Finding Meara (An Adven Realm Adventure, #1)

Finding Meara (An Adven Realm Adventure, #1)

by Lara Schiffbauer

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To keep her safe, twenty-six-year-old Hazel Michelli's parents never told her she was adopted, or that her birthplace was in an alternative land where magic and monsters exist. She found out the truth the day a ferocious winged creature stole her from her Denver apartment and delivered her to Lucian, a sadistic Lifeforce magician who happens to be Hazel’s biological father.

“Dysfunctional family” takes on new meaning when she learns Lucian must sacrifice a daughter to maintain immortality and take over the Realm. When Hazel’s younger half-sister disappears just days before the Rite, Lucian moves Hazel to the top of the sacrificial short list.

A friendly Firecat and an enigmatic woodsman named Arden help Hazel escape back to Colorado, but Meara remains in danger, and Hazel is the only one who can return to the Realm to save her. Afraid, yet compelled to protect her four-year-old half-sister, Hazel races between both worlds, searching for the little girl while being hunted by Lucian. Their lives, and the future of the Realm, leave her no room for failure.

Finding Meara is the first of the Adven Realm Series. Length 266 pages (est.)

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BN ID: 2940016629049
Publisher: Lara Schiffbauer
Publication date: 03/29/2013
Series: Adven Realm Adventure , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 413 KB

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Finding Meara (An Adven Realm Adventure, #1) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
TracyG-1 More than 1 year ago
I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This book was action packed from the beginning. Hazel was kidnapped from her home by a creature with wings that called her Meara and taken to the home of Lucian in the Realm. The Realm is a kind of alternate reality, or parallel world, where there is no technology. Hazel escapes Lucian’s house with the help of a cat and makes her way through a forest to a cabin where she meets Arden. Even though they feel an instant chemistry, Arden helps her escape the Realm. Back in her own world, Hazel makes her way to her parents home with her best friend, Tavi. Once there, Hazel learns that she was adopted, and that Lucian is her birth father, Meara is her half-sister. Hazel also learns that Lucian plans to sacrifice Meara to retain his immortality. Then the race is on to find Meara and keep her safe from Lucian. I really enjoyed this book. It was a fast-paced adventure and even had a bit of a love triangle. I found it fascinating the way the author created the Realm world and had the characters rushing between worlds. Hazel’s sidekicks, Tavi and the cat, were funny and supported Hazel unconditionally. The author showed a great amount of imagination in creating the Realm and all the different creatures. I was a little disappointed with the ending. It seemed rushed and left me with quite a few questions left. Overall, I would love to read more about these characters and this world.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
If I had to be a character in a fantasy novel, blindsided by life and its surprises, I&rsquo;d want to be like Hazel, full of flaws, but overcoming many of them at warp speed! And her attitude? I loved it! <b>Finding Meara</b> by Lara Schiffbauer is a great light read that firmly sets the stage for the new series <b>An Adven Realm Adventure</b>, one that is sure to gain fans with ease! Lara Schiffbauer has a bright future with her clean writing style and world building that leaves just enough to the imagination that it is not over-powering, while giving a memorable voice to Hazel as she tells her tale as she lives it! Each supporting character will become real to you when you see them through Hazel&rsquo;s eyes and her heart. A perfect read for YA and adult fantasy lovers looking for that unique twist! A review copy was provided by Story Cartel and Lara Schiffbauer.
Penn_Reece More than 1 year ago
**I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review** The Plot Girl who just thinks she is &quot;lucky&quot; gets kidnapped (by mistake) and taken into another realm (dimension) where she learns it's really a four-year-old named Meara who was the intended target. The Characters Hazel - protagonist. I really enjoyed the growth this character underwent. She goes from not wanting to take any responsibility to basically stepping into the role of heroine and doing her best to &quot;save the day.&quot; Tavi - She was the perfect best friend. She goes through so much and still stays loyal and refuses to leave Hazel's side. Lucian - The Bad Guy. He murders his own children so he can remain immortal, yep that's pretty bad. Arden - The love interest and protector of the forest. He was probably my favorite character though at times he seemed to be kind of weak. But hey! It's about time the girl saved the boy, right? The Good Bits The story was easy to follow and kept me interested throughout. I liked the fact that the main character had to grow up and that she put others above herself. I am also glad the love triangle ended, however I would have liked to see an actual relationship at the end. Perhaps there is a sequel? Yes please???? The book centered around magic, though at times there were a few scenes where I thought their ability to do magic would save them but instead they were easily captured by non magical thugs. There was one particular part that had me scratching my head, but perhaps I overlooked something. Overall it was a good young adult read, though I think the main character would have worked better had she been younger (perhaps 18-19). Recommendable? OF COURSE!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When I first heard she was working on a novel, I decided I would buy it and read it in order to support her. When I learned later on that her novel was a fantasy, I gulped slightly, because that's not a genre I enjoy. I think maybe my imagination is too limited for such things. But I bought the book anyhow and set about reading it. Imagine my surprise when I got into Finding Meara and discovered I actually enjoyed reading it. Hazel Michelli leads a normal life until the day in her mid-twenties she is kidnapped by an other-worldly being. It resembles a very large and powerful man, but it also has wings. Tucking her under an arm, it takes off from her balcony and flies away into the foothills behind her hometown of Boulder, Colorado. There, it opens a portal into a world completely foreign to her. Finding herself captive in the bowels of a strange castle, she manages to escape and start on her way back to the portal. Along the way, she finds an ally in a young man living in a cabin in the forest. He helps her to the portal and back into the real world, but, unknown to her, this is just the beginning of her journey. This book will grab your attention on the first few pages and not let go until you finish it.