Finding My Road To Freedom

Finding My Road To Freedom

by Leo Wyshochansky, Leo Wysochansky


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Freedom. Here in the United States we take that word for granted. The reality of the search for freedom rings true and sharp for Leo Wysochansky. In this memoir Wysochansky tells of his upbringing at a time of social and economic upheaval in Eastern Europe. His family were hard workers and still felt the heavy hand of Polish then German oppression. Walk with Wysochansky as he is forced to travel from place to place for work-sometimes going hungry. Sit with him as he awaits word of the safety or the end of family members. Applaud with him when safety-even if only temporary-is found. Mourn his losses and celebrate his successes. This is a story that every privileged American should read to allow us to walk in gratitude when we are going through what we think are hard times.

Leo Wysochansky, a Ukrainian-born immigrant, retired from the pharmaceutical industry and now lives in Brunswick, Maine. After his arrival in the Boston area in the late forties he joined the Appalachian Mountain Club, a church of his faith and met and married his wife Barbara. Wysochansky has traveled back to his homeland and still maintains contact with his family there. Wysochansky plays a mandolin because his cat could not tolerate his violin playing.

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