Finding the Child Inside

Finding the Child Inside

by Cody Waldroup


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Are you being old ... or living young?

Do you remember being young and having a totally free spirit? You didn’t have a care in the world, only time to imagine, play, and create.

Does it seem that part is gone forever; lost and unable to be retrieved? As if it died or you never had it at all?

What if there was a way for you to find the child you once were? Wouldn’t that discovery bring fresh excitement and a tremendous shift in how you operate in your life today?

The good news is that it is completely possible to rediscover that lost child; to experience the joyful, free spirit we all long for once again. But first we must travel back in time.

How It All Began

Our childhood shaped who we believe ourselves to be and how we see the world; it was the foundation, the filter through which we learned to view life and thus make the decisions that create the life we lead today.

I know it is hard to imagine, but if you truly stop to think about it for a moment, you will see that everything that happens to you is the result of choices you make either consciously or subconsciously.

Even if something happens to you outside your own decision process, your response to that occurrence is always your own decision and determines how you experience that aspect of your life.

As you look closely, you will start to see a pattern about how you make decisions; as if you have been pre-programmed to react in certain predictable ways.

Get What You Want

When you were young and wanted something very badly you were probably often told, "No." But the strong desire to have that something caused you to attempt to sell your parents on the idea whether you begged, negotiated, or cried. The list of techniques you used could go on and on.

The point is…

You had a way of getting what you wanted!

My guess is now that you are older, it is harder to conceive of having what you truly want because you have belief systems in place that cause you to think that is no longer possible.

I’ve found that those who do attain their heart’s desire have learned how to reach within and recapture that child part they once knew how to use so well.

Actually, we all have that ability; we just need to unload the limiting belief systems that have left us burdened and defeated.

The Way Out

We live in a world that places demands on our lives that can sometimes seem unbearable. And yet, at the same time we live in a world where fresh, new ideas are created each and every day.

I have a radical suggestion: Let’s create our own world!

We have that ability already within us. God gave us:
•The ability to be whoever we want to be
•The ability to achieve whatever we desire
•The ability to become greater than we think we are

Have you ever sat and watched children and how they act? They don’t worry about hurting themselves; they just play with abandonment. They don’t worry about what anyone thinks about them. They simply enjoy the moment. Whatever the reason, they have a sense of freedom that most of us can’t even fathom.

They are free to create and live in their own world!

Find New Freedom

You too can find that sense of freedom once more. But first you will need to spend the time to discover what you truly want and focus on those desires each and every day.

By focusing your attention in this way you begin to instill those desires into your conscious and sub-conscious mind, heart, and spirit.

Gradually these desires will become so imbedded into your underlying operating system that you will respond naturally from these new desires without even thinking about it.

Don’t get me wrong, your past played a major role in making you who you are and that can’t be taken lightly. But what you can do is stop allowing it to rule you and prevent you from fulfilling your dreams.

You are where you are at this moment because this is exactly where you belong!

Many people have turned their lives into a hopeless existence; hoping "to get lucky" or just waiting to die and be out of their misery.

I believe the problem is:
•We fail to focus on the choices we have in the present moment and instead live with old worn-out decisions that are never held up for review.
•We fail to notice new opportunities right in front of us every moment of every day and instead lead a robotic existence, doing the same things over and over.
•We fail to live in the present moment and instead focus on the regrets of the past or the anxieties of the future.

The past is past and the future is not here. You cannot relive the past except in memories and you can’t live the future because it hasn’t arrived. In fact, have you noticed that when the so-called future arrives, you always experience it as the present moment?

The only thing you can really do is be present in this moment as that is all that exists!

Children definitely live in the moment. They get so caught up in playing, dreaming, and loving they don’t worry about the mortgage or the electric bill; they simply respond to what makes them happy and do it at that moment.

Why don’t we adults live this way? What stops us?

I’m convinced we stop ourselves. We make knee-jerk choices that keep us frantically busy, regretful of yesterday and worried about tomorrow; chocked off from everything that would bring us freedom, joy, and fulfillment.

Whatever has become of the child within and the present moment?

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About the Author

Cody Waldroup grew up in Farmington, NM where he experienced a destructive world of brokenness. As he got older he began to realize more about life. His grandfather pushed him to go to the small community college where he focused on business. He soon left college to run one of the family businesses. As time went on, he became the sole person to run the family estate. This is where he buried his inner child. In 2007, he took over the family bar business and ran it for two years, and this is where he realized the destruction had come from. He soon traveled down a path that would unlock a journey for him to discover his true self and the key to unlocking his inner child. Cody is a husband and father of two girls. He enjoys the outdoors and loves God and his family. His purpose in life is to help other people discover their true greatest gifts and abilities. His inspiration for writing this book is to help you on your journey to find your inner child.

Table of Contents

Dedication 3

Introduction 5

Chapter 1 What happened to your inner child? 11

Chapter 2 Believe and awaken the inner child 27

Chapter 3 Unlock the child inside 49

Chapter 4 Acceptance of fun and freedom 63

Chapter 5 Focus on yourself 73

Chapter 6 Creating a Life Plan 91

Chapter 7 Gratitude for child-like excitement 99

Chapter 8 Continuing to grow and live 107

Chapter 9 What challenges will you have to overcome? 115

Chapter 10 Where do you go from here? 123

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