Finding Oliver

Finding Oliver

by David Gregg


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He had had thoughts of getting close to Sadie from the very first day he'd seen her. And now, with it possibly happening, how could he say or do anything that might possibly ruin his chances? As he sat up Sadie took a sponge and started to scrub his back, neck, and shoulders.
She worked around to the front and washed under his arms and on the front of his chest. As she did so she said, "You know, Tad, I am not so much older than you. I have just led a harder life and grew up a little faster than you have. I was forced to take care of myself at a rather early age. I had to leave home because my step-father was taking advantage of me, and I couldn't stay and let that happen. My mother was a drunk and wouldn't admit to herself that her husband was a bastard. It's hard for a girl to make it on her own. I fell into the only thing I could do to make a living."
"It's okay Sadie, I know deep down you are a good person. I only wish you didn't have to do what you do with other men."
"Yeah well, don't you judge me for what I do. You don't understand what
I've been through that's all."
"I'm sorry, Sadie I didn't mean to sound like I was judging you. I guess
I'm just a little jealous of the other men, that's all."
"Jealous, what do you have to be jealous about? We aren't tied to one another. I'm just offering you a bath that's all. Besides, I couldn't stand the smell of you any longer." As she said this, she let a smile develop on her lips and looked at him softly and said, "Were you really jealous of those other men I was with?"
"I must have been, I couldn't help but think about you, and I wanted it to be me you were with."
"Well I'm with you now, so shut up and let me wash your hair."
She poured some shampoo into her hands and started to rub his scalp and hair. Once she was done, she said, "Now put your head back so I can rinse your hair with some warm water." When satisfied with getting his hair and head rinsed, she stood up and said, "Now wash the rest of you,
and when you're done, take this towel and dry off. You can pull the plug and let the tub drain. I'll be waiting for you in the other room. Come out when you're ready.
Tad could hardly wait to finish up and get rinsed and dried off. He tried not to make too big a mess in the tub and floor, taking his time to dry enough to step out of the tub so he wouldn't get water all over. Once done he wrapped the towel around his waist and stepped out into the bedroom.
She was standing on the opposite side of the bed and said for him to turn around and sit on the edge of the bed. Tad did as he was told and waited for her to make the next move. As he sat there, he could see her coming around the end of the bed to stand in front of him. She then said in a soft voice, "Now, you're going to find out what it is like to be with a woman."
He could hardly control himself but did his best to remain calm and relaxed.
He didn't want to look right at her for fear of getting out of control. She moved a little closer to the bed and spread his knees just enough so she could stand between them. As she stood there, Tad looked up a little where his gaze fell on her thin waist. As he slowly moved his gaze up, he could see that she was unfastening the top button of her dress, exposing her soft skin around the neck and upper chest. She moved her hand down to the second button and undid it revealing even more skin and the sides of her firm breasts. His towel started to move as his excitement grew. The next two buttons became undone, and he could see her full breasts and deep cleavage between them. She gave him a sly grin and said, "I know this is your first time, Tad, so just let me do all the work. You just try to relax, and I will show you what to do."
Tad took a deep swallow, and his face turned red. He knew he was going to experience something he had never experienced before and possibly never would again. She placed her hands on the back of his head and slowly pulled him toward her placing his head between her

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