There is a thread throughout of being who you were created to be, not to try to be someone else. And a heart melting, clean romance that will make you sigh. I highly recommend this book. I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.
Becky_B 26 days ago
“There’s a wonderful charm to ordinary, everyday moments, and the people who remain through them. “ from Finding Lady Enderly. Finding Lady Enderly by Joanna Davidson Politano is an incredible book filled with mystery, love, adventure and the truth of who you are in Christ. The descriptive language and well written story makes it a joy to read. I found my myself underlining and highlighting amazing quotes throughout the story. Joanna is a gifted storyteller who will draw you into the story and make you not want to leave. Rarely do you find a well written book filled with descriptive language, romance, characters you love, and spiritual depth. Finding Lady Enderly is all of that . I highly recommend it. “I’ve learned that a true hero is not an extraordinary man. He may not impress the world, but he so greatly changes hers. That makes him utterly heroic indeed.” I was given this book by the publisher and not required to write a review.