Fire and Fur: The Last Sorcerer Dragon

Fire and Fur: The Last Sorcerer Dragon

by Roger C. Schlobin


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Fire and Fur: The Last Sorcerer Dragon by Roger C. Schlobin

A vivid and descriptive novel in search of a feature-length, animated film, Fire and Fur might more properly be called "Smart Dragons, Dumb Choices." It is set in the pre-human Gobi desert and draws on Chinese mythology. Its major charac¬ters are dragons and cats. Of course, the cats do speak (often caustically) since a few dragons are interesting enough (cats can still speak but no one is interesting enough to talk to anymore). Fire and Fur's plot concerns the dragons' terraforming the Gobi from sea to land (historically accurate) in a desire for power and amid excessive pride. In doing so, they release an ancient enemy and their bane, the Azghun Demons, that had driven them into the sea in the first place. The problem is that the dragons have grown lazy and dumb, and while they once had a cadre of sorcerers to call upon, they now only have one. The last sorcerer dragon, Ao Rue, is something of a misfit, and his efforts for dragonkind are, perhaps, either very generous or very foolish. He is aided in a major way in both his own troubles and his challenges by the blunt and clear-headed Mei-chou; she is the cats' first-of-the-first and their shaman (it appears). Further, and also central to "Talon and Claw" is a star-crossed, poignant love story as Ao Rue seeks a fulfillment he cannot have with a vain and young female dragon, Nü-kua.

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ISBN-13: 9781481257688
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/14/2012
Pages: 150
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.32(d)

About the Author

Roger C. Schlobin (B.A. English, C.W. Post, 1966; M.A., The University of Wisconsin, 1968; Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1971) recently retired after forty-two years of teaching English at The Ohio State University, Purdue University, and East Carolina University. He is one of the three founders of the Internation Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, now in its thirty-third year, and past editor and cofounder of The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts as well as "The Years Scholarship of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror." He was the editor of over fifty volumes in the Starmont Reader's Guides to Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, the first scholarly series to focus on individual authors, many for the first time. His The Literature of Fantasy is still recognized as the definitive, annotated bibliography in the field. His various other publications include over one-hundred essays, various poems, short stories, reviews, and bibliographies that range over such varied topics as fantasy literature, pedagogy, science fiction, medieval and Arthurian literature, feminism, shamanism, linguistics, and microcomputer hardware and software.
He is the author of the first original, electronic novel to be published over the Internet: Fire and Fur: The Last Sorcerer Dragon.
Most recently, he donated his personal library to East Carolina University's Joyner Library where it has become the James H. and Virginia C. Schlobin Literature of the Fantastic Collection.
When not writing or teaching, he enjoys his family; tinkers with "Baby" (his souped-up 1977 Datsun 280Z); is past president and founder of the Emerald City Z Club; chases great food and drink; takes occasional photographs; collects dragons and t-shirts; plays computer games; and still mourns the passing of his silver-mackerel tabby, the great Joshua Thunderpussy.

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