Finite Element Multidisciplinary Analysis

Finite Element Multidisciplinary Analysis

by Kajal K. Gupta, J. L. Meek

Hardcover(Older Edition)


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ISBN-13: 9781563473937
Publisher: American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics
Publication date: 10/28/2003
Series: Education Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 6.40(w) x 9.22(h) x 0.88(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.Introduction1
1.2Areas of Analysis2
1.3Methods of Analysis5
1.4Computer Software9
1.5Brief History of the Finite Element Method10
1.6Concluding Remarks12
Chapter 2.Finite Element Discretization of Physical Systems15
2.2Finite Element Solutions16
2.3Example of the Application of the Galerkin Method18
2.4Concluding Remarks23
Chapter 3.Structural Mechanics--Basic Theory25
3.2Modeling of Material Behavior25
3.3Finite Element Formulation Based on the Stationary Functional Method34
3.4Concluding Remarks37
Chapter 4.Structural Mechanics--Finite Elements39
4.2One-Dimensional Line Elements39
4.3Two-Dimensional Plane Elements46
4.4Three-Dimensional Solid Elements60
4.5Isoparametric Quadrilateral and Hexahedron Elements69
4.6Plate Bending Elements75
4.7Shell Elements79
4.8Numerical Examples89
4.9Concluding Remarks91
Chapter 5.Spinning Structures95
5.2Derivation of Equation of Motion95
5.3Derivation of Nodal Centrifugal Forces97
5.4Derivation of Element Matrices103
5.5Numerical Examples109
5.6Concluding Remarks111
Chapter 6.Dynamic Element Method115
6.2Bar Element117
6.3Beam Element119
6.4Rectangular Prestressed Membrane Element120
6.5Plane Triangular Element125
6.6Shell Element129
6.7Numerical Examples131
6.8Concluding Remarks134
Chapter 7.Structural Mechanics--Generation of System Matrices137
7.2Coordinate Systems and Transformations137
7.3Matrix Assembly141
7.4Imposition of Deflection Boundary Conditions142
7.5Matrix Bandwidth Minimization144
7.6Sparse Matrix Storage Schemes145
7.7Concluding Remarks148
Chapter 8.Structural Mechanics--Solution of System Equations149
8.2Structural Static Problems149
Chapter 9.Structural Mechanics--Eigenvalue Problems157
9.2Free Vibration Analysis of Undamped Nonspinning Structures157
9.3Free Vibration Analysis of Spinning Structures168
9.4Quadratic Matrix Eigenvalue Problem for Free Vibration Analysis178
9.5Structural Stability Problems183
9.6Vibration of Prestressed Structures183
9.7Vibration of Damped Structural Systems184
9.8Solution of Damped Free Vibration Problem186
9.9Concluding Remarks190
Chapter 10.Structural Mechanics--Dynamic Response of Elastic Structures193
10.2Method of Modal Superposition193
10.3Direct Integration Methods200
10.4Frequency Response Method203
10.5Response to Random Excitation205
10.6Numerical Examples207
Chapter 11.Structural Mechanics--Nonlinear Analysis213
11.2Geometric Nonlinearity213
11.3Material Nonlinearity215
11.4Numerical Examples217
Chapter 12.Structural Mechanics Stress Computations225
12.2Line Elements225
12.3Triangular Shell Elements226
12.4Solid Elements227
Chapter 13.Heat Transfer Analysis of Solids231
13.2Heat Conduction231
13.3Solution of System Equations235
13.4Numerical Examples239
13.5Coupled Heat Transfer and Structural Analysis243
Chapter 14.Computational Linear Aeroelasticity and Aeroservoelasticity249
14.2Formulation of Numerical Procedure250
14.3Numerical Example257
14.4Concluding Remarks259
Chapter 15.CFD-Based Aeroelasticity and Aeroservoelasticity265
15.2Computational Fluid Dynamics266
15.3Time-Marched Aeroelastic and Aeroservoelastic Analysis275
15.4Discrete Time State-Space Aeroelastic and Aeroservoelastic Analysis277
15.5Numerical Examples287
15.6Concluding Remarks291

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Guest More than 1 year ago
As the title of the book describes, a thorough development of the finite element approach to the various disciplines, namely structural mechanics, structural dynamics, heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics, and control engineering is given in this book. Of particular interest to both academic and practicing engineers is the development of the multidisciplinary application to aeroelasticity and aeroservoelasticity problems based on finite elements as the building block. Besides covering usual topics of finite element analysis, the text also includes detailed expose on such topics as the eigen value problems associated with structural dynamics and spinning structures, numerical techniques of solving coupled structures-aerodynamics problems, among others. Overall, the authors ought to be congratulated for writing this timely and much needed text and is an excellent contribution to the field. It will be of interest and value to both academic and practicing aerospace, mechanical and civil engineering community.