Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

by Michele Barrow-Belisle


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Adventure wasn’t something Lorelei Alundra was interested in. Gifted with two other-worldly talents for singing and healing, she’s always shied away from her gifts and the spotlight, preferring quiet anonymity, over attention and fame. But when she meets the enigmatic Adrius, with his dark and dangerous mystique and eyes that could see into her soul, her uneventful life becomes irrevocably altered.

Adrius turns up in every one of her classes and knows more about her than any newcomer should. Including the condition of her mother who is suffering from a mysterious illness. Accepting his offer to help leads her into a terrifying and thrilling world, where Elves are even hotter than Legolas, and Faeries.... are nothing like Tinkerbell. The two magical beings are fire and ice opposites. One Lorelei can’t help falling for, and the other she's compelled to be with.

Now she’s trapped, expected to prevent a war between witches and faeries, or forfeit her mother’s life. Nothing is what it seems. Not her family. Not the Fey. Not even Adrius, whose feelings for her balance precariously between desire and danger. Despite her better judgment, she can’t say away from him.

As secrets unravel and unsettling truths are revealed, Lorelei must fight to save much more than her mother’s life. One mistake could put the fate of his world, and her soul in jeopardy.

But hey, no pressure… right.

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ISBN-13: 9781493620401
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/04/2013
Series: Faerie Song Trilogy , #1
Pages: 466
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.04(d)

About the Author

Michele Barrow-Belisle is an author and artist living in southern Ontario, Canada with her husband, son and a ridiculously affectionate cat. Often told by teachers to stop dreaming and get her head out of the clouds, Michele still spends much of her time lost in make-believe worlds, populated with fascinating characters. Her passion for fantasy extends beyond her writing into her figure sculpting, creating miniaturized replicas of the paranormal beings she writes about. She loves reading, writing and all things romantic. She also loves chocolate, lattes and fireflies at twilight. Did we mention she loves chocolate?

