Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

by Diana Bellerose


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In Fire and Ice, Nancy, a kindhearted woman, marries her high school sweetheart, Tom.

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ISBN-13: 9780741470355
Publisher: Infinity Publishing PA
Publication date: 12/09/2011
Edition description: BUY BOOKS ON THE WEB.COM
Pages: 76
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Diana Bellerose is born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria Europe, but she lives with her husband, daughter and their two dogs and cat in Seattle, WA. She has finished College in her thirties and found passion for writing about relationships obstacles later on. That is how she decided to write her first fiction novel to help woman cope in their marriage and recognize what is acceptable in a relationship and what is not. She enjoys gardening, photography, drawing, exploring other cultures, visiting interesting places, Languages, and yoga in her free time. She is currently working on her second fiction novel.

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Fire and Ice 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Mandy_Trouten More than 1 year ago
Fire and Ice is very informative. I think a lot of people could find it very helpful, especially as it concerns understanding domestic and familial abuse and their impact on people.
BPerlin More than 1 year ago
This harrowing story caught my attention from the start. My heart ached for this woman and her daughter. Abuse is abuse and it doesn't matter if there is a marriage certificate that comes along with it. There is nothing worse than staying in a bad relationship. Trying to depend on your own happiness through someone else can be a never ending battle. There comes a time when you have to take responsibility and find it on your own. This emotional story felt realistic and the writing was clear and right to the point. I was hoping for a happy ending that happens in most fairy tales but this was a story about life. Who knows what will happen? Sometimes the puzzle pieces do not fit into place.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fire and Ice is an authentic look at two serious problems, spousal abuse and alcoholism. The books straight forward narrative style makes Nancy and Tom’s story poignant and her anguish convincing. It spares the reader the graphic details of the violence undermining the relationship without sacrificing it as the root cause of the problem. Dianna chose to focus on the day to day trauma people living with alcoholism and abuse experience and her book is a better read for it. Fire and Ice concludes leaving the reader with hope, understanding there are solutions to a destructive relationship if you have the courage and will to pursue them.
AntheaJaneCarson More than 1 year ago
This book is very important. It deals with the very real situation of domestic violence. I believe that this book will help women stay out of bad relationships, and help women who are in this very painful situation to know that they are not alone. This can be very important because usually one feels incredibly alone when they are a victim of domestic violence. I related to a lot of the struggles the main character went through, they are very typical and difficult. People say it is so easy to leave. This book shows some of the dangers of leaving, as well as the dangers of staying. For example, sometimes the batterer will hold the children hostage. NO mother ever wants to see anything bad happen to their children, so they stay out of fear. Sometimes the way a batterer manipulates is to take the children from the mother in a rage, leaving her to suffer with terrible anxiety and fear. Sometimes the batterer also abuses her with his family, by showing more loyalty to them than to her, and by allowing them to verbally abuse her and gossip about her. I highly recommend this book
xXx_Hikari_Ame_xXx More than 1 year ago
Won this book through a First Reads giveaway and received it today in the mail…I couldn’t put it down after I started reading it. Normally, I am not too keen on relationship novels, yet with Bellerose’s work I felt a connection to it. Nancy falls in love with her childhood sweetheart, Tom. She is very heartwarming and also very likable to everyone, but soon the situations that Nancy finds herself thrown into have Nancy realizing she has some very important decisions to make, that not only affect her but those around her. Tom has changed from the sweet, young boy Nancy gave her heart to, and not in the good way. Taken to abuse and violence, he puts Nancy and their daughter, Jen, in constant turmoil and pain. How many times do we find out people are not who they say they are? Nancy struggles to come to terms with this realization and how she must do something to change things, thus making her come out stronger. Fire and Ice is truly a universal story…Everyone can identify with it in some shape or form. Anyone, no matter age can identify with this work. From learning to cope with the hardships & struggles of being in a relationship, learning what you will & won’t put up with, and even finding yourself…your true self. What a truly wonderful story this was. I really couldn’t put it down; a real page turner that kept me reading it needing more and wanting to know what happens. You will not be disappointed! A real fantastic read. Fire and Ice is, overall, a captivating love story, brilliantly written, and heart inspiring. A new classic has been born, thanks to Bellerose. It will be loved by Romance readers many years to come.