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Fire and Ice 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
ScaroletEllis 6 months ago
Fire and Ice (Faerie Song Saga Book 1) by Michele Barrow-Belisle is a wonderful story that I have read. This is a wonderful story writen by a brand new author for and a start to a brand new series also which I fell in love with. I highly recommend this story to all who loves reading about fantasy and Fae and witches. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
EmilyP23 6 months ago
Lorelei waited on Mrs. Johnston in the Lemon Balm Café and Tea House and saw the things that ached and pained her from her arthritis and ulcer. Lorelei was an empathic healer, but she had to keep her skills hidden for her own safety. Gran’s secret blend of teas would do the healing for now. The head cheerleader and her “gang” of irritating friends came in and sat at a table waiting to annoy her. Brianne was also unfortunately lead vocalist in music class and would be competing with Lorelei who was hoping to get into Julliard. A Faerie who appeared in her room one night gave Lorelei her singing voice and promised to keep her dad alive if she sang for only him. It was a lie, but the Faerie still controlled her ability to sing… or not. So winning was definitely not guaranteed. A really good-looking boy walked into the café and Lorelei could not take her eyes off of him. He smiled and she dropped the tray of food all over Brianne, dessert, coffee, and whipped cream all over her! Brianne stormed out, threatening to make Lorelei pay at the competition Monday. Now Lorelei would have to back out of the competition. The young man walked over to her with a charm that had come off of her bracelet and introduced himself as Adrius. Neil came out of the kitchen and brusquely asked if Adrius needed anything because he was sure he had someplace else to be! He had never spoken like that to a customer before! As she thought things couldn’t get worse, her mother called to say she arranged a talent scout for Juilliard to be at the competition Monday! And that Lorelei would be staying with Great Aunt Camilla, even though they didn’t get along. How would she get out of this mess? Adrius turns up in many of Lorelei’s classes and he seems to know more about her than he should. But he offers her help when she needs it and she is introduced to a whole new world of Faeries and Elves. If she thought high school was rough, wait until she sees what the expectations are for her here! And who can she trust? This was an interesting book. Some of the characters were well presented, like the class bullies who seemed very realistic! Lorelei at times appeared like a childish, immature female and could sometimes be aggravating – perhaps the author trying too hard for a high school persona that was a bit overboard? But then I also felt the same about her mother! I enjoyed the elves, fairies, and witches and Lorelei’s adventures. Grab your book and follow along to see if she can meet the challenges waiting for her and if she gets some of her questions answered along the way!
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Liz Konkel for Readers' Favorite Fire and Ice by Michele Barrow-Belisle is the first book in the Faerie Song Saga trilogy. Lorelei Alundra has always had the gift of healing, has always been considered an outsider. She thought the worst of her problems was trying to find a way to get along with her best friend's obnoxious girlfriend, until she meets the mysterious stranger, Adrius, who seems to appear whenever she needs him. When her mother falls so sick that she can't be cured, Lorelei follows Adrius into the woods and into the world of Faerie. But this isn't a place of fairy tales. She can't be the Faerie Princess they think she is. She can't be the one the prophecy says will save all of Faerie, the one that's supposed to stop the Ice Witch. As she's pulled between two dangerous princes from opposite courts, secrets of her origins are slowly revealed. Lorelei will do whatever it takes to save her mother, even if the cost is her life and her budding relationship. Lorelei is an outsider and considered strange, then she's told she's actually a half Faerie princess and she's meant to save everybody. She goes from trying to fit in at high school to fitting into this magical world. She has to figure out how to live up to this image everyone has of her as their savior, the one that's supposed to stop the Ice Witch. With this whole other world's fate on her shoulders, she has to go on a coming of age journey to find out what she's capable of. Lorelei is very grounded, but still clearly a teenager, young and still figuring out her future. Fire and Ice traces her journey as she goes from a somewhat ordinary life into an extraordinary world she's only dreamed of, one that's strange yet wonderful. The characters are incredibly layered with a flawless beauty, a twist on how they use words and speak in half-truths. Adrius is the most tragic of the characters as he has several dark secrets and seems broken, but at the same time he has complete hope in the prophecy and in her. Their love story is perfectly suited to the world, a whirlwind of romance, beauty, darkness, and tragedy. The Winter Prince also keeps appearing in her life, confusing her, and concealing unknown motives in a blend of charm and danger so it's difficult to determine if he should be likable or not. Fire and Ice offers a breathtaking world of magic as Michele Barrow-Belisle captures the wonder and danger of faeries, flawlessly bringing out their beauty and wickedness.
MichelleLN More than 1 year ago
Fantasy/Sci Fi isn't my typical book of choice but the cover and synopsis of Fire and Ice kept drawing me in. I have read very little about Fairies and I have never read about Elves so I wasn't completely sure what to expect. After reading it, I would say that if you are a fan of Fantasy/Sci Fi, Fae, and Elves or if you are new to it like me, then you definitely need to read this book! Michele's writing is extraordinary! She is able to bring this world to life with each turn of a page and keep you completely absorbed. All of the characters have good chemistry with each other and I can't wait to learn their full histories. I am hooked on the Faerie Song Trilogy! Welcome to the world of the Nevermore, a land where all types of Fairy Tales creatures live. Here the colors are vibrant, the smells are intoxicating, the people/creatures are as fascinating as they are dangerous and nothing truly is as it seems. A war is on the horizon and the only one who can save Mythlandia is a half human/half fairy named Lorelei. Until now she never knew that any of this existed outside of Fairy Tales. Now she finds herself in a new world surrounded by strangers that are all depending on her. She must look deep insider herself to find the strength that is needed to succeed in her mission. Although she will face many challenges, she will have friends that will help her along the way.
Archaeolibrarian More than 1 year ago
I received this book from Xpresso Reads in return for a fair and honest review. When we first meet Lorelei she is quiet and unassuming, trying hard to remain that way as she works in her (deceased) Gran's cafe. However, things quickly start moving along as she invokes the wrath of a cheerleader who is dating her best friend, a boy appears out of nowhere and insinuates himself into her life (and she's completely okay with that) and we won't even got to the fact that when she was younger she thinks she did a deal with some sort of angel, except he had black raven's feathers on his wings, and he now controls her singing voice. There is such a lot going on in this book and that is just the beginning. It all changes when she falls into Adrius' world and discovers that nothing is what it seems. I have to say that for someone who gives the impression of being unassuming in the 'normal' world, she certainly has a lot to say in a world she knows nothing about. I liked Lorelei but I did find her annoying at times with her 'quick wit' and complete disregard for anyone's opinion other than her own. And don't even get me started on how she can't do as she's told! Like I said, quiet and unassuming?! The relationship between Lorelei and Adrius is complicated to say the least and certainly lives up to the title of the book. There is intensity and passion, along with a frisson of the forbidden. There is also, however, a strong hint of a love triangle which I'm really hoping doesn't come to anything. There is enough going on, and they have enough against them, without the need for a triangle. This would just add something completely unnecessary in my opinion but then I'm not a big fan of them anyway. On the whole, this is a fast-paced, action-packed fantasy novel that starts of a new series with oomph. Definitely recommended to all YA Fantasy fans out there.
ABrantley More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful story! I'm a huge fan of young adult fantasy, but I adored this one because it was so unique. I loved the concept of this young girl being able to heal people, but not being allowed to. When Adrius shows up and the fantasy kicks into high gear, hold on, cause this book ain't slowing down. If you're looking for the next young adult fantasy to get wrapped up in, read this book!
Megz_0711 More than 1 year ago
Ahhhh I'm not even sure where to start this review. First off Michele is not only a talented and amazing writer, but I feel like I've really gotten to know her and I've loved "talking" to her and can only wish the very best for her with this book tour as well as future books!!! Okay so not only did I absolutely and utterly fall in love with this book, but I need more. Like right now!!! And not only did I love the story line and characters and the entire world of Mythlandria and everything else about this book, but I want it as a movie!!! All I kept thinking through the entire book is how amazing this would be to watch. It's like Lord of the Rings meets Harry Potter meets Alice in Wonderland mixed with some awesomeness. And all I want to do is see what this world that Michele has created looks like.  The story starts of with Lorelei and we learn she has a special gift. I find her gift pretty cool, but I can understand why it might be difficult to handle. Anyways Lorelei's mom is kinda crazy and I honestly can't stand the woman. But Lorelei's life is kind of crazy and upside down most days and on one of those such days a stranger walks into her life. Beautiful sexy wonderful Adrius. This is one of the many favorite scenes from this book. And so begins the tornado "relationship" that is Adrius and Lorelei. Lorelei basically finds out that she isn't just a human. She's also part fairy. And Adrius ends up taking her to his homeland in Mythlandria. Ohhh Mythlandria. This world is like nothing I've ever read or seen. It's filled with so much good and evil and magic and fae and elves and other creates that I've never even dreamed about. It's soooo not in the ordinary that it makes it nothing short of perfect amazingness. You really can't trust anyone in this world. Even our dear hero Adrius. Speaking of Adrius he has a complex issue or something because he is hot and cold the entire book. Not only that but he has love/hate relationship with pretty much everyone. His father, his brother....and let me tell you that is a whole other review in itself. One with Lorelei, Zantheil and (my term) the evil Queen. I got whiplash too many times to count with his constant shift of mood swings. But  I think the one that got me the most was his relationship with Lorelei. I mean the entire book you are rooting for them to work it out and somehow make it work. You even laugh and have aww moments and sad moments and fearful moments and even some tear jerker moments when it comes to their relationship.  And what's a complicated relationship without drama and more complication? Not one worth talking about that's what. So that brings us to one of my favorite characters; Zanthiel. Now I will tell you...homeboy is brutal. I mean his mother is a horrid cow and he's fae and belongs to the darkest court and is the Prince of darkness and all and him and Adrius hate each other (again there's another whole review there) ohhh and he stalked Lorelei when she was a child and he's got a thing for her currently. I mean yeah again he's brutal...but I'm kinda rooting for him....I...I just have this feeling that he could be one of those guys that could truly change with the right tools. Regardless...I really like him and he only adds the the complexity and keeps the reader interested in this story.  So Lorelei is sent on a quest/journey to save Mythlandria. It's a challenging and interesting quest she is put on, especially when she doesn't even know her potential and need to channel magic and is in a land where things are just....odd. But hey let's be optimistic. Adrius and Zantheil end up helping her along the way and this trio is interesting and I found lots of humor in the awkwardness.  Overall, this book was EPIC!!! I was hooked from the first mention of pixies and fae and witches and magic. Michele created an amazing world and amazing characters that you just have to need to know more about. You can't wait to get more information and know how their lives are going to work out. You also can't trust anyone. Those who are "good" and you should find out you can't. And those that are supposed to be "evil" may not be so bad. I cannot wait till the next book because I'm pretty sure it's going to be even better than the first!!! This is not a quick read, but sooooo worth it. The detail and imaginary that go into this book is will capture your imagination and just take off. So make sure to go get your copy because it is sooooo worth it!!!!
CColeman1 More than 1 year ago
When I started reading this book, I became very intrigued fast when I realized that we were going to wind up in another part of the story. I felt that any young teen from 13 up could really enjoy this book and how it was written. It kept my attention the whole time and I was pretty happy to see how it turned out. There were times where I just wanted Lorelei to sit back and enjoy what was being given to her, for someone who wanted to go unnoticed in her own world she sure was verbal and snoopy in one she didn't know about. With this being said, here is a brief review of what I read.  Lorelei Alundra is just a girl trying to get through High School unnoticed. You see Lorelei has the ability to not only see when a person is in pain, but she can heal them with only a touch of her hands. She grew up with a grandmother who has an Herbal Tea store and a Mother who has the gift of playing the piano. Her grandmother always told her not to touch anyone when she saw them in pain, since it is a rare gift that no one else has.  Adrius is drawn to Lorelei for reasons unknown. He has come into the Tea Shop that Lorelei is working at, and has seemed to have an effect on  her, but he could not leave without making sure she is okay. He tried to stay hidden, he tried to stay away from her. Now he is here in her Realm and has taken over her daily life by being in all of her classes and has seemed to have cast his spell of charm on her.  Lorelei is at a performance that she is singing at and after the show is over, she gets a call that her mom is sick and dying in a hospital overseas. Lorelei knows what she must be done and she takes off running into the woods to look for some Vervain, that she knows will help heal her mom. Little does she know that Adrius is getting ready to take her on a journey of a lifetime. Adrius is a Prince from another realm and he has come to take her home to where she belongs. She is part of a Prophecy that was created millennia ago.  Once Adrius finally gets Lorelei into his realm where elves and fae do really exist. Lorelei is having a hard believing she is not in her world anymore and all she knows is that her mother needs her and she knows how to make her better before she dies. Adrius has spent most of his time fighting the feelings he has for Lorelei because he knows that deep down they are on opposite sides of the faerie world and they can not be as one. He is harboring a secret that could possibly change the way Lorelei feels for him, all he knows is that he is willing to risk his life to be with her and he hopes in the end she will still Love him. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved it! It's an incredibly romantic and exciting read with character that leap off of the page. Cannot wait for the next book!!!
Jamie_Norton More than 1 year ago
This was a fantastically mystical read. kept me interested all the way to the end, and left me wanting more. Definitely different from other paranormal reads. Will definitely be reading the next book!
LynelleClark More than 1 year ago
I received this book from the touring host for an honest review. A tale of magic, fairies's and every fantasy creature you could think of. Lorelei, a frightened young seventeen year old, struggling with stage fright and the fear of blood, soon discovered she had more to worry about then pestering cheerleaders and been called a freak. What set her apart was her healing ability just by touching a person, working in the Tea Room with all its interesting herbs that were actually healing the people without their knowledge. When she met Adruis she had no idea that her world was about to change, forever. Will full, stubborn, determined, not listening to anyone, with one goal to safe her mother she lands in the land of Mythlandria.  She discovered whom she was as secrets are revealed and a prophecy unfolds taking her deeper into this land with his strange but fascinating life. Always at the run from something with Adrius always at her side. His character, steadfast, willing to risk it all for her as sacrifices are made and lives saved. The budding romance had resistance from the start with the Icy Witch claiming what was hers.  The epic story of good versus evil in a land of make believe, when truths were revealed, hearts were broken, and this mystical land became not so mystical anymore. With many twists and turns in the plot, the author captures your imagination, wondering if the day will be saved. An entertaining fantasy story for people who believe that fairies, magic and witches are real. Descriptive in her storytelling the author will keep you at the edge till the very last page. Well written the story will pull you into the pages as scene upon scene unfolds with plenty of adventure and action waiting for her. The characters were well crafted and believable.  At the end a great story.
S_Huston More than 1 year ago
***I received Fire and Ice in ebook format from the author in return for a fair and honest review. In no way does that influence the thoughts or opinions of this review.*** I wanted to like this book, I really did, but I had a hard time getting into it. I think it had to do with my dislike of the main character, Lorelei. She is so dense at times that I really wanted to shake her and tell her to brighten up. When she is taken by Adrius into his world and trapped there she spends several days not knowing why or when she can leave. If it were me I would have figured that all out in the first hour of being trapped. The book also had some insta love going on, which isn't always bad, but in this case there was really no foundation for her infatuation of Adrius. Other than the insta love and infuriating main character, the world Michele paints is full of detail and vivid descriptions. We meet so many new creatures and enter a world where almost anything is possible. Michele weaves a tale of mystery and suspense and has you turning the page in hopes of finding out what exactly is going on and what will happen in the end. With unexpected twists and intense relationships you will be anything but bored.